How To Flush Lexapro Out Of Your System & How To Pass A Drug Test

Lexapro is a common SSRI antidepressant, also known by the name escitalopram. If you’re not using it under prescription, or you don’t want people to know you are using it, then learning how to flush Lexapro out of your system to pass a drug test is essential.

I’m going to tell you exactly how to do that right now. We will cover doing that for all four main types of blood test you might face: saliva, hair, urine, and blood.

I’m going to talk to you about strategies you can use that involve high-quality detection avoidance products. If you’re curious, you can check them out in advance here:

  • Quick Luck Synthetic Urine
  • Toxin Rid Detox Pills
  • Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum
  • Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink

As well as telling you about the products, I’ll explain the strategy in detail to pass any type of drug test, and also discuss the question around how long does Lexapro stay in your system.

How Long Does Lexapro Stay In Your System?


The half life of Lexapro is long, at up to 32 hours. That means it can take up to a week to leave your system completely if you are taking it every day.


Therefore, if you stop today, then you could not be confident of passing a drug test for six or seven days.


But don’t worry, because there is a trick you can use to speed that process up by around 50%, and I’ll cover that in detail in a moment.



Lexapro & Weed


Lexapro is a central nervous system depressant medication. CNS medication dampens down your central nervous system to keep you calm. It lowers anxiety, aids sleep, and gets rid of horrible nervous energy.


The problem is though that Weed does the same. It’s another central nervous system depressant.


Taking them together can amplify those effects. It lowers heart rate, lowers your ability to think, lengthens physical and mental response times, and even the ability to stay conscious at extremes.


Alcohol is another central nervous system depressant. Weed and alcohol are a problem, but antidepressants with one or both of these, especially both, can even be dangerous both due to lowering your ability to stay conscious, and in increasing negative thoughts.



Lexapro Withdrawal: Does Getting Clean Fast Minimize Symptoms?


Lexapro does have side effects, especially at higher doses and if you are taking them in an unregulated manner.


The side effects, such as a racing mind, dizziness, drowsiness, sweating, nausea, decreased physical ability, and decreased sex drive, can all start to stack up badly.


The Lexapro withdrawal symptoms from getting off Lexapro are often mild. But there is evidence that it can be a dependent substance.


Getting clean faster, using the method I’m going to describe a little while, can alleviate some of these withdrawal symptoms, and get around the side effects and problems faster.



How To Pass A Drug Test With Lexapro In Your System


If you’re facing a drug test, then the good news is that Lexapro does not give a false positive result under any circumstances.


Some other SSRI medications can trigger a false positive as PCP. But this is not the case with Lexapro.


However, it can still be detected on some types of drug test. You may not know in advance what substances are being looked for.


Therefore, if you are using it without a proper prescription, or you simply do not want the person commissioning the test to know that you are on antidepressant medication, then eradicating it from your system temporarily can be the way to avoid it.


Just be aware that SSRI medication effects build up slowly over weeks, and suddenly stopping and then restarting can cause some significant mental health problems in some people. Always do your research, or check with a doctor, before suddenly stopping use of antidepressant medication.



  1. Lexapro Urine Drug Test


The most likely type of drug test you will face is a urine drug test. It’s by far the most common, and it’s the easiest to pass.


Most urine drug tests are unsupervised. That means there will be nobody in the room with you, or at the very least you will be out of sight behind a screen. That makes synthetic urine the obvious solution to use.


Because you won’t be seen, you simply pour in the high-quality fake urine into the sample cup you are given, hand it over, and it will go through validity checks and then will obviously test negative.


The best fake urine on the market is Quick Luck. This is for the following reasons:


  • It’s the most complex product on the market
  • Contains 14 chemicals found in real human urine
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine in the right proportions
  • Is within the correct specific gravity and pH ranges
  • Looks, froths, and even smells, like urine
  • Doesn’t rely on a heatpad for temperature maintenance


Quick Luck is going to fool all of the basic validity checks. It will also get past the curious human suspicion due to how closely mimics urine physically.


But best of all, it doesn’t rely on a heatpad to keep it within the correct temperature range. Urine exits the body at close to 100°F, and legally a sample has to be between 90°F and 100°F when its temperature is tested within three minutes of you handing it over.


This is very tough to achieve, especially with a heatpad that can kick out a highly variable temperature if it’s not working well.


Quick Luck uses heat activator powder instead. You tap in about one quarter, and shake it until it dissolves. It is undetectable, and completely safe to use.


It agitates the liquid and raises its temperature by a few degrees. Wait 60 seconds and check the temperature strip, and add a little more if needed, until you get a good reading on the temperature strip.


Put all that together, and if you are looking to pass a drug test, and you don’t want to, or you don’t have the time, to flush Lexapro out of your system, then synthetic urine submitted during an unsupervised drug test is perfect.


Quick Luck is made by Clear Choice, and is available through their webstore at test negative.

For more information, check out for detailed guides.


What About If It’s A Supervised Urine Drug Test?


If it’s a supervised test then you can’t use Quick Luck. But that’s not a problem, it just means you have to adopt a slightly different strategy.


This goes back to the question around how long does Lexapro stay in your system. You need to get clean as quickly as possible, and then potentially mask any stray remaining detectable metabolites.


You’re going to use a combo strategy that requires the following:


  • Toxin Rid detox pills
  • Rescue Cleanse detox drink
  • Several home drug test kits
  • Around four days of your time


Toxin Rid is a course of high potency detox pills that contains ingredients to push toxins out of your body at a faster rate than can be achieved naturally.


I’m telling you, in the first couple of days, you’re going to marvel at what comes out of your body. Colors will change, frequencies will change, and you’ll start to feel better as the toxins are pushed out faster.


It comes in a course length of between a single day and 10 days in length. You’re probably going to only need a short course, probably 3-4 days in length to get rid of Lexapro.


For the length of the Toxin Rid course you will also detoxify naturally. Cut out Lexapro, other drugs where possible, alcohol, anything that slows you down. It helps to also eat healthily, sweat and exercise daily, and get your body working efficiently (as well as drinking a ton of water).


This will push out a ton of toxins. You can monitor your progress on day two and day four using a couple of good quality home drug tests.


Then, on the day of your test, a couple of hours before you leave, you’ll do another drug test. If you’re clean, great, go and submit your sample.


If you’re not clean, if stray toxins are still making their way out of your body, then you’ll use Rescue Cleanse, which is a high-quality detox drink.


Drink that 90 minutes before you leave, urinate three or four times after you consumed the detox drink. This will push toxins out faster than the body usually achieves, creating a gap in the toxin flow of three or four hours, during which you will test clean for several hours.


Rescue Cleanse also replaces the things usually found in urine that can be flushed out of proportion, meaning that your sample will test as natural, and not fail for being adulterated.


This combo strategy will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but it is a 100% cast-iron guarantee of passing a Lexapro drug test.


Toxin Rid is made by Test Clear, and is available through their webstore.


Rescue Cleanse is made by Clear Choice, and is available through their webstore at test negative.



  1. Lexapro Oral Drug Test


An oral drug test is no different to any other type of drug test in terms of what it looks for.


There’s a misconception that different types of drug test look for different things. The panel drug test is just that. It doesn’t matter how the sample is taken; it is tested against the same types of panels to see if it reacts.


The real danger an oral drug test is its immediacy. You can be tested at short notice, almost on the spot, and in almost any setting.


The way around this is to carry a capsule of Oral Clear on you. Called a gum, it’s actually a small capsule of highly concentrated mouthwash.

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