Green Malay Kratom: A Kratom For Everyone?

Especially if you’re new to kratom, it can be a myriad of choices and concerns. Red, white, green, yellow, uplifting, sedative, what can you expect? Well, in this Green Malay kratom review, I’m going to suggest that Green Malay could be the answer you’re looking for, it could be a great kratom for everyone, especially beginners.

I’m going to tell you about Green Malay kratom effects, whether Green Malay can induce euphoria, and also talk about the sort of Green Malay kratom dosage you will need to experience it fully. Plus, I’ll tell you about Super Green Malay kratom, and also where you can get your hands on incredible quality, pure, imported from source, Green Malay kratom.

Green Malay Kratom Effects Explained

If you’re looking to experience the very best that kratom can offer, then Green Malay kratom effects could be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether your experience with kratom, and want a smooth, even feeling, or you’re new to kratom and would like to know how fantastic it can be, then Green Malay kratom effects could be perfect.

Red kratom tends to be very strong and at stronger doses very analgesic and sedative. You can retain focus at lower doses, and gain more energy, but it’s this real calm and pain relief that is key. With white kratom, it’s the opposite. You get minor pain relief and calmness, but overwhelmingly, you usually get energy, mental alertness, and even euphoria.

Green kratom tends to fall in the middle of the two. Green Malay kratom is perfect because it does make you more alert, and give you more energy. But crucially, it relaxes you and relieves pain. But it’s not overwhelming, even at a good dose. so say you going out for the night, it will give you energy and enthusiasm, but it will curb any social anxiety or negative feelings you have.

Is Green Malay Euphoria Possible?

You’ll probably get a bit confused around wondering if Green Malay euphoria is possible. As I have already said, it’s quite a calming, relaxing type of kratom generally, plus green kratom tends to be less potent than white, or red.

However, an intense feeling of euphoria is possible with green Malay. But, it will depend on your mood and the dose. If you take a small dose, you won’t hit that euphoric feeling. If you take too much, any euphoric feeling will be very brief, and will then be overwhelmed by relaxation and sedation.

In terms of a genuine Green Malay euphoric feeling, most people report that taking a moderate dose, around 4-6 grams, can bring on an initial feeling of euphoria, lasting for a couple of hours, before moving into a more relaxed state.

But, as I’ve found, it really is dependent on the person, and the kratom quality.

Green malay kratom effects

Green Malay Kratom Dosage

There’s no such thing as a correct kratom dosage, in terms of green Malay kratom dosage, it’s what’s right for you, to get the feeling you want. Things that will affect how you feel on kratom, include:

  • Your age
  • weight
  • Mental health
  • Physical condition
  • If you have eaten recently
  • The type of kratom
  • The quality of kratom

Green Malay is a green kratom, so it’s milder than most whites, or reds. However, it does have quite a potent range of effects, which why it’s such a popular kratom. If you’re starting with kratom for the first time, I’d always suggest you start with a single gram. Double it the second time, and add another gram the time after that.

Once you hit three grams, you should be starting to feel the full range of effects, as long as it’s good quality kratom, and you’re in the right physical and mental position to feel those effects.

But definitely, four grams and above, you should definitely be starting to feel really good on green Malay kratom, even feeling that talked about Green Malay malay kratom review

What Is Super Green Malay Kratom?

Before I conclude this Green Malay kratom review, let me quickly explain the different types of kratom you can buy, as it can be confusing:

  • Standard kratom powder
  • Super kratom powder
  • Kratom extracts
  • Ultra enhanced kratom

That’s the four stages of kratom. Standard has just extracted ground kratom.

Super kratom, which is what we’re talking about with Super Green Malay kratom, is kratom made from the larger leaves of the tree, which get the most sun and contain the most alkaloids. So it’s generally a little more powerful than standard powder.

Above that, you get kratom extracts, which is where more kratom is used to create the same amount of powder, and ultra enhanced, where additional alkaloids are added to kratom extracts, to create a crazy powerful kratom.

Ultra enhanced green malay kratom


Where To Buy Green Malay Kratom

If you’re thinking of experimenting with Green Malay kratom effects, or you’re thinking about buying Super Green Malay kratom, to try and achieve that talked about green Malay euphoria, then the bottom line is you will need high-quality kratom.

From my experiences over several years, there are not many online stores that sell really good quality, Green Malay. You’ll need a website that imports directly from Asia, from verified sources, who then test their kratom independently for quality, and have such a turnover of stock, that you always get the fresh kratom.

But to help you, these are the three kratom vendors I have bought brilliant Green Malay kratom from:

  1. Coastline Kratom sells both great quality Green Malay kratom powder, and Ultra Enhanced Green Malay. This is probably the finest kratom powder I’ve ever experienced, sweet, rich, and smooth inexperience. If you’re just looking to experience Green Malay kratom effects, then this is a great starting point.
  2. BuyKratom sells high-quality Green Malay kratom powder. It’s very affordable, and a great place to start. They also sell Red Malay, so you could buy both of them and experiment with the contrast. I’ll also mention they do a green kratom variety pack. It contains Green Malay, as well as five other green kratom strains, perfect for finding out which green kratom is right for you.
  3. KratomCapsules sell fantastic kratom, as you’ve guessed, in capsules. You can buy Green Malay kratom capsules at a very affordable price. I’ve used these, and they are absolutely great quality, and very convenient. You’ll pay more than the standard powder, but the benefits of capsules are, you don’t have to taste the kratom, you don’t have to measure the exact dose, and you can take your green Malay kratom on the move, as you need.


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