How to consume marijuana for beginners

In recent years, marijuana has grown in popularity on a large and global scale. In the past, marijuana was illegal and people who were caught using marijuana, distributing it, having it, would be criminalized and thrown in jail. There was a negative stigma attached to marijuana and the plant was generally rejected by society.

Thanks to legalization though, the light is shining on marijuana and more and more people are now becoming interested in it.

The problem now lies in the fact that many people do not know how to consume marijuana properly. For marijuana newbies, this post will break down the proper methods of consumption as well as weigh the pros and cons of each.

Dry herb vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are inhalation devices that produce vapor instead of smoke. People love vaping because it is convenient, portable, the devices are available online at stores such as DankStop, and healthier than smoking joints and blunts.

Vaporizers produce no smell and very little smoke which makes them very discreet and ideal for both indoor and outdoor consumption but the biggest appeal of these devices is that you use a small amount of bud per session which makes your marijuana last longer, in turn saving you money.

A dry herb vaporizer has many components including a mouthpiece, chamber, and battery. To consume with this device, fill the chamber, select your desired temperature (start with a lower temperature and work your way up) You then need to inhale, exhale and repeat. Beginners will enjoy this consumption method.


Tinctures are a popular marijuana consumption method that is created by dry marijuana flowers being dissolved in alcohol or vinegar. Tinctures are inexpensive to buy and can easily be made at home which makes this consumption method very popular. Consuming tinctures also does not have any negative health risks such as smoking which makes it a go-to choice for people consuming marijuana for medical purposes.

Tinctures come in a bottle that has a dropper attached to the lid and to consume, you fill the dropper and then place 3-4 drops of tinctures underneath your tongue.

You then have to let it rest under your tongue for 2 minutes before you swallow it. This method of consumption is very user-friendly and not complicated at all.


Edibles are another very popular consumption method that involves food and drinks that contain cannabis. The reason that edibles are so popular is that it is a delicious way to consume marijuana and consuming this way results in a more intense high that lasts upward of 12 hours which is much longer than other consumption methods.

Edibles come in many forms including cookies, gummies, cakes, and teas to name a few. To consume this way simply eat or drink your desired edible and it will get processed into your body through the digestive system and the liver.

After 60-120 minutes, you will feel the effects. As a beginner, you need to be very careful to not over-consume because edibles are very potent.

Dab rigs

A dab rig is a water filtration device that produces vapor and works with wax instead of dry herbs. This device is similar to a bong except it is made from stronger material and it comes to a nail made typically from titanium or quartz.

Dab rigs are popular because they produce a stronger flavor and more potent high. Inhaling vapor is also healthier than inhaling smoke. To use a dab rig you need to fill it up with water, set aside your dab, heat your nail until it is piping hot, place oil on the nail, inhale, exhale and repeat. Beginners should stay away from dab rigs. This method is more suited for intermediate or expert enthusiasts.

Bongs and bubblers

Bongs and bubblers are both water filtration devices the only difference between the two is that bubblers are smaller in size. These devices are popular because they use less weed per session. Bongs are great for solo and group sessions and bubblers are small and portable.

To consume this way, fill the device with water, stack your weed in the chamber and then light it with a flame while inhaling through the mouthpiece simultaneously. When the device has filled with smoke and the water starts to bubble, inhale the smoke and exhale. Beginners should try bubblers and advance to bongs.

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