Dry herb vaporizers: how do they work?

Smoking marijuana is slowly gaining popularity because of its legalization both for medical and recreational use. Of the two, medical marijuana is gaining traction faster than recreational marijuana because of its benefits. Smoking marijuana is the most popular form of consumption that can be done in a variety of ways including bongs, dab rigs, and vaporizers.

Dry herb vaporizers are moving at the fastest pace in terms of users, and with this popularity, many stores have begun selling the devices, such as MagicVaporizers, and many other physical stores. Dry herb vaporizers are changing the game from the popular blunts. It is a method of consumption that avoids the combustion and smoke from smoking or combusting dried plant matter.

Without understanding how to use them, a new user, your marijuana experience may be a little less worthwhile. To avoid that, there are things you need to understand about vaporizers that will help you make the best of dry herb vaporizers. Here they are.

Heating method

In order to enjoy the effects of dry herbs, they need some form of heating to get the vapor that you crave out and into your lungs. With dry herb vaporizers, there are two methods that create this experience. Conduction and convection both have different ways in which they create vapor for smoking. Conduction heats the herb directly by allowing contact between the herb and the heating element, something similar to frying an egg directly on a frying pan. The convection method allows heat to circulate around the herb, gradually and evenly heating it in the same way an oven heats food placed in it. Both methods turn cannabinoids into vapor for easier inhalation and a less pungent smell.


Vaporizers have a couple of components that deliver the smoking experience many people using them are drawn to. The components include a mouthpiece, a battery, and a chamber. Without a battery, a vaporizer has no power source to ignite the herb. Batteries come in many forms including lithium-ion, Ni-Cad, and NiMH. The most common one is the lithium-ion which is rechargeable and of higher density. It also offers slower discharge than the other two types of battery.

The chamber is where the magic happens to prepare the herb for inhalation. It is where the herb is placed and exposed to heat to produce the vapor smoked. They may be made of stainless steel, ceramic, and more recently, quartz. The most common being ceramic which heats faster, better and keeps flavor. The mouthpiece is how the chamber vapor is inhaled by the user. There are different types of mouthpieces including tapered and cylindrical which are comfortable but take longer to inhale while flat mouthpieces are less comfortable but shorter to inhale. The best kind of mouthpiece is glass over silicone or hard rubber.

Process for using it

After picking the best vaporizer with the best components, the next step is using it. After all, you got it to smoke a herb. Most important is to make sure it is fully charged before beginning. The next step is to prepare your herb by grinding it into a fine to medium grind which you place in the chamber with a business card or wood scooper. Make sure it is snugly fit into the pipe using a tool allowing some airflow. After which, you can turn it on and enjoy the experience.

Tips for longer life

Vaporizers like many tools need maintenance in order to benefit from them for the long term. Since they come at a cost; you want to get the best bang-for-your-buck from them. Some tips that help with this include cleaning them well. You will need to clean the vape at least once a day to prevent clogging which will restrict airflow. To clean, switch off the vape, remove the mouthpiece and use a brush to remove debris from the chamber. Additionally, use a cotton Q-tip with alcohol to scrub inside, or dampen a pipe cleaner with alcohol which you will snake through the vapor path. With that, you will have effectively cleaned out your vaporizer.


Dry herb vaporizers are a great way to enjoy herbs. Before choosing one, you need to take into consideration the components, heating method, how to use them, and how to maintain them. Understanding these factors will help make your experience with them more enjoyable and valuable.

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