Here’s How I Used Sub Solution To Pass A Drug Test

If you’re looking to pass a drug test using fake urine then Sub Solution is the brand you will read about most frequently. But is Sub Solution the best?

In this quick guide I’m going to tell you how I used Sub Solution to pass a drug test. I’m not going to just give you a breakdown of what I did in a generic way though. I’m going to tell you how I researched it, and how I reached my conclusions, so you can see my thinking.

I’m also going to tell you about the other types of fake urine out there, and how Sub Solution stacks up against them.

I’ll also cover Sub Solutions big brother called Quick Luck. It’s better, but do you need it?

So sit back and buckle up, and let’s give you everything you need to know about using fake urine to pass a drug test generally, and why I chose Sub Solution to do just that.


These Are Your Options When It Comes To Passing A Drug Test

When it comes to passing a drug test you have several options. Some are easier than others, some are cheaper, and some are pretty painful. However, or will get you clean, you have to understand how each one works to make the best decision for you.

Let’s start by talking about detox drinks. A detox drink actually only detoxifies your urine for a handful of hours at most. Let me explain.

When you drink a high-quality detox drink (something like Rescue Cleanse or Mega Clean), what happens is the volume of liquid flushes out your bladder. At the same time, it floods your body with vitamins, minerals, and other waste products found in urine, including creatine which is converted into a waste product called creatinine.

So, what happens is your urine is flushed out but a natural balance is maintained, which will be picked up during an analysis. But crucially, there won’t be any drug toxins in it.

However, the downside of a detox drink is that as soon as drug toxins start leaking into your urine again, usually in five hours or less, you’ll test positive again.

Second, you can do a natural detox. This is the most painful way of passing a drug test if you are a regular weed smoker or user.

You abstain from drugs, live healthily, exercise, sweat, drink tons of water, basically look after yourself and give your body the best chance of passing out the toxins at the quickest way possible.

However, no matter how good you are, it can take days, sometimes weeks, to natural detox. You can accelerate the process using high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid, which will get you clean in about a week. But it’s still a longer-term strategy.

That leaves you with the third main option of synthetic urine. That way, you don’t have to detox, you’re not gambling on toxins leaking back into your urine, but you are gambling on having your fake sample detected.

Fake urine therefore is the best way of passing a drug test as a regular user, as long as you get high-quality urine it would be detected, you manage to smuggle in, and you submit it within the correct temperature range.

So let’s recap here:

  • Detox drinks are the easiest but most risky
  • Natural detoxification is the less risky but most painful
  • Fake urine is slightly risky but offers a good balance between risk and reward

And when it comes to using fake urine:

  • You must use high-quality synthetic urine
  • You’ll have to understand how you can smuggle in
  • Fake urine can only be used for unsupervised drug testing
  • Submitting it within the correct temperature range is crucial


Why I Decided To Use Sub Solution Rather Than Quick Fix Or Any Other Brand

When it comes to passing a drug test using fake urine you really don’t have as many choices you might think from researching online.

When you rule out the brands of fake urine that aren’t complex enough, don’t look like the real thing, don’t come with a reliable heat maintaining method, and don’t contain detectable artificial preservatives, you really are narrowing things down to just four (possibly five) main products.

To be clear, fake urine has to tick the following boxes:

  • Urea
  • Uric acid
  • Be balanced for ph
  • Be balanced for specific gravity
  • Must look like urine
  • Preferably must smell and froth like urine
  • Must contain creatinine
  • Should contain as many chemical markers found in real urine as possible
  • Must have reliable heating method

For me, that narrowed it down to the list of just four types of fake urine: Sub Solution, Quick Luck, Quick Fix, and Monkey Whizz.

The fifth brand I consider reliable is the Test Clear powdered urine kit. However, because I wasn’t clear if it’s real powdered urine (freeze-dried), or a synthetic product, I didn’t really consider it further. I went for the big guns I’ve already mentioned.

The reason I chose Sub Solution is that it was very popular, and online had a great track record for passing drug tests. It costs $80, but comes with heat activator powder, which will talk about in a moment.

Quick Luck is Sub Solutions “big brother”. The cost $100, and is premixed, whereas Sub Solution is a powder. As I didn’t need an instant sample, I didn’t think the $20 was worth the extra, even though it is meant to be slightly more complex.

Another option was Quick Fix. It’s been around for more than 20 years, so is very reliable. It also updated regularly, just like Quick Luck and Sub Solution. However, for me, although it’s cheap around $30, the formula is basic compared to Sub Solution.

Monkey Whizz is another contender, but just like Quick Fix, the formula is quite basic. It’s dirt cheap at around $30, and a brilliant option (like Quick Fix) for someone wanting to pass a cheap drug test they don’t care about that much, but not great for one you really want to pass.


Here’s What Happened When I Submitted My Drug Test Sample

After doing my research I went to Sub Solution. For me, it offered the best all round balance I was looking for:

  1. Very complex formula
  2. Brilliant way of heating and maintaining the temperature
  3. Great track record online for passing drug tests

So I ordered the Sub Solution synthetic urine kit well in advance of the drug test I was facing. I ordered it a couple of weeks in advance, just to make sure I definitely got it.

It was for a new job. And it was important to me. Sometimes you just don’t care when you are in for a job, if you know what I mean. It could be part-time, low wages, whatever. This was a step up, and I’ve worked hard to get my foot in the door, and I didn’t want to fail it.

I smoke some weed at the weekend. A few joints, and never on work days nowadays. However, what’s unfair is that weed metabolites hang around in your body for weeks, sometimes months. You could literally have not smoked a joint for a month, but fail a drug test and not get a job (or lose one). That’s insane, and I’m not playing that game.

The box of Sub Solution arrived, and to be honest, you won’t be that impressed when you open it. You get a small plastic tube of powdered urine, and empty mixing container (with the temperature strip on the side), and a small plastic tube/vial of heat activator powder.

But what you have to understand is the power is in those two little tubes of powder.

First, you’ve got the Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s powder, so you have to mix it with some water. Let me go through every step in detail, and how I passed my drug test, as you can see exactly what you need to do:


  1. You have to mix the vial of fake urine powder with filtered water. Don’t use mineral water or tap water because they contain things not found in urine (because obviously the body filters stuff out to use). You do this in the supplied container with the temperature strip on the side.


  1. If you’ve only got a really short journey to the drug testing place then I would put it in the microwave for short bursts until it gets up to the correct temperature, a reading of between 95°F and 100°F on the temperature strip is ideal. You see, legally, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F, so you need to keep it within those temperature ranges when you submit it. If it’s a longer journey, like I had, don’t even bother warming the sample up in advance.


  1. When you get to where you’re going to submit your sample, just before you enter the building, find somewhere quiet, and increase the heat. So that you will use the second magical vial, containing the heat activator powder. You tap in about one third, and gently shake the urine until it’s clear. This agitates the liquid and increases the heat. One third is usually enough to get it into that magical 90° – 100° temperature range.


  1. You then tuck the sample bottle into your underwear. That keeps it close to your skin, keeping it warm. On top of that, as long as you’re wearing something like baggy jogging bottoms, it won’t be detected. That’s because you’re not going to be grouped when you go in, they simply aren’t allowed to do a physical search on you unless it’s for law enforcement purposes.


  1. Once you’re in, you go through the process of filling in paperwork and showing any legal documentation you need to. Then you’ll be shown into a room, we’ll go behind a screen, or into a separate room entirely, you can submit your sample into a little cup. Check the temperature, and pour it in. If it’s dropped in temperature outside that magical range, you’re going to have to risk tapping in a bit of activator powder, I found that the temperature stayed stable for about 25 minutes with no problem at all.


 Should You Use Fake Urine To Pass That Important Drug Test?

 To be honest, that’s the process I used, and it’s as easy as that. You really shouldn’t encounter any problems with a standard unsupervised drug test. They are cheap to administer, and the labs don’t really put that much scrutiny into them.

The great news is that Sub Solution is so complex in formula, and even looks and froths like the real stuff, so you won’t have any problems even if it faces a high level of scrutiny or more advanced level of drug testing.

Let me explain that briefly. Your sample could face three levels of scrutiny:


  1. A basic sector validity tests. Temperature has to be recorded within two minutes of you handing over. Then they may look at it visually, and may use a simple dip test to check it’s (on the surface) a valid test. This could actually be the only level of scrutiny faces before it’s checked for drug metabolites.


  1. Sometimes your sample face a higher level of scrutiny. It can go through more advanced testing called a “rapid immunoassay analysis”.


  1. If there’s a high level of suspicion that it could be a fake sample, it could be sent for a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry analysis. You’ll know if this is the case because you will get the results in 24 hours, you’ll be told there is a delay of a couple of days. That’s when you panic, but it’s unlikely you’ll get to that with the complexity of Sub Solution.


But as I say, you’re unlikely to ever face that high level of scrutiny under any circumstances anyway. You might face the immunoassay analysis if you’re really unlucky, but Sub Solution is far too advanced to be spotted during that.

It also doesn’t contain biocide, artificial preservatives extend the shelf life. Many fake urine brands do, and it’s rumored that many of the top drug testing labs actually test for their presence to rule out most fake samples. Sub Solution definitely does not contain biocide.


Some Tips On Buying Sub Solution (Or Any Other Drug Test Products)

There you go guys, that’s what I did to you Sub Solution to pass a real drug test. It was easier than I thought, and honestly, they hardly look at you when you submit your sample.

You can deal with confidence as well, because Sub Solution is far too advanced to be spotted during standard drug testing processes.

On top of that, you’ve got the confidence that the heat activator powder won’t let you down in the same way that a heatpad can. Sub Solution can have its temperature manipulated to within 1°F really easily, and it’s then usually maintained for the time that you will need to submit the sample.

When it comes to buying Sub Solution, or any other drug test products, I’d always advise you try and buy from the USA-based official retailer, or the company themselves.Clear Choice Detox

My reason for saying that there are simply too many fakes for sale on third-party sites. Go on places like Reddit and you will see tons of guys talking about fake drug products like urine, and especially detox drinks, for sale on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. They are completely useless, and they will fail your drug test.

When it comes to Sub Solution, the best place to buy is from testnegative, the official company website.

You can also buy Sub Solution with something called “the practice kit”. Although that’s significantly cheaper, the value of spending the extra money that you may not want to is that you get the heat activator powder. So you’ll have enough heat activator powder extra to test heating water up several times, as you can see how quickly it heats, and how long it lasts.

Doing practice runs with the practice kit will allow you to ensure that on the day you a complete expert with using the real Sub Solution synthetic urine kit to ensure you pass a drug test without any problems at all.

If you’re lazy, and you don’t want to mess around with filtered water, plus money isn’t a problem, then you could upgrade from $80-$100 to get Quick Luck. Because it’s premixed, and more advanced, it’s literally the ultimate solution to passing a drug test in which you won’t face an unusual level of analysis of your sample.

Quick Luck can also be bought from testnegative, and both Sub Solution and Quick Luck can be bought with the practice kit as part of a combo deal that save you quite a bit of money.

If you want a cast-iron guarantee on passing a vital drug test, I’d also recommend you buy a good quality detox drink. An hour before your test, drink it, and urinate three times. Ultra Eliminex, Mega Clean, or Rescue Cleanse are my recommendations.

That way you know that even if you get behind a screen and the fake urine samples cooled, or something has gone horribly wrong and you had to ditch it, you still stand a very good chance of passing a drug test. It’s a “plan B” that you really should have, even if it means spending a little money you don’t want to.


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