Do SARMs And Alcohol Mix?

I’ll be honest, I’m always astonished that people mix SARMs and alcohol. Right here, I’m going to tell you why I’m astonished and what the problem with mixing them is.

I’ll tell you why alcohol can actually be really appealing during the SARMs cycle, and how spotting the problem can really help you to avoid it.

We will also challenge you on how alcohol can possibly complement your goals during the SARMs cycle, because if you can’t justify it, then why are you doing it?


 The Reasons Why Alcohol Can Be Appealing During A SARMs Cycle

Most SARMs are androgenic in nature, meaning that they mimic testosterone, or raise levels of free testosterone in the body.

That’s not the whole case though, and several SARMs, with good examples being GW-501516 Cardarine, MK-2866 Ostarine, MK-677 Ibutamoren, and SR-9009 Stenabolic, don’t interact with testosterone at all, or very little.

However, even with non-androgenic SARMs, you usually have a significant increase in energy levels, and muscle growth, which can lead to an increase in natural testosterone production if they are used with non-suppressive SARMs.

The raising of testosterone and energy levels can bring confidence and happiness. This can make you want to go out and enjoy yourself more. It will make you more social, which means hitting the pub, or just spending more time with friends in social situations where alcohol is around.

This raising of testosterone levels can also raise your libido. That means more dates, it means more nights out, it just generally leads to situations where alcohol is around more often.

Plus, towards the end of the SARMs cycle with androgenic SARMs, your testosterone levels will start to dip after the spike. That means your mood will start to go downhill, alongside your libido. This can lead to feeling blue, and that can mean reaching for the bottle as well.

Even with non-androgenic SARMs, or a mix, even if it’s not about your testosterone levels dropping much, because you’ve been hitting it so hard and in such a dedicated way for eight weeks, you can just want to cut loose towards the end of that time, to basically let off some steam by getting drunk.


The Dangers Of Mixing SARMs And Alcohol

 When it comes to mixing SARMs and alcohol, there are really too big problem is that you can encounter.

Firstly, as your testosterone and energy levels drop towards the end of your SARMs cycle, mixing alcohol into this can cause depression. That can make your mood so bad that you turn to more alcohol, or have emotional problems.

Secondly, there is the physical problem of liver damage. Alcohol can cause liver damage; we all know that. Most people don’t get a problem though because they drink in moderation.

But a cycle of SARMs, especially high dose of androgenic SARMs like RAD-140 or S-23, can put stress on the liver. SARMs can cause liver toxicity if taken at high doses for a long time.

SARMs can raise levels of hormones to be elevated in the liver, and this can lead to liver damage. Although it’s not a problem for most people, as long as you keep your cycle short your doses moderate, it can potentially happen.

Having said that, the evidence it can happen is scant. But there is enough evidence to suggest that SARMs do put more pressure on the liver.

So when you put alcohol into that mix, you are raising the amount of stress you’re putting on your liver over several weeks. On top of that, raising the level of enzymes and hormones which can cause toxicity in the liver.

There’s never been a proven example of somebody having permanent liver damage from using SARMs. But they can definitely affect the liver, and by mixing them with alcohol over extended periods, you are just adding an extra bullet to the chamber in a game of Russian roulette.


Alcohol + SARMs = Wrecked Fitness Goals

Look at it this way. Your fitness goals to be using SARMs must be pretty regimented and driven.

You’re taking SARMs because you want to get the best physique. Huge muscles, sculpted look, fat cut down to the minimum. Alongside this, you want bags of energy and to feel good.

To achieve that, you’re going to be hitting the gym a lot. Your diet is going to have to be superb, you’re going to have to be dedicated and driven to achieve.

So why when you’re being so driven, using SARMs to help you achieve your bodybuilding goals, are you wrecking those goals by drinking?

My challenge to you is if you can’t abstain from alcohol for a few weeks while you complete your SARMs cycle, then could you have a problem?

You’ll make far more progress, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll make better diet decisions, if you abstain from alcohol while you drive forward with your bodybuilding goals using SARMs.

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