How To Get Cannabis In The Middle Of The Pandemic

You’ve probably noticed that there is a pandemic going on right now. If you haven’t, then you’ve probably just been down from a spaceship, and this won’t apply to you anyway!

As a cannabis smoker, whether you’re getting it legally, or having to buy weed on the black market, then it’s going to have an effect on you.

One of my best mates smokes weed, and before we went into lockdown here, he was absolutely panicking the day before and did a 60-mile round trip, spending hundreds, to try and grab some supply before the country shut down.

Now at the minute, as I write this, things have eased slightly around the world in many places. I’m talking specifically about Western Europe, and Canada/North America really.

So what can we do to keep safe during a pandemic, while still picking up cannabis in the best way possible?

Your Legal Options For Getting Cannabis

Let’s take a look at the legal options for you first. Things have got a lot better than they were back in March and April when a lockdown is were happening all over the place, and people didn’t know what they were dealing with.

In some US states, recreational dispensaries have been given emergency orders to allow them to deliver cannabis to the door, which has alleviated the problem of queues which were difficult to maintain with social distancing.

Medical cannabis patients in many states of the USA can now get deliveries, although the problem remains that in Canada and some other countries signed for deliveries are still not happening.

There are some pickup services out there that can help, and these are growing as the demand increases. It’s an option in Canada, and in some parts of the USA. It’s probably best to contact your local dispensary or supplier to find out what your options are.

As things stand right now, in the USA and Canada, cannabis dispensaries are mostly now open. Although there is still the problem with maintaining social distancing with queueing. If you are isolating yourself because of an illness, then obviously queueing is ideal, which is why you need to look at other options to get the cannabis delivered to you.

What Should You Do If You Buy Cannabis Illegally From Dealers?

In some countries you may not have the options presented by legalization, things like pickup services, stores you can walk into, online and mail order, all that luxury and niceness.

Even in those countries with legal supplies, some people are still buying illegally from dealers still though.

If you feel you have to do that, and I know a couple of people here who have done it recently because they just couldn’t get the supply, you will expect to pay more, prices are up by as much as 25% in many countries.

Be upfront with the dealer, usually with weed dealers they are local people who are easy to talk to, unlike the more serious dealers out there for other types of drugs. Usually they will have a house, a family to protect, and they just do it on the side to get a little extra money.

Whatever the situation, just say to them that you want to meet outside because of the Covid problem.

Take a bag with you, and when you have handed over the cash, get them to drop it into the bag so you don’t handle what they have. Then fold it up and put it in your pocket out of sight.

Make sure you wear a mask, and when you’ve done the deal uses hand gel to sanitize your hands as well.

When you get home, transfer the weed into your usual container with your grinder and other paraphernalia, then chuck the wrapper that it came in a way, and wash your hands thoroughly just to be safe.

Look At Other Options That Still Contain THC And CBD

If supplies are low near you, take a look at buying alternatives to smoking cannabis itself.

There are edibles, topicals, oils, and vaporization products out there that you can buy, and they could be more likely to be in stock because demand is lower.

Another reason to perhaps look at not smoking cannabis at the moment is that cannabis can increase symptoms of bronchitis and other chest conditions. So obviously smoking while you have an unknown Covid could cause problems.

I’ll be honest, that’s probably why I wouldn’t be looking at vaporization products either, but if there’s nothing else available and it can help with an underlying condition or need, then it’s definitely something you should at least consider.

Don’t Make The Problem Worse For Everyone

I guess my final word here is to talk about supply and demand. Prices are going up because there is less cannabis available, and it’s harder to get it to people.

But if you’re selfish, if you are buying as much as humanly possible, and then tapping up the local dealers to get hold of extra stock as well, and just sitting on weeks and weeks of cannabis supply for yourself, then please reconsider going forward.

As well as meaning that other people suffer, it also means that in this stressful time when people are working from home, or sheltering (isolating), or just bored and anxious, then only is it tempting to buy loads of cannabis, but it’s also going to be tempting to smoke more as well. If you’re not careful, you could just spend half your life high.

That may not seem such a problem, but remember you’ve got to come down the other side of the hill. That means you may have a situation where you have to taper down, with all the pain that can come from the withdrawal symptoms of using cannabis.

I guess the conclusion here is that the situation is getting better. Cannabis dispensaries in Canada are open, and from what I’ve seen, they are mostly in the USA as well.

Also for online and delivery, things are getting better. If you can queue with social distancing, then that situation is improving as well.

As long as you follow my advice for buying cannabis illegally, where you take the simple precautions I’ve mentioned to minimize your chances of coming into contact with Covid, then you should be absolutely fine, but expect to pay a little more.


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