What Happened After Using Coluracetam For A Week

Coluracetam one of the most recent racetam nootropics developed, and as with most of this family, was never designed as a smart drug for cognitive over performance in the first place. So in this coluracetam review, we’re going to cover its history and what how it’s used now.

In just five minutes, we will look at how it was developed, why it existed in the first place, what sort of coluracetam experience you can have when using it as a nootropic, as well as learn how to lose it.

Plus, we’ll take a look at side effects so you can stay safe, and discover where it’s possible to buy coluracetam that’s safe and cheap.

What Is It: Coluracetam Development

 Piracetam was the first racetam, developed in the 1960s in the Soviet Union. More than 25 racetams now exist, and coluracetam is one of the most recent, having been created in Japan in 2005.

However, it’s important to note that they are not all created the same. Although they share chemical composition characteristics, the mechanism of action is different in many of these racetams, as are the effects.

Coluracetam was actually developed to try and address the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The truth is it was rubbish for this purpose, and the Japanese company stopped investigating it. A few years later, its license was purchased for further development by a biotech company in the USA.

They wanted to use it as a potential game-changer for the huge markets of anti-anxiety and anti-depression medication. However, it was then found (and it’s still not 100% clear) that its main mechanism of action was probably through increasing acetylcholine uptake.

The problem was that acetylcholine was being increasingly linked to actually causing depressive symptoms. It’s been found in other studies around the world that increases in the hippocampus of this neurotransmitter are witnessed in many people with anxiety and depression symptoms. So it was again shelved, and the license has been up for sale since 2012, with no buyer to date.


MyExperience & Effects

But what was noted in Japan and America, in animal studies, and very limited human studies that have virtually nothing published about them is that it does seem to act to significantly improve cognitive performance, in line with other racetams.

Coluracetam has not been found to interact with any receptors, but it is strongly linked to increasing acetylcholine levels in the hippocampus. This is a key trait for increased learning, mental performance, and visual enhancement.

People using coluracetam as a nootropic routinely report the following range of coluracetam experience benefits:

  • Greater memory retention
  • Better short-term memory
  • Faster memory recall
  • Faster reading comprehension and word processing
  • Improved thinking (faster “joining the dots”)
  • May have neuroprotective qualities
  • Can induce a sense of wellbeing and confidence

with that range of potential effects, it’s no wonder that people using coluracetam tend to be studying, working, analyzing data, dealing with something technical, or requiring focus to just get something more done.

Recommended Dosage

Coluracetam, in common with the other more modern racetams, requires a lower dose to achieve its effects because of its increased bioavailability and efficacy. But the problem is that because of the very limited human trial data, we have no idea what the dose should be to induce the main effects.

So we have to go on the anecdotal evidence online, and personal experiences, to build up a picture of what sort of coluracetam dosage will be best for us as individuals. Generally, it should be very low. People talk routinely of doses of 100 mg or less, often as low as 20 mg for a gentle cognitive boost.

Coluracetam dosage

Possible Side Effects

Because of its structure is almost identical to most other racetams, you have to look at the mechanism of action, its ability to increase acetylcholine uptake, to get clues about potential side effects.

The most common side effect is a headache. This tends to be naivete in the person experimenting with their own coluracetam experience.

Coluracetam depletes choline supplies in order to allow the body to produce more acetylcholine. Depletion creates headaches, which can be easily rectified by introducing a choline source, I’ve created a very basic coluracetam stack.

Generally, coluracetam is well tolerated, and only minor side effects such as nausea and a lowering of mood the day after taking it are reported.

An Effective Coluracetam Stack

Creating a coluracetam stack is a whole article in itself, so we can only talk about one here to give you an example. Experimentation is the key, and ultimately you can swap out different things with coluracetam, to find what works best for you.

But a basic coluracetam stack which dramatically increases cognitive function, while stimulating more mental and physical energy, and dealing with the choline depletion is:

  • 20 mg coluracetam
  • 200 mg oxiracetam
  • 200 mg caffeine
  • 400 mg L-Theanine
  • 200 mg choline supplement

Buy It From Reputable Vendor!

So the conclusion of this coluracetam review is that it’s well-tolerated, a classic nootropic in that it enhances cognitive function, and it’s easy to create an official coluracetam stack.

However, the biggest battle with experimenting with the newer racetams availability. Because they are unlicensed research chemicals that have never been through human studies, they are not available from any official manufacturers, and not available under prescription where.

So you have to look around for reputable companies who have commissioned third-party labs to recreate the chemical. You also have to look for independent lab test reports to verify that what has been created is the real deal.

Science.Bio is one of the few companies that actually sell high-quality modern racetams, and they are also a great place to buy coluracetam. They sell 100% pure and guaranteed coluracetam in a 1 g container as powder. There’s 1000 mg of coluracetam dosage in that powder, and it costs just $14.99.

So buying from Science.bio is a safe, and cheap way of experimenting with the potential vivid visual effects, and mental clarity and performance benefits that coluracetam can bring.

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