Should You Buy Drug Detox Kits In Walmart?

Because it’s one of the country’s major retailers, it’s no wonder the people are wondering about Walmart drug detox kits. They do sell detox products, so it’s possible to get Walmart drug detox products, but should you?

In this post, I’m going to tell you about the drug detox kits at Walmart you can buy, including Walmart detox pills, and the detox drinks you can buy at Walmart.

I’m going to tell you if their worth buying, and whether they are a good value for money or not. I’ll also tell you about some serious detox products, which you would be well advised to get your hands on if you think you are up for a drug test anytime soon.

Walmart Drug Detox Products

 The one thing that most Walmart drug detox kits have in common is that they are cheap. Not only are they cheap, but they are poor quality, with almost literally one exception.

If you are a really light weed smoker, then you may just get away with using them, but I’d say you are being lucky even at that lower level in terms of flushing out toxins.

If you are a regular smoker or user, then the number of toxins you will have in your body will simply overwhelm the awful quality of the Walmart drug detox products out there.

The main drug detox kits at Walmart are:

  • Stinger detox
  • Herbal Pre-Cleanse Q Caps
  • Vale Detox
  • Champ flush out
  • Zydot Ultimate blend/Euro blend
  • QCarbo32
  • Mega Clean

From that list, there are only two I would ever recommend. The first is Mega Clean, which I’ll talk about later. The second one is Qcarbo32.

Now a few years ago, Qcarbo used to be a pretty good detox drink. The problem is that it was always a little weak in composition, and struggled for anything other than light use.

But it’s very popular because of its heavy marketing online. It does have the potential to work, but for what you are paying, you’d be better off getting a far more strong, modern formula of detox drink, as the QCarbo formula hasn’t changed for years.

Walmart drug detox

Using Walmart Detox Pills

I wouldn’t recommend a single Walmart detox pill. All the brands I’ve mentioned above are awful.

The real problem is the lack of understanding around what a drug detox pill and a detox drink really are. That’s why people get caught out buying Walmart drug detox products and then failing drug tests.

In terms of detox drinks, a detox drink doesn’t eliminate toxins, it masks them for a few hours. It flushes them out of the body, replaces lost nutrients, and keeps your urine sample appearing natural. It takes a very good quality detox drink to achieve all that.

In terms of detox pills from Walmart, none of them are true detox pills. They cannot speed up the elimination of toxins, alongside a natural detox, at the rate needed to get truly clean, in around a week.

What they are actually selling at Walmart is herbal supplements that work alongside an ongoing natural detox to keep flushing toxins out.

That’s why a lot of these Walmart detox pills for sale are monthly courses and suggest ongoing use. They simply aren’t powerful enough, they don’t have the formula, to flush toxins out to any huge degree.

walmart detox pills

The Only Drug Detox Kit At Walmart That You Should

So as I’ve already said, if you’re really desperate, and you’re a light user, then you might just get away with grabbing a bottle of Qcarbo32.

However, that’s not the drug test product I would suggest you consider buying from Walmart. The only one I would genuinely recommend as good quality is Mega Clean.

In terms of Walmart drug detox products, it’s simply the only one which meets any quality standards. I’ve used it several times in the past to flush out toxins a couple of hours before drug test.

The only problem is that you don’t get anything else with it. Which means it’s not quite the strongest formula out there. If you buy Mega Clean from instead of Walmart, then it comes with six free pre-rid pills.

These pre-rid pills are taken 12-24 hours before the test, to get as many toxins flushed out before you take the drink as possible.

Mega Clean is a good drink, but not as powerful as the market leader. If you get it with the free pre-rid pills, it is one of the strongest blends out there, and far better than buying a bottle from Walmart.

Clear Choice Detox

You Can’t Buy Quality Drug Detox Products At Walmart

So the bottom line here is that you are not really going to pick up quality drug detox kits at Walmart.

Walmart detox pills are universally awful, they are not really even detox pills, more supplements to aid a natural detox over several weeks, and Walmart drug detox drinks are also generally pretty poor.

The truth is, great quality detox products cost a lot of money. I have talked about Mega Clean, and how you can buy with free pre-rid pills, but it’s not the market leader. But for $69.95, with the pre-rid pills, it’s one of the strongest combos you’ll get

Rescue Cleanse is another high-quality detox drink, that’s about $55. It’s not as powerful as Mega Clean with the pre-rid pills, but if you are an occasional smoker, and you’ve got a drug test today, then it will certainly be better than Qcarbo32.

And if you want to do a detox, then detox pills that will do the job, things like Toxin Rid, start around a hundred dollars a course (click here for review). You can’t pick detox pills like that up in Walmart, these things are really powerful and can speed up the elimination of toxins by up to 100% over 5-10 days.

Plus, look I’ve talked about Walmart detox kits and told you the truth, they aren’t worth buying.

But I want to finish this piece by telling you that the absolute best way to pass a urine drug test is to submit a fake sample.

A high-quality synthetic urine kit is only about the same price as the top end detox drinks, and the because the formula is so good, and they mimic human urine so well, the only way you can fail is if they aren’t at the correct temperature.

Something like Sub Solution, or it’s now a sister, Quick Luck, are definitely my first line of defense against urine drug testing problems. But if I haven’t got any, then a high-quality detox drink, you can’t buy in Walmart, like Rescue Cleanse is always my next option.

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