Does Gamestop Drug Test 2022?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about which retailers do drug tests. One of the questions I was asked a couple of times is does Gamestop drug test?

Well, the truth is that most stores do drug testing, well in the USA anyway, where drug testing is almost universal.  So I think it’s important to say here at the start of this that I’m talking about Gamestop USA.

Gamestop is huge in the USA, Canada, and Europe, with more than 7000 retail stores. Although they are in a bit of trouble at the minute, they still employ one hell of a lot of people.

So let’s take a look at Gamestop background checks, when you might face a drug test, what sort of drug test Gamestop do, plus, obviously the most important thing: how to pass a Gamestop drug test.

Does Gamestop Do Background Checks?

Just like most retail jobs, low paid employment, you might get away without a drug test during the interview process. Every company I’ve ever known does background checks. So the question around: does Gamestop do background checks, is yes they do. They will check you out for a criminal record.

Less importantly, you will probably get a drug test during the pre-employment process. I say less important because what I’ve found over the years is that a lot of low paid jobs are hit and miss. Some people will say they were never drug tested, while other people say they were drug tested during the interview process.

So the bottom line is that you may not face a drug test during the Gamestop interview process, but you still have to prepare for the fact you might have one.

When Does Gamestop Drug Test?

 Again, the question around exactly when Gamestop will drug test during the interview process is uncertain.

What I can tell you, is that it’s incredibly rare for a company to drug test straight after the first interview. So I don’t think you’ll ever have a Gamestop drug test right after the first interview. But you should still prepare for it.

However, there are a few companies I’ve heard of who do a drug test before they even interview you at all, to rule people out before they even waste time and money interviewing you. But for low-level retail jobs, that’s not ever the case I’ve found. If you’re going for a management position then it’s different, potentially you could be drug tested before an interview.

Another warning is that some people in retail jobs when going for recruitment days, with lots of people being interviewed at once, is when you could be drug tested during that process. So if you are going for a batch recruitment day, then you have to be aware that they could hire someone to do drug testing during that day, especially after the interview.

But what you really should prepare for, in terms of a Gamestop drug test, is once you’ve had an interview, if you are offered a job, and you accept, then you will be usually be given 48 hours to report somewhere to submit a sample.

The Gamestop Drug Test

 The Gamestop drug test is always a urine sample drug test. This is where you submit a sample, it’s tested to make sure it’s valid, and then it’s tested for the presence of various drug metabolites.

So you could face one a couple of days after being offered a job in the most likely scenario, and you’ll have to go off to the lab, something like Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics, and you’ll submit a urine sample, for more info on how to pass a drug test, click here.

It will be an unsupervised drug test. That’s really easy to pass, and you don’t have to worry about it at all. You go behind a screen, or often even into a separate room, and you submit your sample into a container, and you hand it over.

They then test it to make sure it’s within the right temperature range for human urine, they test it to make sure it’s not diluted, and that it hasn’t got anything unusual about it, that it contains all the right things. If all that happens, they will then test it for the presence of drug metabolites, usually five types: cannabis, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines.

does gamestop drug test

Does Gamestop Drug Test During Employment?

 You could be tested by Gamestop during employment, although it’s rare. I have seen evidence of this online from people who work there. Usually, it’s if you have an accident, and you will be tested soon after an accident usually, or you will be tested before you return to work.

If you go for an internal promotion, they will usually drug test you during that interview process as well.

I have heard that they do random drug testing as well. But for low paid retail jobs, where you are in a busy retail environment, the chances of you being pulled out to do that are pretty much zero in most cases, unless you give them a strong suspicion that you’re high.

How To Pass A Gamestop Drug Test

 So look, the answer to the question around does Gamestop drug test, is yes they do. Gamestop also does background checks, and it will usually happen at the same time.

But it’s really easy to pass a Gamestop drug test because it’s an unsupervised urine drug test.

The first way to pass, and the easiest, is to submit a sample of synthetic urine (click here for my detailed guide). It has to be high-quality, which is why I would recommend you only choose from Sub Solution, Quick Luck, or at a push, Quick Fix, which is half the price of Sub Solution.

If I had to recommend it though, I would always go with Sub Solution or Quick Luck, because they are the most advanced formula is on the market, and you get heat activator powder with them, rather than a heatpad.

The main reason you would fail a drug test at Gamestop with synthetic urine is that the temperature is wrong. Heat activator powder gives you the opportunity to control the temperature right up to the moment you submit the sample. You just pour a little bit in, agitate it, and it keeps it warm.

If you don’t fancy smuggling synthetic urine in for your Gamestop drug test, then your only option if you don’t want to do a natural detox, is to use a detox drink.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz has worked for me, and people I know. I recommend it, and it’s a great price, costing just $50. You simply drink it, urinate a couple of times over the following hour, and then go and submit your sample. It will keep your urine free of metabolites for a few hours, and make it appear natural and in balance


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