BPC 157 Peptide: Is This A Proven Peptide?

 There are dozens of peptides on the market that are available as supplements, that have the potential to dramatically improve capabilities and recovery times. In this BPC 157 review, I’m going to tell you what this very special peptide can do for you.

Peptides are biological molecules, they often naturally occur in our bodies anyway. They play a role in many different types of biological activity, and consuming them can enhance certain neurological functions and results.

So let’s take a look in detail at peptide BPC 157, and the possible results you could experience. It’s a peptide that is primarily used by bodybuilders and sports people because of its special properties, but what are they, and are they safe?

I’ll also tell you where to find genuine BPC 157 for sale, because there’s nothing worse than getting excited about a new supplement, only to find that you’ve been sold a dud.

What is BPC 157 Peptide?

It may sound unappealing to read, but, BPC 157 (full name Pentadecapeptide BPC 157)  is an amino acid chain, a protein, that is present in stomach acid. It’s known as a short peptide chain, being a 15 amino long piece of the total piece of that protein present in the body.

So it’s a synthetically produced version of an amino chain in our stomach acid, and it’s been shortened to enhance its potency.

Although studies are in very early stages, especially in humans, it appears that BPC 157 has potentially powerful properties. It has the ability to help heal damage in the body, things like intestinal and joint damage.

Importantly for athletes, and for many other people, it also seems to be brilliant at confronting and reducing inflammatory conditions.

So it’s a combination of protective properties, healing properties, and anti-inflammatory potential, that could make it a great fit for people who are really pumping iron or are pushing their bodies to the limit.

It’s tough to talk about how well these claims stack up because research is so limited. But research does indicate that this peptide can help repair damage across the body, bones, muscle, teeth, skin, tendons, and crucially, inside the digestive system, where it’s naturally present.

BPC 157 effects

How To Use It Properly

 The supplement can be taken through an injection, or orally. An injection can be made under the skin for general benefits, or, as is happening in many animal studies, it can be injected right into the damaged area to promote recovery of the cells there.

There is no specified dosage for humans because it’s not regulated for use by humans. However, translating the doses given to mice and rats translates into a maximum daily dose of around 60 mcg (micrograms) per 10 kg of human body weight.

However, it’s important to note that you can’t just scale doses between humans and other species, especially in scientific studies where animal welfare in the long term is pretty much ignored.

Anecdotally, humans dosing BPC 157 to help with recovery seem to be using doses lower than that, with a typical daily dose of 250 mcg being the range normally discussed.

My Results After Using BPC 157

But if you’re thinking about trying BPC 157 at a small dose, to see what happens in terms of helping you, then it’s important to understand the exact BPC 157 results and positive effects you should be looking out for.

Studies into BPC 157 generally conclude that it has the potential to create the following benefits:

    • Has the ability to accelerate the healing process in tendons and bones
    • Improved cell migration and survival to stimulate healing
    • Offsets damage that can be caused by NSAIDs and other medication in the gut
    • May help to heal inflammatory bowel disease
    • Has the ability to improve the healing of teeth, gums, and tongue
    • Acts as a strong anti-inflammatory
    • Can reduce the symptoms of depression
    • Speeds up recovery times the skin cuts, burns and stretch marks
    • May reduce the effects of damage to the brain and nervous system
    • Could potentially lower risk of seizures

So what does this all actually mean in practical terms? Well, it means that you can recover quicker. It appears not to matter where BPC 157 increases blood cell production that helps the body to rebuild faster.

If you push yourself too hard with your exercise regime, your muscles could be struggling, your bones could be under stress, and you could be seeing side effects in other areas of the body. Plus, your body could be struggling with inflammation.

I’ve seen evidence online, and I’ve tried it a couple of times myself, that peptide BPC 157 can help with recovery times. It can help your muscles repair more quickly, it can lower inflammation, and it can stop your bones from being so stressed because it can help to increase the density.

So let’s say you are about to start a course of SARMs. They are great because they can help to massively pack on muscle quickly. But the side effects are going to hurt you quickly are inflammation, and stress on the muscle and tendons, which can lead to stress on the bones.

Between courses of SARMs, when you are taking a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) supplement, it could, therefore, be beneficial to take BPC 157, especially if you are suffering from physical issues due to your body’s rapid development and being pushed too far.

To give you an example, a friend I know down the gym, sprained their ankle, damaging the tendons. I know from that type of injury that you will struggle to put for weight on it for a couple of weeks. But he dosed 500 mcg of BPC 157 every other day for a week, four doses in total. And he was good to go, putting almost full weight on the injury at the end of that week.

Now that’s purely anecdotal because I can’t prove it to you, but there’s enough evidence from Reddit users as well to suggest that those sort of enhanced recovery times are definitely the case. It really does appear that BPC 157 can help accelerate recovery by accelerating the body’s natural ability to repair its structure.

I’ve used it myself after a couple of weeks of really hammering it with SARMs when I was feeling really strained, you know that overall body tiredness and ache, where the muscles are being pushed too far. I know that I had damaged some muscle, and it really calmed things down quite rapidly.

Dosage Instructions

Now look, as I said earlier, there’s no real firm evidence on the sort of BPC 157 dosage you should be using. So giving you clear BPC 157 dosage instructions is impossible, especially when the only comparison between humans and lab rats.

But what we can say is that lower doses administered daily, or slightly higher doses administered periodically, can really help with recovery times, and lower inflammation. So translating that, we are talking about a low dose range of around 200 mcg per day and an upper limit dose of around 800 mcg per day.

Now I wouldn’t recommend anything above the 200 mcg per day, to be honest. But if you’ve got an injury and you just want to recover more quickly, then a dose of around 500 mcg, administered once every 2-3 days, with careful monitoring afterward, does seem to be reasonable.

But then on the other side of that coin, I’m seeing people, and websites, claiming a dose of around 100-200 mcg, administered twice per day, really helps to promote recovery.

So the bottom line here is that there is no single dosage advice for using BPC 157 peptide.

I think it comes down to you as an individual, and you have to experiment sensibly. Proceed with caution, and watch carefully when using BPC 157. But if you have a muscle tear, and you know it’s going to take a month to fix, and you are dosing BPC 157 every other day at a few hundred milligrams, then I’m saying to you that you could see a significantly faster recovery.

peptide BPC 157 dosage

Potential Side Effects

There are some potential side effects to be aware of. In fact, there are probably side effects we are not aware of because the clinical testing on humans is so minimal.

But the main one that’s been discussed is the potential for it to cause cancer cell proliferation. Now, this is incredibly unlikely to occur. But it is something you need to be aware of.

Because it helps to heal the body through growing new blood cells as part of repairing tissue and bone, which can also help tumors to grow.

If you haven’t got a tumor, it’s not a problem. But if you have developed a tumor in your body and were using BPC 157 then the fact it can proliferate new blood cells means that it could potentially feed the tumor more than normal, allowing the development of a cancer tumor to happen more rapidly than it should.

But apart from that, side effects are minimal. I have to laugh when I read a BPC 157 review and it says that there are literally no side effects because there are. In fact, in one review of BPC 157 that I read recently, they literally said there were no side effects, and then in the very next sentence said you can get nausea and headaches!

But apart from the rare, and unproven, linked to cancer cell proliferation, and the potential for some nausea and headaches, there are no known significant side effects of using BPC 157 peptide.

Peptide BPC 157 Vs TB 500

When it comes to defining BPC 157 results Vs TB 500 results, and which is best and safest, you have to look at the composition.

BPC 157 is a natural amino acid from the human stomach that is then modified and grown. TB 500 is another amino acid, a peptide, but it’s not from the human body. It actually found in some animals and is used by veterinarians.

So in terms of wanting a natural solution, BPC 157 is better from an emotional point of view.

However, TB 500 has shown better results than BPC 157 in the healing of injuries and lowering inflammation levels. But it’s only shown those results through studies in the equestrian industry, where it’s not regulated but still widely used. But whether those dramatic results would transpose to humans is another question.

So to be safer, using a natural human-made amino acid peptide, I would always stick to BPC 157.

Always Buy Quality Peptides

There are a couple of places that are reliable for buying peptides generally. These are the same two places I buy my SARMs from, so I know that they are reliable, reputable, and what they have for sale is guaranteed pure.

In my opinion, the best place to buy BPC 157 peptide is Swisschems. They have it for sale that is guaranteed 99% pure. A 5 mg vial will cost you $36.95. You’ll get free shipping in the USA, and they also sell a full range of SARMs.

peptide BPC 157

The second place where you can find BPC 157 for sale is Rats Army(Update: Now Out Of Business). A 5 mg vial is slightly cheaper there, $45.99, and generally, their prices are similar to Swisschems, and the same quality. But you do have to pay for shipping, and they only accept returns on unopened products.

So there you go, the conclusion of my review is that this is definitely a peptide worth trying. It appears to be low-risk, and the results can be spectacular. I have known people to halve their recovery time from muscle injuries using this peptide, so it’s definitely worth trying, even if just once for a serious injury

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