Green Vein Kratom: Half Way Between White And Red

Green kratom is sometimes seen as the poor relation to white and red kratom. Because its effects are more mild and balanced, is seen as less useful. This article aims to set that record straight.

We’re going to talk about the strong benefits of green vein kratom, for a range of problems, and how it can subtly help with recreational activity.

Plus we’ll explore the main green vein kratom effects, and at what green kratom dosage those effects are best experienced at.

This review of green kratom will also tell you three tried and trusted online retailers that sell only the best quality kratom, imported directly from the regions they come from, meaning you can experience the effects of green vein kratom to their fullest.

Green Vein Kratom Effects

Green vein kratom effects tend to be milder than white or red kratom. In terms of the spectrum, at an average dose of good quality kratom, you get the following general effects:

  • White vein kratom tends to be uplifting, energizing and euphoric
  • Green kratom has traits of energizing and uplifting, plus calming and focus
  • Red kratom tends to be analgesic and sedative, with focus and some energy

So as you can see, white vein kratom tends to give energy and euphoria, while red kratom tends towards being calming, pain relieving and sedative, with green kratom having traits from both, which increase, the higher the dose, but at the same dose as red or white, are milder.

This is brilliant, because it means that a moderate dose, you get extra energy, a better mood, stronger focus, but with an increased sense of calm and physical relaxation, making it a fantastic all-round experience, when you don’t need one or either of the extremes that white, or red, kratom produce.

But that is a generalization and depending on who you are, the type of green kratom, the green vein kratom dosage, and the quality of the kratom, those effects can swing between mild and extreme, and more towards white or red kratom. It’s about finding the place amongst all that that fits what you need.

green vein kratom dosage

What Is The Optimal Dosage?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the best green vein kratom dosage. It will depend on so many variables:

  • The size of the person
  • Mental health
  • Physical condition
  • Empty stomach or full
  • Quality of the kratom
  • Tolerance to kratom
  • Type of kratom

Six grams of green Malay to one person could be mild, but to another, it could be full-spectrum overwhelming. It really depends on your own thresholds and expectations.

A great idea is to start with 3-4 grams of the type of green kratom that closely mirrors the effect you want. Take that 3 grams, and then an hour later, take another gram. Then don’t go higher than that the first time.

The second time, take 1-2 grams more. Around 5-6 grams the full range of effects should kick in for the average user. If you find you need more, then you could have an exceptional circumstance, or you could just have very poor quality kratom.

The Most Popular Strains

Nearly every type of kratom has a green strain as well. You see, it’s not just about the color of the vein on the tree or the leaf maturity at cultivation. Red, green and white kratom can also be created or enhanced, during the cultivation, drying and production process.

Green kratom tends to be more mild, because of the processes involved in turning it into powder. It has a good balance of the alkaloids, not veering towards one extreme, or the other. It’s this balance, that is different in every type of kratom, that creates the nuances of effects.

In terms of the main types of green kratom, they are:

Green Bali tends to be relaxing, especially physically. It can also help with motivation and positive mood. You will get an energy kick from green Bali, but not overwhelming, it’s very balanced.

Green Malay kratom is usually good for improving cognitive function, and it also has analgesic effects. It’s very relaxing and actually is more in tune with red kratom in many ways.

Green Indo is very good for people with anxiety. It’s not overwhelming in terms of physical energy, so it doesn’t generate further anxiety. It’s relaxing, analgesic, but also helps to improve mood and focus.

Green Borneo is good for euphoria and energy at higher doses. But at more moderate doses it brings energy, uplifting feelings, and an improved outlook. It’s slightly more like a white kratom than many other greens.

Green Maeng Da is good for energy, focus, and pain relief. At higher doses, it can be more sedative than many other green kratom strains, which is in keeping with the fact it mimics the effects more mildly of red Maeng Da.

Where To Buy Good Quality Green Kratom

The biggest problem in experimenting with good-quality green kratom is actually finding it for sale. Too many websites claiming are selling fresh kratom when actually it’s come from third-party wholesalers, who imported it without any real clue of its condition, or where it’s even come from.

The two companies I tend to use, all import directly from the source, which means they know where their kratom is coming from, and it’s also lab tested to make sure that it’s the real deal.

Coastline Kratom sells possibly the finest ground green kratom powder available in the USA. It’s incredibly high quality and strength. In terms of green kratom, one of my favorites is green Malay. Beautifully smooth and balanced, with real relaxation, and pain relief, almost like a red, still with that mild energy and focus enhancement as well.

(UPDATE: Now Out Of Business!)

TheEvergreentree is another great kratom vendor based in the USA, importing real kratom. They sell capsules, powder, and variety packs. In terms of powder, they sell is exceptional greens, but they also sell exactly the same kratom powder in capsules that they package themselves.

As a beginner, buying capsules are a brilliant idea. You don’t have to mess around with powder, or the taste of kratom, plus you know you’re getting an exact dose.

Kratora sells exceptional green vein Borneo kratom capsules. I use these quite a lot, in the afternoons, as a bit of a pick me up, just a couple of capsules do the trick.

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