How A Medical Marijuana Evaluation Works Online and In-Person

The legalization of medical marijuana in a lot of American states has naturally seen a rise in applications and consultations throughout the country. The widespread growth in acceptance and increased tolerance to what once was (and still is to some) a taboo subject is now more mainstream than ever before. Despite this, the process remains the same and you cannot avoid the necessary checks and medical evaluation if you want to be approved. 

Now to many, this may be a routine procedure and they won’t even give it a second thought. However, as with anything new, the thought of the unknown can be daunting and even intimidating for some. With that in mind, whilst we cannot help you with the medical marijuana card price in your area, we can put together a basic format of what you can expect from a full medical marijuana evaluation to give you peace of mind before you begin your MMJ journey.

How To Book A Medical Marijuana Evaluation

Medical marijuana consultations and evaluations can be conducted using online platforms for remote appointments and in-clinics for traditional in-person bookings. The luxury of remote medical cannabis evaluations from home is state-specific, and some forbid it. For appointments in the clinic, you need to find the appropriate medical facility and request a booking. You will be informed of and then instructed to bring the mandatory documentation to your appointment. This will include government ID, medical records, and any medication you are currently taking, plus others depending on state and facility protocols. Further details are provided below.

In-Clinic Evaluation Requirements

As touched on above, there are certain items you must bring to the clinic with you when you attend your appointment for medical cannabis analysis. Your government ID is self-explanatory, but in terms of your medical records, these should be factual and current and not exaggerating nor hiding anything to make the process swift and error-free. Any treatment plan afforded to a patient will be based on the exact symptoms described to the medical professional. If these are inaccurate, it could result in insufficient dosage recommendations, which will have severe physical consequences for the patient concerned. You must also take any prescription of the medication you are using for your disorder or any other health condition. 

Medical Marijuana Evaluations Online

Online medical cannabis consultation appointments require the same documents as a physical in-person evaluation. Before the doctor can give you any certification, you will need proof and accreditation of your disorder. To ensure you are able to get your medical marijuana card in a single consultation, it is strongly advised to have all medical records relevant to your condition in order and present to avoid disappointment or delay.

Obviously, due to the requirements of an online evaluation, you will remotely connect with the physician and on the video call, you will inform them of your symptoms and describe in detail how you are suffering. Should you be deemed a suitable candidate and the doctor approves your eligibility for an MMJ card then you will receive a soft copy of the certification in the post or via email promptly after the appointment. Any information discussed is confidential and the conversation is protected by federal law as are all patients’ personal data.

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