Does Petsmart Still Drug Test?

I’ve had quite a lot of questions around this topic recently because there has definitely been some confusion. The question around does PetSmart drug test, is something that people are really Confused about.

The reason is that there appears to have been a change in the PetSmart drug test policy 2019. I’ll talk about that in a little while, and I’m also going to cover the PetSmart drug test in detail, so you know what you could face, should it happen. Plus, I’ll tell you if PetSmart does a drug test on the first interview, and how you can guarantee to pass any type of drug test you get at PetSmart.

When Does Petsmart Drug Test?

 Historically, the PetSmart drug test has happened during the interview process. You go for your interview, and within 48 hours of being offered a job, you would have to report to a drug testing center to submit a sample.

This was always done at the same time as you were being background checked. If you passed both, you would be confirmed employed. It’s always a urine sample drug test. They are really easy to pass, and it’s nothing to worry about. However, as I said, things seem to have changed recently with the PetSmart drug test policy.

Does Petsmart Drug Test On First Interview?

 When people talk about drug testing at the first interview, they mean either before, at the end of, or directly after that first interview.

Historically, some retailers do that. That’s especially the case if they are having recruitment days, where they are interviewing lots of people. It would then be worth their while to pay someone like LabCorp to have someone there to take the samples and test them right then, so everything is done immediately.

But the answer to the question around does PetSmart drug test on the first interview, is definitely no, they don’t do that now.

Petsmart Drug Test Explained

 The PetSmart drug test is always a urine sample drug test. It’s also unsupervised, which is brilliant because they are the easiest ones to pass.

What happens in an unsupervised drug test, is that you go behind the screen, or often even into a separate room, and you submit your sample into a container, which you then hand over to the person who is administering the test.

They will then test it to make sure it’s within the temperature range that human urine should be in, and they will test it for things like dilution, whether it contains an artificial preservative called biocide, and whether it contains all the things that human urine should, things like urea and uric acid.

If that all passes, then they will test it against a panel, that the person who has commissioned the test has paid for. For something like a simple PetSmart drug test, it would be the most basic, cheap, five-panel drug test.

The five-panel drug tests for the presence of metabolites created from cannabis, opiates, PCP, amphetamines, and cocaine. The more panels on the test, the more it costs, and the more substances it can pick up.

Petsmart drug test

Petsmart Drug Test Policy 2019

 Now, something changed September 2018 that has created confusion online around the does PetSmart drug test question. But I’m happy to be able to clear that up for you now, having researched this online with people I know who did work for PetSmart, and people who still do.

Apparently, in September 2018 PetSmart changed their stance on drug testing. That’s been reflected in the updated PetSmart drug test policy 2019. That’s quite enlightened, and perhaps reflects increasing legality of cannabis in the USA. Plus, do they want to weed (excuse the joke) people out who could be good employees, just because they smoke a bit of weed?

PetSmart do not now drug test people during the hiring process. Nor do they drug test during an internal promotion. For internal promotion, they do a background check because you will be a keyholder, but that is all.

So it’s highly unlikely now that you will face a PetSmart drug test during the hiring process. But, importantly, they do reserve the right to a drug test at any time during employment.

Which means, if you work for PetSmart you could still be subject to an on the spot drug test, should you give them reasonable cause to suspect you. You could also still be tested during hiring, should the local management decide that’s what they want to do, however unlikely that is.

How To Pass A Petsmart Drug Test

So the bottom line here is that the PetSmart drug test policy 2019 makes it highly unlikely you will ever face a PetSmart drug test. However, as I said, you could still face one for suspicion, after an accident, or for local reasons.

Which means that you need to still know how to pass a PetSmart drug test, especially at short notice. The easiest way to pass a PetSmart drug test is to submit a sample of fake urine. Sub Solution is the brand I would suggest. It has the most complex formula, which closely mimics human urine. It also looks like it, smells like it, and froths like it. It really is as close to the real thing as you will get.

On top of that, you don’t even need a heatpad, because Sub Solution uses heat activator powder instead. That gives you complete control over the temperature, right up to the moment you walk into the testing facility. So you can’t get caught out with a sample that’s outside the temperature range that human urine exits the body at.

If you don’t want to smuggle a fake sample in, then your other option is a detox drink. A high-quality one like Rescue Cleanse or Ultra Eliminex will do the job nicely. Drink it a couple of hours before you leave, urinate frequently, and you should be clean for a few hours to submit your test.

But whether you decide to use synthetic urine, or a detox drink, to pass a PetSmart drug test, remember that they take a couple of days to buy.

So if you’re going for an interview there, or you already work for PetSmart, it’s best to buy a bottle of Sub Solution, or a good quality detox drink now, so that you are always prepared.


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