My Recommended Cannabis Strains for Beginners

What was your first experience with cannabis? It could have been the best or the worst puff you inhaled in your life. Crazy! If you had the worst experience then and you swore not to try again, then you might have tried the wrong cannabis product or the strain. It is similar to taking a road you have never used. Isn’t it confusing? Remember, cannabis is a great and beneficial product that can deliver all sorts of physical, mental, and psychological relief, depending on what you want to achieve.

A quick check before you try a strain as a beginner:

It is vital as a beginner to have some basic knowledge of what to choose. Among the things to consider are the amounts of CBD and THC content present in your strain. It will be better if you try a strain with high levels of CBD rather than THC. Why is it so? Such strains relax the brain and deliver other medical benefits. When there is a high amount of THC in a Cannabis strain, more intense psychoactive effects will occur, and it might be hard for a beginner to cope with it.

Also, know the difference between Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains since they deliver different effects to a user. Weedcenter is a site you can check some guidance on how to smoke hemp flower buds as a beginner.

Great Strains for Beginners

Below are some of the best cannabis strains for beginners.

  • Harlequin

It is a typical hybrid strain for beginners. It is Sativa Dominant at 75%. It is characterized by high levels of CBD content, which is at 16% and low THC content levels at 4-7%. Do you want a more energetic experience? It will work for you. The CBD to THC ratio is 5:2, which helps neutralize the Sativa resulting in a relaxed feeling and better focus. Different suppliers offer it in various flavors such as mango, earthy, and herbal.

  • Plushberry

It is also a hybrid strain that is 80% India and 20% of Sativa. It acts as a stress-relieving stain that leaves a user happy and relaxed. However, this stain’s effects may not be of significance to some users due to the little psychoactive impact.

  • ACDC

Just like Harlequin, ABCD is a CBD dominant strain with a THC to CBD ratio of 1:20. We say this is the best strain for any beginner. But why? It has shallow levels of THC content; hence it can hardly have many effects on your psychoactive functioning. It will deliver a feeling of body relaxation and pain relief in a cool way. It also comes in different flavors to enjoy, such as woody, herbal and earthy flavors. Check out the why most marijuana users fall in love with ACDC hemp flower strain at

  • Blue Dream

It is among the most popular cannabis strain in the current market because of it one of the best strains for beginners and also for longtime cannabis users. It is a hybrid Sativa dominated, which is tasty and has that sweet aroma. Alongside making you experience tranquil effects washing over your body, you also feel euphoric high.

  • Jack Herer

It is an indica dominated strain with high levels of THC content at 15%-23% and low levels of CBD content, which is less than 5%. What is so popular about this strain? Well, most of the users confess to experiencing a high effect that makes them creative, blissful, and also clear-headed. It is very effective for beginners as well as seasoned consumers. Here is the unique part of Jack Herer; despite higher levels of THCcontent, it has cannabinoids and terpene components that make the user feel very happy, creative, and socializes well. Its flavors include wood, pine, and earth.

  • Hindu Kush

Finally, here is the Hindu Kush. It is a pure Indica strain suitable for beginners. It has been used for years, and users claim to have experienced a relaxing effect to the maximum and also relieves feelings of pain, nausea, and anxiety.

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Cannabis delivery methods for beginners (A Bonus)

As a beginner, there are different ways that you cannabis strain in your body. The manner you use also affects your overall experience. Here are a few ways to do it:

  1. Smoking

It is the most method. Besides, how many of the users make their trial. The great thing about smoking cannabis is that its effects are achieved in a short period of about 20 minutes, and you can use even smaller quantities. It works well for some users, but not everyone.

  1. Vaporization

It is easy on the throat and lungs; thus, it’s friendly to beginners. Also, there are vaporizer pens in the markets which are easily portable.

  1. Oral Consumption

It entails ingesting strains in the form of edibles such as weed cookies and tinctures(cannabis liquid extracts).

  1. Through cannabis topicals.

Topicals can be in the form of balms or lotions that can be absorbed from your skin. They are recommended for people who want to relieve pain since most of them can hardly get you high.


These are vital things to note:

*Avoid THC dominated strains as they might negatively affect your first experience

* In case you feel the effects of cannabis strain are too much, use CBD to neutralize the effect.

* Gather some necessary information about a particular strain before you try it as a beginner.

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