Does Green Gone Detox Work? Full Review & Comparison To Toxin Rid

There are plenty of Green Gone detox reviews out there which will tell you it’s the best detoxification pill course you can buy.

But for most people, Toxin Rid is the number one “go-to” pill course if you want to get completely clean to naturally pass a drug test.

So how does Green Gone detox stack up as a weed detoxification Kit? In this full Green Gone detox review, I’m going to cover everything you need to know. I will tell you exactly what is, and what’s in it.

I will tell you how to use it, and which course length could work best for you.

I’ll also compare it to Toxin Rid (the market leader), so that you can see if the cheaper price of Green Gone detox is a great saving or just a sign of the poor quality products trying to undercut the best of the bunch.

What Exactly Is Green Gone Detox?

Green Gone detox is a pill course you take over two, five, or 10 days, in order to help speed up the removal of drug toxins.

Green Gone detox claims to be a targeted weed detox kit. The ingredients in it allegedly have the capability to target and remove more cannabis metabolites from the body than other detox products.

With this kit, you’re getting the following course length choices:

  • 2 day Green Gone detox for light smokers
  • 5 day Green Gone detox for regular smokers
  • 10 day Green Gone detox for heavy smokers

Now your first question is probably wondering how you define a heavy smoker. Let’s explain it quickly.

For me, and for the claims of the product, a light smoker is someone who is having a couple of joints per week on a regular basis.

A regular smoker is someone smoking joint more days of the week than not, while a heavy smoker is someone who is basically smoking one or more joints nearly every day, or even daily.

The heavy and habitual smoker could be someone who has mental or physical health problems, someone who is trying to overcome the problems around sexual assault with outlines in this site on domestic abuse only times, or some other reason which generates really high use.

Now obviously the strength of the cannabis you smoke, your weight, sex, and your age, all matter; a lot plays into this.

But basically, I would ignore the Green Gone 2 day detox. If you’re smoking more days of the week than not, go for the five day one, and more than that, then go for the 10 day Green Gone detox.

This Is How Cannabis Metabolites Work In The Body (Can A Weed Detox Kit Target Them?)

When you smoke a joint, THC is converted into metabolites, the main one of which is THC-NOOH.

Cannabis metabolites are different from almost every other type of drug waste product. Because of their size and shape, they tend to exit more through the bowels, with up to 60% of them doing this. In contrast, 90% or more of most other drugs exit through the bladder.

They cling to fat cells. They can therefore stay in the body for quite some time. It’s been known for cannabis metabolites to work their way out randomly over days and weeks after the last joint has been smoked because of this.

So to target them, you need something that is high in fiber that can draw more cannabis metabolites to the gut so they can be removed in stools. You also need to counteract the blocking of their removal because of the way the cannabis metabolites also bind to albumin, which minimizes the ability to release them into the bladder.


What Does The Green Gone Weed Detox Kit Contain?

The Green Gone detox weed kit contains literally a load of pills. Nothing else, just pills. This is in contrast to Toxin Rid, the main competitor that I have actually used to pass a drug test.

With Toxin Rid you not only get the pills, but you also get a dietary fiber supplement to help remove even more cannabis metabolites through the bowel, and a detoxification liquid that helps to push more out through the bladder. It’s a three-step approach rather than a single one.

The only difference between the Green Gone 2 day detox, 5 day detox, and 10 day detox, is therefore the number of pills you get for your money.

But you do also get five free THC test kits. This seems a great addition for nothing when a good quality drug test can cost $10 or more on its own.

But when they are selling five of these for just $14.99, I would seriously question how accurate they are. “Medical grade” as described on the website, doesn’t seem to be an accurate description of the quality you will get.

Seriously, you don’t want to be testing negative when you aren’t, due to a faulty cheap drug test kit.

Green Gone Detox Kit Instructions

It’s actually tough to find the Green Gone instructions. The company’s website doesn’t actually give them in detail. I find this amazing. But what I could ascertain from the website, by looking at a product image, was that a serving is 4 capsules.

The bottle contains 120 capsules in the 10 day course, meaning 12 capsules per day. So you are going to be taking four capsules at a time, three times per day. This regular intake should speed up the removal of cannabis metabolites significantly if this detox kit does as it’s claimed.

Alongside that, you need to do a natural detox:

  • Abstain from taking drugs
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Avoid heavy food and drinks
  • Eat lean and clean
  • Exercise and sweat daily
  • Get plenty of rest

How Good Is It: Does Green Gone Detox Work?

Does Green Gone detox work? That’s obviously the million dollar question we have to answer in any review.

Let’s look at the ingredients. There are just five (dosage is per serving of four capsules):

  • 1000 mg psyllium husk
  • 1000 mg sodium bicarbonate
  • 408 mg white willow extract
  • 400 mg horsetail extract
  • 240 mg St Johns wort

Sodium bicarbonate raises the pH of urine, allegedly encouraging the ionization of metabolites.

White willow extract stops the binding of THC to albumin, which can prevent it being extracted through urine.

Horsetail extract is a diuretic, while St Johns wort increases the activity of two enzymes in the liver which can accelerate processing of THC

The first problem I have is that the white willow extract is listed on the website at 15% density, while on the product package it’s listed at 25%. That’s a huge difference, so which one are you getting?!

The second problem I have is the psyllium husk. The idea is to give you a significant dose of high density fiber, which can draw far more cannabis metabolites into the gut to be kicked out via your stools.

The problem is that the 12 pills per day are only giving you an extra 3 g of fiber. Honestly, that’s virtually nothing.

To give you an idea of how nothing that is, a high-fiber cereal like Kellogg’s All-Bran contains more than 10 g of fiber per small bowl.

The conclusion of my Green Gone detox review, therefore, has to be that even though the individual ingredients are linked to speeding up the elimination of cannabis metabolites, the quantities you are getting for the money simply aren’t enough to do it at the speed claimed.

green gone detox alternatives

Best Alternative To Green Gone Detox

The best alternative to Green Gone detox is Toxin Rid. The pills contain nine different ingredients rather than five, and all of them are at higher doses. It’s simply a more potent daily pill.

You also get a separate dietary fiber supplement that you take close to your drug test. It’s packed with psyllium husk, and a significant amount of fiber that will hit your gut and draw in metabolites.

In addition to that, you also get a detoxification liquid. That helps to push more metabolites out of your bladder as well.

The three-hit combo of Toxin Rid is far more efficient. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive than the full 10 day course, at around $50 more expensive, but you are getting more bang for your buck.

In addition, Toxin Rid is an ingredient targets general detoxification. That means that are suitable for any type of drug metabolites and don’t just target cannabis.

They work just as efficiently on all drug metabolites, and the dietary fiber plus other ingredients in it do also still target cannabis alongside a high-fiber diet. Therefore, overall, Green Gone is not a good weed detox kit. It’s also pretty limited to just hitting cannabis metabolites.

For the best value and potency, you should be looking at Toxin Rid overall. To finish with a comparison:

  • Green Gone is $50 cheaper for the 10 day course
  • Green Gone has far less ingredients
  • You get less potency for your money
  • Toxin Rid is a three-step process for efficiency
  • Toxin Rid is proven (I’ve used it myself)

Overall, if you use Green Gone detox then you might get clean in 10 days or less. If you use Toxin Rid, it’s definitely going to significantly speed up the elimination of toxins from the body, giving you the best chance of getting clean in a week or less.

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