Does Kohls Still Drug Test Employees?

Due to the increasing legality of cannabis, many company policies on drug testing are in a state of uncertainty. So a lot of people are wondering about the answer the question: does Kohls drug test?

It is unclear, and there’s a lot of people online muddying the waters. I’ve been asked the question a few times on Facebook, but unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who works for Kohls. Nor do any of the members of my Facebook group around this topic work there either.

However, looking online at the relevant question and answer sites, plus digging into the documentation on the Kohls own corporate website, it’s now obvious what their current 2019 drug testing policy is.

So let me enlighten you, and tell you when Kohls might drug test, and exactly how to pass a Kohls drug test.

Does Kohls Drug Test At All?

 If you look online forums, or specialist question and answer sites, or even on Facebook, the evidence is mixed around does Kohls drug test.

About 50% say there is no drug test, while the other 50% say they were drug tested, mostly only after the interview, basically during orientation, before they started work. In addition, around half said it’s a urine test, the rest said a swab test.

But the real answer to the question around does Kohls drug test is they reserve the right to. It’s written very clearly in their guide to applying for a job. That doesn’t mean you will face a drug test, but it still is written into your contract that they reserve the right to.

Does Kohls Drug Test At Orientation?

As I just said, Kohls definitely state that you could have to make yourself available for a drug test during employment.

But more specifically, it states that in the Kohls guide to getting a job there, and it states it within the section on orientation. It mentions it as part of the process where background checking is conducted.

So if you get to the orientation part of the Kohls recruitment process, then yes you could face a drug test at the same time as you submit the form authorizing them to do a background check, as that’s what it clearly states in their own recruitment guide.

Does Kohls Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

I think it’s obvious that the question around does Kohls drug test part-time employees, is the same as asking that question about full-time employees. There is no distinction in their recruitment guide. So if you are going for a little part-time job, you will be background checked, and you could have to make yourself available to do a drug test as well.

It actually worries me that people who are going for part-time employment anywhere think that they won’t get drug tested. You’re still representing the company, and you still have to follow the same rules.

Put it this way, how do you think a court would see it, if Kohls, or any employer, said that they don’t bother drug testing part-time employees, but they do drug test, full-time employees? That’s blatant discrimination and would see lawsuits galore in our wonderful land of litigation in the USA.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re full-time, part-time, a manager, or anyone else, you could face a Kohls drug test at any stage of your employment, especially during orientation.

Does Kohls drug test

The Kohls Drug Test Options Explained

The truth is that although it’s not explicit when it could happen, Kohls do reserve the right to drug test, and specifically mention it within the orientation part of their publicly available recruitment guide.

So you’ve got to prepare for a Kohls drug test during orientation at least. That’s not difficult to do, because you know what’s coming. You’ll also be able to choose the time and place that you have that drug test.

On-the-job, they will still be able to do random drug testing, or with suspicion. They could also do it after an accident, or for an internal promotion. In your contract, it will still say that you have to be available to take a drug test, so although it’s less likely nowadays, it could still happen.

As I said, some people say it’s a mouth swab drug test, while others say it’s a urine sample drug test. But don’t panic, both are easy to pass if you know how.

In terms of Kohls sending you for a urine sample drug test, then the easiest way to pass is to submit a fake sample. That means getting hold of a box of Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s brilliant quality, with 13 chemical markers in it mimicking human urine. It looks like it, smells like it, and froths like it.

On top of that, it doesn’t use a heatpad, it uses heat activator powder. So you don’t need a microwave, and you can keep it warm right up to the point you submit it, just by adding a little more heat activator powder as needed.

Alternatively, with a bit of notice, just a couple of hours, you could use detox drink to temporarily flush out the toxins and keep the balance in your urine. Rescue Cleanse 32oz detox drink is the perfect solution, and I’ve used it myself to pass a couple of pre-employment drug tests in my time.

If you are new to detox drinks and synthetic urine, please check out this comprehensive guide.

If it’s a mouth swab test you are facing during a Kohls drug test, then get yourself some Oral Clear. It’s a small capsule of saliva neutralizing liquid, contained within an edible capsule.

You pop it in your mouth a couple of minutes before the test, chew it, swill it around, and then swallow it all. That will neutralize your saliva for up to 30 minutes, meaning that any mouth swab test will be clear. For more info on how to pass an oral drug test, check this post.

So there you go, yes, you could face a Kohls drug test, although it doesn’t appear to be very likely, a 50% chance during employment overall. But you must still be prepared for both a urine sample drug test, or a mouth swab drug test.

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