Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine (2023+ Modern Drug Testing)?

In this guide to finding the best fake pee for drug testing, I’m going to clear a load of misconceptions up and tell you everything you need to know in five minutes.

Does synthetic urine pass in a lab, even right now in 2022 and beyond, where digital and advanced testing takes place? The answer is yes. Synthetic urine will pass in the lab. But it depends on several things going right for you.

So in this guide on using synthetic urine to pass a drug test, we will talk about everything. What happens with a drug test, what they look for, and the steps you can take to avoid getting detected?

Plus, I’ll also talk about the poor fake urine out there that just won’t work anymore, and the three brands I know of which have the composition to still pass in 2022 and beyond.

Here’s How Drug Testing Works When You Submit A Sample

There’s a bit of a misconception about drug testing analysis. People believe that your sample gets a rigorous digital composition analysis to see if it’s real. That’s not actually the case.

When you hand your sample over the first thing that happens is its temperature is tested. This has to be done within two minutes of the sample being submitted. As long as it’s between 90°F and 100°F then it’s valid.

Next, a dipstick test is done. Usually, this looks at the following five things:

  • The presence of oxidizing agents
  • The ph of the sample
  • The specific gravity of the sample
  • Creatinine concentration
  • Nitrate levels

Suspicious samples are flagged for a full analysis. But as long as none of those strips react, then your sample is seen as valid and it will undergo a simple immunoassay analysis to look for drug metabolites.

An immunoassay analysis is the testing of the sample against different reactive strips to see if they test positive for the substance they are impregnated with chemicals used to detect them. This is your basic panel drug test. Usually five panels, but can be as complex as 12 panels, in terms of what it looks for.

So there is no lab analysis done on most drug test submissions.

Only if the sample fails that dipstick test, or is in another way suspicious, will it be put through a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry lab analysis.

Very few types of fake urine are going to pass a full lab analysis. But that’s the thing. Very, very few samples would ever get that scrutiny.

does synthetic urine work in a lab test

How Complex Does Fake Urine Have To Be?

Armed with this new information, you can see that fake urine doesn’t actually have to be as complex as you think to pass a drug test.

It just mustn’t flag up any issues when they dipstick tests it to look for the main signs of adulteration.

At its most basic, fake urine will pass as long as it has the following characteristics:

  • Contains urea
  • Contains uric acid
  • Contains creatinine
  • Balanced for ph
  • Within the correct specific gravity range
  • Looks like urine

Now obviously that’s the bare basics, and you want the most complex and balanced formula out there.

Plus, it has to look like urine. It should also froth like urine, and maybe even smell like it, with that ammonia smell.

It’s well known, and some lab technicians online have mentioned that very occasionally if they are suspicious, they will actually hold a sample up to the light, and even sniff test it to confirm suspicions. So it’s not just about the complexity of what you are submitting that matters.

Also, I’ve got to mention this. You should only be using fake urine to pass an unsupervised drug test.

That’s when someone isn’t in the room with you, or at least you’ll be behind a screen out of sight.

Observed, or supervised, drug testing is where someone will be in the room. For some legal purposes, or if you fail a drug test and are now are resubmitting a sample, they will be supervised, even directly observing you.

If it’s a supervised drug test, or you suspect it will be, then fake urine isn’t going to work. The best way to pass a drug test, even a lab test analysis, is to use a high-quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse.

Whatever the drug, whether it’s crystal meth, weed, or whatever, fake urine is your best chance of passing because you are not submitting a real sample.

Does Synthetic Urine Work In Lab Test Situations Of Any Complexity? As you can see, the two danger points in terms of analysis, are that initial validity testing, and the specter of the full lab analysis should there be suspicion.

Let’s just talk about the full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, to tell you what it actually is, and isn’t. It doesn’t analyze the sample to get its composition and spot try and spot fake samples. It’s set up to look for what’s in it, rather than what’s not in it. So it will find drug metabolites, and it will look at carbohydrates, proteins, and hundreds of other substances. But it’s not looking for anything artificial, or adulteration.

The truth is that most fake urine products will not pass that level of scrutiny, because things will be detected within the wrong balances, or the fact that nothing is detected when usually certain things found in urine would be, which would flag it up as fake.

But as long as it passes the initial validation checks after you hand it over, then it’s never going to get to that level of scrutiny as it’s expensive and time-consuming. The labs simply don’t want to do it because it lowers the profit margin on the test commissioned.

 The Biggest Reason Fake Urine Fails Is Nothing To Do With Detection

The biggest single reason why fake urine is detected has nothing to do with the complexity of the formula.

It’s that the initial temperature check failed. Human urine exits the body within a very narrow temperature range, which means there’s not much margin for error when you hand the fake sample over.

To allow for up to 120 seconds of cooling, the legal maximum, any sample that tests between 90°F and 100°F is permissible.

So the biggest thing you can do to pass a drug test with fake urine is to submit it within the correct temperature range.

Yes, synthetic urine will pass in a lab, but only if they don’t detect that it’s fake because it’s been submitted outside the temperature range human urine can exist at when it exits the body.

The Reason Labs Can Detect Synthetic Urine: The Biocide Problem

A few years back, a lot of previously reputable fake urine brands started to fail drug tests in increasing frequency.

People like me started to notice it being mentioned more and more in knowledgeable forums online.

It became endemic, and obvious that some brands were simply failing, while a few were still passing. Many people came to the conclusion that something was being found in all of those brands that were flagging them as fake.

The conclusion many people came to was that something is added to the urine that shouldn’t be there, was being detected. Biocide is the biggest suspect.

Biocide preservatives preserve the shelf life of many things from food to makeup. A lot of fake urine brands contain biocide preservatives.

When people started analyzing, every single brand that was failing consistently seemed to have biocide in the formula. The brands that didn’t use biocide preservatives, were not being flagged.

Just that simple analysis narrows down the number of products that work to pass drug test in 2022 and beyond, to a very small number of reliable products.

Avoid These Low Quality Fake Urine Products

Before I talk about the best three, let’s talk about the worst ones that you should avoid.

People asking the question around can labs detect synthetic urine in 2022 need to understand that these brands contain biocide, don’t look like urine, or are not balanced and complex enough to pass any level of scrutiny:

You’ll see these names mentioned a lot, and I’m telling you to avoid all of them. They are simply a waste of time for one or more crucial reasons.

fake pee for drug test

Best Fake Pee For Drug Test Success: Top Three Synthetic Urine Brands

Let’s now look at the best three fake pee brands for passing drug tests in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Sub Solution

If you want the best balance between price and complexity, then Sub Solution is the best of the bunch in 2022 and beyond. For me, having passed a drug test using this, it’s the best fake pee for drug test success you can get for the money.

Costing $85, you’ll get a vial of powder. You will need to mix that with filtered water and then shake it gently until it’s clear and looks like urine.

The overall benefits of Sub Solution are:

  • Looks and smells like urine
  • Froths like urine
  • Balanced for ph and specific gravity
  • Contains creatinine
  • Contains urea and uric acid
  • Has a total of 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Uses heat activator powder

Let’s just talk about the heat activator powder, as that’s crucial to submit it within the correct temperature range.

There’s no heatpad. The heat activator powder is put into the urine liquid and then dissolved. It raises the temperature when you shake it to dissolve it.

Tap in about one-third of the powder, shake it until it dissolves, and you will feel the temperature rising. Around one-third is usually enough to get a reading on the temperature strip.

Do this just before you enter the building, and you’ll be sure of success. There’s just no need to mess around with heat pads, and alongside the complexity of the formula, it’s a very affordable way of passing a drug test.

  1. Quick Luck

Costing $100, Quick Luck is really the big brother of Sub Solution. Made by the same company, it’s slightly more complex in formula and is a premixed liquid rather than a powder.

Other than that, it’s the same. Does synthetic urine pass in a lab? Well, Quick Luck is your best chance of passing even a full lab analysis.

More complex and Sub Solution, you get the option of a heatpad and the heat activator powder as well.

So you could use the heatpad to warm the sample up, and then use a little heat activator powder is needed. It gives you even closer control over the sample temperature.

Because it’s premixed, it’s also great for on-the-spot drug testing. You can prepare the sample in less than a minute, and it’s very discreet to tuck into your underwear and then submit it during an unsupervised drug test.

  1. Quick Fix

This is the best of the budget brands. Costing just $30 for the basic to fluid ounce size, or $40 for the larger 3 ounces (plus) size, it’s a real bargain.

Quick Fix looks like real urine. But not under close scrutiny. But if they are not paying close attention, it’s good enough. Quick Fix contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s also balanced for pH and specific gravity.

It’s going to pass the initial validity dipstick test. And if the person conducting it isn’t that interested, then it’s not going to be detected for any reason.

Quick Fix uses a heatpad to maintain the temperature. To prepare it you’ll have to use a microwave, and then keep it warm with a heatpad.

It’s a good heatpad, and as long as you tuck the sample in your crotch on the way to the testing facility, it should stay within the correct temperature range.

But heatpads can fail. You’ll need to make sure you take a flask of very hot water with you, to be able to raise the temperature just before you enter the building, just in case the heatpad fails.

Certainly not recommended for an important drug test, but for a cheap pre-employment drug test to get a part-time job or something like that, Quick Fix is still good enough in 2022. For my detailed review, click here. Always purchase it from a trusted vendor.

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