My Cabergoline Supplement Experience

Using Cabergoline for bodybuilding benefits is actually not that well-known, although more and more bodybuilders are becoming aware of its benefits. When you’re taking SARMs of steroids, people talk about PCT (post cycle therapy), but Cabergoline reviews don’t talk often about the benefits of using it alongside, or instead of, SERMs like Nolvadex.

So in this quick Cabergoline review, you’re going to learn everything you need to get the benefits of this little-known supplement. What it is, how it works, and what the benefits of using Cabergoline for bodybuilding are.

Plus, we will talk about the price of Cabergoline, because it can be eye-watering. Also, it’s tough to get your hands on because it’s only available on prescription, so when it comes to finding where to buy Cabergoline you’re looking for a reputable grey market retailer who guarantees the purity.

What Is Cabergoline?

Cabergoline is not something that was designed for bodybuilders at all. The truth is that it was created to help with fertility problems and menstrual irregularities. So it was designed for women to use rather than men.

It works by inhibiting the production of a hormone called prolactin. Decreased prolactin levels can help to minimize estrogen levels, and also in men raise testosterone levels.

More than that, it’s a method of action to achieve this is through being a strong dopamine receptor agonist. This not only helps to demise prolactin, but it also spikes dopamine, our risk and reward hormone.

Using It For Bodybuilding

So that all sounds cool, but what the hell has that got to do with bodybuilding? Well, if you use Cabergoline for bodybuilding then you’ll get higher dopamine levels, lower estrogen levels, and also higher testosterone levels.

I’ll go through the exact rewards of using it in a moment, but what I think is important right now is to explain exactly when you should be using it for bodybuilding.

Because it raises testosterone levels it’s ideal for SARMs and steroid, as post cycle therapy, PCT, because a lot of SARMs suppress our natural T levels. It also lowers estrogen, which is also great for SARMs and steroids. It can help to deal with gyno symptoms, especially stopping the formation of breast tissue in men which can be permanent.

But it also spikes dopamine levels. Which means it can be used during a SARMs or steroid cycle to spike energy and performance.

So if you’re thinking about using Cabergoline for bodybuilding benefits, you could use it just during post cycle therapy, but because it doesn’t interact with SARMs, you could also use it on cycle as well as between cycles.

bromocriptine vs cabergoline

Benefits For Bodybuilders

So Cabergoline could really help bodybuilders. But just to make it crystal clear, if you’re thinking about using Cabergoline for bodybuilding, these are the benefits you can get from it:

  1. Cabergoline improves testosterone production. It does this through the dual mechanism of increasing dopamine levels and decreasing prolactin levels. Both of these can lead to a significant increase in available testosterone. Increased testosterone, as you probably already know, gives you more physical strength, more physical drive, has cognitive benefits, sharpens up your motor skills, and helps with recovery times. Plus, especially alongside SARMs or steroids, it can improve muscle repair and growth.
  2. The inhibition of prolactin release can stop the production of estrogen in men with low testosterone levels, and it can stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This can stop gyno symptoms which most steroid users are definitely scared of, but also SARMs users who continually suppress their testosterone levels as well.
  3. The increase in dopamine means we get a higher feeling of reward when we do something. This is great for workouts, but it’s also great for diet. You’ll feel rewarded more quickly. Say you’re craving pizza. You’ll feel rewarded after one slice, rather than 10.
  4. The dopamine boost will help you to power on through your workouts. Dopamine and testosterone together will mean you’re more likely to hit personal bests, you’re more likely to finish your workout, and you’ll feel better afterwards. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of bodybuilders use Cabergoline on cycle.

Cabergoline Benefits

Dosage Advice

The half-life of Cabergoline is very long. Three or four days in fact. So that means you only need to take it once or twice per week.

Also, it’s very potent. A dose is 25 or 50 mcg. So you’re looking at a decent dose twice per week to cope with the testosterone drops and estrogen rises of SARMs and steroid use.

For me, that means 50 mcg, which is conveniently usually a single capsule, twice per week, say on a Monday and Thursday.

But another point to make here is that you shouldn’t run it on its own as a PCT supplement. Sure, it can increase testosterone levels, lower estrogen, and make you feel better through a rise in dopamine.

But its estrogen reducing effects aren’t that strong. That means that testosterone can still be converted into estrogen, which is why you need a SERM, a selective estrogen receptor modulator, otherwise known as aromatase inhibitor to run alongside it.

For me, you’re looking at running Nolvadex alongside it most of the time. Clomid is potent and you probably won’t need it unless you are using steroids. For SARMs, unless you’re stacking a couple of potent testosterone lowering ones like RAD-140 or MK-677, then again Nolvadex will do.

On cycle, you could also use it. I’d probably keep the dose to twice per week at 25 mcg to be honest, and then double up on that cycle. But using it during the cycle will help to boost your testosterone levels, increase your determination and drive through raising your dopamine levels, and help to fight off those side effects of increasing estrogen.

Price Warning

Something most Cabergoline reviews won’t talk about is the price. But people often get shocked about the Cabergoline price. This stuff is not cheap.

You’re looking at about $150 to get your hands on some. However, on the plus side one tablet is usually 50 mcg. Which means you’ll only be using one tablet per week. So if you can get 100 capsules, that would last you 50-100 weeks, which is enough to do an incredible amount of on cycle uses, and use it for PCT as well.

But this is not as cheap as Nolvadex or Clomid. However, as you can see, there are additional benefits, because you get a testosterone boosting supplement, a dopamine boosting supplement, and suppressing supplement all rolled into one.


Cabergoline Vs Bromocriptin

Bromocriptine was designed to be a dopamine agonist that could fight Parkinson’s disease and pituitary tumors. It’s also been used around the world to treat type II diabetes. So it’s another dopamine agonist that can lower levels of prolactin.

So in a battle between Bromocriptine Vs Cabergoline, in terms of the outcomes you get from taking them, there’s nothing to choose between them. Both spike dopamine levels, both lower prolactin levels, both increase testosterone production and sexual drive.

But it’s the side effects where Bromocriptine falls down. It can increase, or even decrease, your blood pressure significantly. This can have serious effects for some people. In some people it’s also been known to cause kidney problems, severe hallucinations, dizziness, fits, and it also triggers a part of our body which induces nausea and vomiting.

So for me, Cabergoline is the one to go for. Don’t get me wrong, it has side effects:

  • Cabergoline can cause visual distortions at doses above 1mcg per week
  • It has the ability to cause impulsive actions in some people because of the dopamine increases
  • Testosterone increases alongside dopamine reduction increases can cause aggressive behavior
  • Fatigue and dizziness are symptoms some people experience

Where To Buy It From Cheap

So the conclusion of this review is that it’s great for using on cycle and post cycle. On cycle you’ll benefit from improved dopamine levels which can increase your physical determination, mental determination, and feeling rewarded.

Increased testosterone also helps on cycle because it will push you harder, and you’ll recover faster with better muscle repair.

Post cycle, Cabergoline is brilliant for SARMs and steroids because it helps to raise testosterone levels and suppress estrogen production.

So this is a very flexible tool and that’s why using Cabergoline for bodybuilding benefits has become something more and more people are experiencing.

But you have to watch out for that high price, this stuff is not cheap.

100 tablets, each dosing 50 mcg will cost you $151 from Swiss Chems. I would always recommend you get them from Swiss Chems because they are a grey market product, and it’s difficult to guarantee purity and safety.

Swiss Chems publish independent lab test reports for each batch of SARMs and supporting supplements that they sell. This means you are safe in the knowledge that what you are buying is what you really want.

cabergoline for sale

So you’re looking at about $1.50 per tablet from Swiss Chems. But when you are only taking 1-2 per week, that’s enough to get you through a couple of cycles, even if you using it both during the cycle of SARMs steroids, and as PCT, or as PCT stacked with Nolvadex or Clomid.


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