Bulletproof Synthetic Urine Review: How It Works & Why You Should Avoid It

In this review of Bulletproof synthetic urine, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this much talked about brand.

We will cover exactly what is in Bulletproof synthetic urine, and how that compares to what fake urine needs to contain in order to pass a modern drug test. I’ll go through the ingredients in detail; answering the questions around whether Bulletproof contains urea and uric acid.

I’ll then tell you the exact instructions for using Bulletproof fake urine, and finish up by comparing its quality and success rate with other fake urine products.

What Is Bulletproof Fake Urine?

Bulletproof synthetic urine has been around for more than a decade. Its actual name is Bulletproof X2.

There is another product called Agent X fake urine. I’m not sure if it’s made by the same company, or whether the ”X” creates confusion, but you often find them talked about within the same reviews.

So to be clear, this isn’t about Agent X, this is about the product called Bulletproof X2 synthetic urine.

It’s marketed as fetish urine. That means it sold as a novelty product. But don’t get too worried about that, it just means they are trying to bypass the drug testing laws in the USA. If they sold it as urine capable of passing drug tests, they could be prosecuted.

Synthetic Urine Needs To Be This Good To Pass A Drug Test

In order to pass a drug test, fake urine has to have the following characteristics:

  • The right proportions of urea and uric acid
  • Must be balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Must look like human urine
  • Has to smell like human urine
  • Has to contain other common chemicals found in human urine
  • Mustn’t contain biocide preservatives

I’m telling you now, hardly any fake urine brands out there can take everything off that list. Does Bulletproof tick all the boxes? Unfortunately, it doesn’t even get close.


Bulletproof X2 Ingredients & Characteristics

Bulletproof does contain urea and uric acid. Whether they are in the right proportions are not I have no idea. It is not advertised as being balanced for pH and specific gravity. If it was, I’m pretty sure they would sell it to you with that promise.

It looks like human urine. But it doesn’t smell of anything at all. If the lab technician does a “sniff test” then it will get flagged as potentially fake. There are also no claims around it containing other common chemical compounds found in human urine. Again, if it did, I’m pretty sure they would shout about it.

Also, it contains biocide preservatives. Biocide can be detected by a drug test. It’s an obvious way of ruling out most fake samples. So only brands of urine that don’t contain biocides as preservatives are going to bypass modern detection 100% of the time.

How To Use Bulletproof Fake Urine To Pass A Drug Test

Let’s quickly run through the instructions for using Bulletproof synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

These instructions will actually work for any type of fake urine that uses a heatpad as part of the process.

  1. Unseal the bottle, gently shake it, then put it in the microwave on full power for 10 seconds. Gently shake the bottle and after 30 seconds check the temperature strip on the side of the bottle to see if it has a reading.
  2. If there is no reading, repeat the process for 10 seconds until you get a reading on the bottle. Your sample should be between 90°F and 100°F to be legal.
  3. You’ll then attach the pre-activated heatpad to the sample. That means it will already be kicking out a steady heat, and you won’t lose any heat. Doing that should keep it within the correct temperature range.
  4. You’ll then hide the sample in your crotch area. Use two pairs of underpants and tuck it between them. Then put on baggy jogging bottoms to hide the bulge. Don’t worry, the drug test will be unsupervised and you will not be physically searched.
  5. Just before you go in, check the sample temperature. If it has cooled, you will need some hot water (not boiling) in a flask. Pour it over the bottle until you get a reading, then go in and submit your sample.

Is Bulletproof Legit – Will It Pass A Drug Test?

Bulletproof is a very basic brand of fake urine. It’s claims of being only for fetish use are really pretty spot-on. If you use it for a drug test, you could get lucky. I’m telling you it’s 50-50 on whether you would pass or not.

The bottom line here is that Bulletproof simply isn’t Bulletproof at all.

best fake urine

Look, the fact is that Bulletproof X2 is not a good quality fake urine.

It’s very basic in formula and doesn’t contain some of the key things that are modern drug tests could check for, particularly if your sample doesn’t pass initial validity checks and is flagged for further analysis.

There are far better alternatives out there. The ones I’m going to mention now do not contain biocide preservatives.

Quick Fix is in the same price bracket but is a slightly more complex formula. If you’re on a budget, that’s what I would use to pass a drug test.

If you have more money, go for Sub Solution. It costs more than twice the price of Bulletproof or Quick Fix, but you’re getting twice the product. If you’ve got more money than that, go for Sub Solution’s upgraded product, called Quick Luck.

Both Quick Luck and Sub Solution use heat activator powder rather than a heatpad. This is a far more efficient way of stabilizing the temperature just before you submit the sample.

They are also far more complex, containing 14 chemicals found in urine, and both are balanced for pH, specific gravity, look, and even smell. You can purchase Sub Solution and Quick Luck from Testnegative.

Overall, Bulletproof X2 is not something I would really recommend to pass a drug test unless you simply have no other option.

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