Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is absolutely the best way to pass a drug test. It's simply the easiest way to guarantee a negative result. The only exception is if it's supervised, and we will talk through strategies for that as well.

But the problem is that most synthetic urine has inherent defects that can be picked up by professional drug testing labs. But how do you know which synthetic urine will work, and which one will get you caught?

Well, the information and advice that we have here, alongside detailed product reviews, will tell you about every single brand of synthetic urine out there. You'll learn which ones stand the best chance of working, and which ones don't. We will tell you what's in them, and how that matches up with what drug testing labs look for to validate samples.

Plus, it's not that well known, but most people actually fail with synthetic urine not because of the urine itself, but because they submit it at the wrong temperature. So we will tell you the brands that can reliably allow you to keep synthetic urine at the right temperature, and strategies to help you achieve a constant human urine temperature right up to the moment you submit the sample.

So if you want to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, then everything you need to know is here, and we will even suggest alternative strategies, should you be too nervous to smuggle synthetic urine sample into the lab when the reality of doing it hits.

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