Discreet Smoking: Why Dry Herb Vaporizers Are the Best

Marijuana smoking has always been around but with a not-so-great reputation. That is because it is often described as a drug, associated with harm, and portrayed poorly in movies and other media. Despite this, over time, marijuana has gained a better reputation largely due to legalization efforts for medical and recreational purposes. With more people joining in on the marijuana boat, more methods of consumption are being developed. One of the most popular today is the dry herb vaporizer.

Dry herb vaporizers are a more discreet way of smoking because of their similarity to e-cigarettes which are accepted by society as healthier but also, vaporizers do not produce the smoke and pungent smell associated with smoking marijuana. If you are new to this device and are still trying to make a decision whether they could work for you, here is some more information on what they are all about.

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a tool used to smoke herbs. It burns herbs and releases them into a chamber where the smoker inhales them as a vapor. They consist of a mouthpiece, a chamber, and a battery. The battery provides the power on which they run to heat the herb. Batteries are commonly lithium-ion rather than Ni-Cad and NiMH because they are rechargeable, high density, and offer slower discharge of power. The chambers come in different forms including stainless steel, ceramic and newly, quartz. Ceramic offers the most affordable and worthwhile smoking experience since it heats faster, better and maintains the flavour of the herb. After heating, the mouthpiece is used to inhale and can be either tapered, cylindrical or flat made from rubber, glass or silicone.

What Are the Benefits of Using One?

Smoking blunts and joints gave marijuana a bad reputation because of the smell and smoke they release. With a dry herb vaporizer, many of these negative effects are removed. They reduce the pungent smell from the herb and release a vapor rather than the smoke from blunts. They are also more discreet to use around people since they are more acceptable due to their similarity to e-cigarettes, all of which are easily available at this online head shop. For people always on the move, they come in portable versions that are easy to carry in a pocket or bag and smoked at any time. Additionally, they allow smokers to not only smoke the crushed herb but waxes and oil of marijuana too.

How it Works

Like blunts, dry herb vaporizers work a bit similarly. Before getting into the smoking, the battery of the vaporizer must be charged fully to ensure that it does not fail on ignition. With the battery charged, the vaporizer should be switched off, and then the crushed herb added to the chamber with a business card or wood scooper. The herb should be fitted well into the pipe using a tool with some space for airflow. When all these are done, the vaporizer is ready to go and you can switch it on and enjoy the ride.

The herb is vaporized by either combustion or convection. Combustion heats the herb directly while convection heats the herb indirectly like an oven to produce the vapor that is inhaled. This helps avoid the negative effects that come from inhaling smoke in the case of a joint.

The Different Types

Vaporizers are divided into two categories; desktop and portable vaporizers. They all come with different benefits and sub-categories to suit different individual needs. Desktop vaporizers are the bigger ones and going by the name, like a desktop, are usually enjoyed in a stationary position often at home or in a confined space. Portable vaporizers are pocket size and can be smoked on the go. They can be carried anywhere without being an inconvenience because of their small size. Desktop vaporizers come with more power considering they have a plug-in energy source, hold more herbs and can last longer with more people than a portable vaporizer.


Vaporisers are making it easier to smoke marijuana without the public shame and pungent smell of the herb. They are easy to carry, clean, and maintain which makes them a great choice for smoking marijuana. With several options and many on the way, vaporizers are making smoking marijuana a more acceptable societal behavior.


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