Top 5 Exercises For Bigger Chest Muscles: Complete Routine For Bigger Pecs In 21 Days

You’re probably here because you are frustrated that your chest isn’t as developed as it should be after weeks of hard work. The problem with trying to find the best exercise for bigger chest muscles is that you’re actually looking at hitting four different groups of muscles, which means you’ll need a variety of exercises.

So what we’re going to do in this quick guide is talk you through the four groups of muscles, and how you can hit them all with the minimum variations in exercise. Will tell you how to set things up properly, and what you’ll need.

Then we’re going to talk you through a set of five easy exercises that are brilliant for rapid and explosive chest muscle development. Put together they are the best exercise regime for bigger chest muscles that you can do.

Plus, we are also going to briefly talk about supplements that you can use responsibly to cut more fat and boost muscle growth to get those pecks bigger and looking sharp in less time.

Which Chest Muscles Do You Need To Hit?

 To get full chest development, you need to hit all four muscle groups in the chest during the same set of exercises.

These are the four sets of chest muscles:

  • Pectoralis Major
  • Pectoralis Minor
  • Serratus Anterior
  • Subclavius

Crucial to this is the sternal head, which is right in the middle of the pectorlaris major. This is where the nipple is, and it’s crucial to develop this to create a shape. But other areas, such as the clavicular head, which is also part of the pectoralis major, are crucial because they help to develop and define the outer edges of the chest muscles.

Basically, guys, you need to hit all four as hard as possible to develop those fully rounded and hardened chest muscles that you’re after.

Important Considerations For Getting A HUGE Chest

If you’re looking to get the best exercises for bigger chest muscles, then important considerations you need to take into account are as follows:

  1. Dumbbell exercising for chest development is crucial, which means you’re going to need good quality dumbbells with plenty of flexibility, that allows you granular control over incremental weight increases.
  2. You’re going to have to invest in a home workout bench. You simply cannot get the full range and motion; you cannot work those muscles fully if you’re lying flat on the floor. Don’t worry though, you can pick them up for around $100 on sites like Amazon.
  3. To get the most progress you should do slow and powerful reps. Don’t go too fast, because it’s scientifically proven that slower in both directions is better (but not too slow obviously).
  4. It’s important you don’t use weights that are too light, or too heavy. If you can do 12 reps then add a tiny bit of weight. If you can’t do six reps, then lower the weight slightly instead.

It’s also important to swap exercises in and out. Once you’ve mastered the six here, swap one out for something different.

Best Exercises For A Bigger Chest In 21 Days

So you’ve got your home workout bench, and you’ve got a set of dumbbells, brilliant. So put this all together, this is how you can build a bigger and better chest in just 21 days.

Aim to do at least six reps, eight if possible, and do three groups. If you can’t quite do three groups of eight, try and do groups of six, and if you can do four groups of six.

1. Classic dumbbell squeeze press

This is the main exercise you’re going to do. It helps to work for all four muscle groups, but you going to make sure you do something slightly different at the top, to really squeeze as much out of your muscles as possible.

Method: lying flat on your workout bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand close to your chest on either side, parallel across you. Take a deep steady breath, push upwards hard, pushing your breath out as you do. At the top, the dumbbell should come together, and make sure you squeeze your pectoral muscles as well. Then slowly bring them down to keep the resistance going in the opposite direction.

2. Decline and incline dumbbell bench press variations

These are variations on the main dumbbell exercise for chest muscle gains I just described. This is where you do the same thing, but with the bench tilted on the incline, and then on the decline. The idea is that you are working all groups of muscles but from slightly different angles, creating different/tension resistance.

Method: exactly the same as for the standard dumbbell press, and make sure you squeeze your pecks as well. Also, when you’re on the incline, it’s great for hitting the clavicular head that I mentioned earlier, so make sure you really work that range in motion slowly up and down.

3. Press up

This tried and trusted exercise is the most popular bodyweight exercise for chest muscle development, and it’s incredible for your chest and shoulders in a very short space of time. The problem is that most people don’t do press-ups properly. At the top, your arms must be in line with your shoulders, as must your hands. Also, you mustn’t take a position that too wide with your hands, they should also be parallel to the shoulders when you look down.

Method: after taking the correct position, you’re going to do three sets of press-ups, preferably 10-12 per set. If you can’t manage that, try eight. The variation is to change the position of your arms. Staggered press-ups involve taking the normal press-up position, and then moving one hand about 6 inches further forward, then repeating the process for the other hand.

4. Close-grip barbell bench press

This variation on the barbell bench press places less stress on your shoulders. It moves the exercise benefits into your triceps and chest. Because of the grip you are taking, you’ll have to start with a lower weight on the bar then you would when doing a standard barbell bench press.

Method: lay on your exercise bench as you would for a standard barbell or dumbbell bench press. But this time you’re going to hold a barbell with a narrower grip, and an overhand grip as well. When you breathe in, lower the bar slowly until it touches the center of your chest and then explodes back upwards to the starting position.

5. Chest dips

A great exercise for burning fat and targeting chest muscles are chest dips. It’s probably the single best exercise of bigger chest muscles that you can do. Dips allow you to work your shoulders, arms, and your upper back ruthlessly.

Method: you’ll need a dip station for this. However, as you may be aware you can buy those cheap over door dip stations very cheaply online to get you started. The key when doing chest dips is to not allow your arms to lock at the bottom, so it’s key that you don’t straighten them. Lift yourself up with palms facing inward, slowly lower yourself while avoiding that straight and locking arm, and then explosively pull back up to get your chin over the bar.

Using Supplements To Cut Fat & Boost Your Muscle Growth

 As you can see, it’s really easy to get started with the best exercises for bigger chest muscles. You just need a cheap workout bench, often costing less than 100 bucks, and a set of cheap weights to get started.

The key thing is the balance reps and load. If you’re doing too many reps, you just exhausting yourself without stressing the muscle tissue, while if you’re not able to do at least six reps, then you not stressing the muscle tissue and are in danger of causing yourself an injury.

Let’s talk to you now about supplements you can use alongside the best exercises for bigger chest muscle workout.

For me, it has to be SARMs. You don’t want to go near anabolic steroids, and natural supplements just don’t have the potency.

Even the mildest SARM Ostarine, can really have a dramatic impact on your chest muscles. Ostarine has the ability to maintain, and even slightly grow muscle tissue fast then you can do it naturally, even in a calorie deficit. It also helps the body to lose weight by telling it to burn fat.

You could step up a level and get Ligandrol, which is basically a stronger version of Ostarine, which will actually give you bigger gains and cut more fat.

Or, you could go for Cardarine, or even YK-11, both of which have the ability to explosively increase the power and punch of your workouts, and your recovery times.

In fact, the best combo I could suggest is to stack Ligandrol with Cardarine. That way you’re getting muscle building, fat burning, and a significant energy boost, but without overwhelming problems with testosterone production drop.

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