Geo Peptides Review: Are These Guys Legit?

In this review of Geo peptides, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about a SARMs company that has been around since 2013.

I’ve been digging around into the details of this company for a while because I’ve seen a lot of negative feedback about them online.

So what I’m going to do here is put my findings to you, and my personal experiences from using Geo Peptides SARMs.

I’ll then sum up so that you can see whether Geo Peptides feel legitimate to you and whether you’d want to place an order from them. Plus, I’ll tell you where I buy my SARMs from now, as a comparison for you.

Who Exactly Are Geo Peptides?

I know that Geo peptides are been around since 2013 because I looked it up online. That’s the year that their domain name was registered. I know they were trading for a while, and that research backs it up.

The Facebook page and Twitter account also appeared in mid-2013 as well. The company traded quite a few years, and about four years ago I bought SARMs from them.

They had a good reputation, and a good following on bodybuilding forums, as well as places like Reddit. However, Geo peptides seem to go downhill in terms of customer feedback last year, and now seem to have vanished off the face of the earth.

Geo Peptides Range & Pricing

The Geo peptides website lists 30 different types of SARMs and other supplements. They sell 14 products classed as SARMs, but I didn’t recognize all of the names. Also, four of those products are Cardarine, but they are different strengths.

As an example of pricing, let’s take a look at the classic SARM Ostarine. It’s currently listed at a “special price” of $50.83. It’s dosed at 30 mg/mL, in a 300 mg dropper bottle. I’ll be honest, that range is far more expensive, and there are far fewer chemicals to choose from, and when I purchased from them a few years back.

 My Experience Using SARMs From Geo Peptides

Before I move on to give you the lowdown on the reality of ordering from Geo peptides, I want to talk about my experience using their SARMs a few years back.

I did a stack for bulking, using RAD-140 and LGD-4033. It was a 10-week cycle, and I noticed great gains. Overall, the quality of the SARMs was good.

But a year later a friend of mine said that they had a bad experience, and they were part of the Reddit crew as well. I was quite surprised, but looking online at the time, it started to make me suspicious that something was going on with the company because feedback was plummeting.

geo peptides revview

Let’s Talk About The Important Purity Reports

If you’re going to buy SARMs online the best piece of advice I can give you is to make sure that you check out the purity reports that are available.

The purity reports should be a verifiable document from a third-party independent lab. The SARMs seller imports the SARMs from China usually, then they pass on samples to a 3rd party lab, who verify what’s in it, and the proportions.

The company then puts copies of those third-party lab test reports onto the product page so that you can see exactly what you are buying. They should be a batch number, and that should marry up with what you are getting on the bottles you buy.

Now let’s talk about purity reports on Geo peptides. That’s not quite such a good topic.

Most of the purity reports that are there to view were out of date. I’m talking 2016, 2015, things like that. There’s no way on earth they are still selling those batches, so they couldn’t even be bothered to update the purity reports over the past five years.

So there’s no traceability, no reassurance on what you are buying.

Worse than that, the purity reports that are there seem very generic to me. Sometimes poor-quality companies simply upload the documents that they get from the Chinese SARMs companies to show the composition. They don’t do any third-party analysis themselves; they just upload those documents and claim it is third party analysis.

To me, they look like those original Chinese reports, or worst-case scenario, completely fake. I certainly couldn’t trust them enough to recommend to you that the SARMs from Geo peptides are pure and safe.

How Trustworthy Are Geo Peptides?

Overall, the conclusion of my review here has to be that Geo peptides are not safe and trustworthy at all nowadays.

I did some research, and they seem linked to a couple of other SARMs companies as well, both of which also have better-looking websites, but also, bad reputations like Geo peptides. Those companies are Pep Warehouse and Peptides Warehouse. Both have the exact identical problems as Geo peptides.

That’s not surprising considering they are run by exactly the same people. I found a phrase on the Geo peptides website which I recognized on another site, around the payment means they took. I pasted it into Google, and sure enough, the exact same phrase only appears on those two other SARM’s websites, meaning all three of them are undeniably linked.

Worse than that, Geo peptides do have a listed company address. But that company was dissolved in 2019 and hasn’t submitted accounts for several years.

Basically, it looks to me like Geo peptides were the original website that the people who ran the company had, and when it went bad, they simply abandoned it and created two new websites.

So when you contact Geo peptides or buy from them, you are literally getting the same SARMs as you would buy from those other two websites, both of which are starting to have the same problems around quality reviews online and a lack of genuine purity report uploading.

I’m afraid that what you’ve got here is a bunch of people, who I will not call scam artists because I know that Geo peptides is legit, or at least it was. But they are definitely selling poor quality SARMs that more and more people are calling out online as not having any strong effect.

What’s in those SARMs is unverifiable, and they definitely seem to have moved on when the website feedback went bad, and created two new brands, then dissolved the original company and created new fronts.

Just as a final red flag, Geo peptides spent the whole of 2019 pumping monthly 50% discount code, so if you ever looking for a Geo peptides coupon code, you would have found one.

In the middle of 2019, they started pumping a 60% discount code. Then in early 2020, social media went dead.

So what you have is a company website that wasn’t updated, who started getting bad reviews, were pumping huge discounts for an entire year, who then went silent, and dissolved the limited liability company they had around that time.

At the same time, Geo peptides were pumping discount codes, prior to vanishing, two fresh companies evidently linked to the registered domain names and created their own websites. I hope you can see how much that stinks.

All that put together is extremely concerning, and I certainly cannot recommend buying SARMs from Geo peptides to you in any shape or form.

Where I Mostly Buy My SARMs From Now

 What I worry about is that some people may stick with the company because they’ve got gains in the past from using the supplements they bought, and they just keep sticking with it even though they are not achieving anything more than they could naturally.

I fear that that’s what’s happening with people still buying from Geo peptides. For me, there’s enough evidence online from people who’ve used it, and enough smoke and mirrors from the company ran purity reports, to make me think that they could be watering down the SARMs at least.

Whatever the truth, there’s definitely no way on earth I would buy from this company any more, and I’m hoping after reading this that you will think twice about it as well.

For me, you should only buy from a website that supplies proper purity reports, that are frequently updated with fresh batch numbers.

You should only buy from a company that has a current social media profile, who is available to chat online, who connects with the customers, and who is going to reply. Plus, that community online, Twitter, Reddit, bodybuilding forums, has to be overwhelmingly positive about the company, which certainly isn’t the case with Geo peptides.

For me, the only place I would look to buy SARMs from now that ticks all the boxes I just talked about are Swiss Chems.

Swiss by name, American by location, they sell really high-quality SARMs powder in capsules. Especially if you’re a beginner, capsules are perfect because they allow you to dose perfectly each time with no margin for error.

Swiss Chems sell all the main types of SARMs in capsule form, and they all have those high-quality and essential purity reports available for each batch.

Better than that, Swiss Chems also sell Nolvadex and Clomid in generic form as well, one of the few places that you can genuinely buy high-quality SARMs and PCT supplements from all in one order.


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