Best Way To Keep Pee Warm For A Drug Test

I’ve always had a problem with people asking about the best way to keep pee warm for a drug test. My problem is that they are usually talking about using human urine. Not theirs, obviously, because it’s full of drug metabolites, but instead they are obviously considering substituting someone else’s.

So I’m going to quickly talk to about using human urine, and whether synthetic urine is a better alternative. Plus I’ll go through ways you can learn how to smuggle urine for a drug test, and how to keep urine at body temp, so you don’t get caught out, whatever you choose to submit as a sample.

Should You Use real Urine?

Before I start even telling you about the best way to keep pee warm for a drug test, I want to talk about the subject of using real urine Vs synthetic urine.

It’s obviously tempting to just get a friend to give you some of their urine, that you can keep warm until you can submit it at the lab. It’s free and easy, so why wouldn’t you?

The problem with that is real urine spoils quickly, in a matter of hours. It will go cloudy, and within 24 hours it will be stringy in appearance.

So unless you’re going straight to the lab, you going to have to chill it or freeze it. Which is going to make the process of getting it back up to body temperature even worse, plus you’re messing around with the sample.

Also, you haven’t got a clue if they are telling you the truth. What about if a medication they forgot they take gives a false positive? Or they’ve been sick, or have eaten something that gives a false positive? What about if they forgot they had a joint three days ago?

For me, using real urine is fraught with risks you just don’t need to take.

How To Smuggle Urine For A Drug test

When it comes to learning how to smuggle urine for a drug test, the key is how to keep the urine at body temp until it’s submitted.

Urine is actually always in the body within a very specific temperature range, between 96°F and 100°F. That’s a tiny margin of error. Thankfully, legally, the lab has to accept a sample between 90°F and 100°F, to allow for a bit of cooling during the moments before the temperature is tested.

To smuggle urine for a drug test, you’re going to need a combination of an airtight container and a heat source. You can’t keep it at the right temperature just by strapping it to your body, you will need additional heat otherwise it will be too cool.

How To Keep Urine At Body Temp

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test With Handwarmers

Now there are two types of hand warmers:

  • Handwarmers you activate and use once
  • Ones that you fill with fuel and can use multiple times

Even without explaining, I’m hoping you are beginning to see the problem with trying to keep urine warm for drug test with hand warmers. They are not designed to give out the constant heat, and they may not even be designed to kick out heat close to body temperature.

In fact, most will obviously kick out more heat than body temperature to keep you warm. I am not saying hand warmers do not work, but they are unreliable.

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test

How To Keep Urine At Body Temp

 So let’s get real here and talk about synthetic urine. It’s the only choice you’ve really got if you want to learn how to pass a urine drug test successfully. Synthetic urine requires a microwave to get it at the right temperature. You can see if it’s close because the bottle supplied with synthetic urine always has a temperature strip stuck on it.

You will then activate the specially designed heatpad, it will then be strapped to the sample, and it should then keep it close to human urine temperature for a few hours.

The only problem with synthetic urine, as long as you get good quality one, is that the heatpad can fail, or other factors affect the sample temperature, for example, it could be a cold day.

For me, synthetic urine products that have a heatpad, are still my second choice. For me, the best way to keep pee warm for a drug test is to use Sub Solution synthetic urine.

Sub Solution reviews

The Best Way To Keep Pee Warm For Drug Test

Sub Solution is the most complex brand of synthetic urine you can buy. It contains 11 chemicals that are checked for during validity testing at a lab, including uric acid and urea.

It also has the correct balance of pH, specific gravity, and creatinine. It looks, smells, and froths like the real thing as well. You simply can’t tell the difference, and there’s just point in taking the risk of trying to get hold of somebody’s real urine when Sub Solution is this good. You can purchase it for $85 from

But crucially, you don’t need to worry about hand warmers or worry about how to keep urine and body temperature. The reason for this is that Sub Solution uses heat activator powder.

All you have to do is mix up the urine with warm water, and then add heat activator powder to that. When you agitate it, it creates heat, which lifts the temperature. About a third of the heat activator powder supplied is usually enough to raise lukewarm water to human urine temperature.

You can even do this on the way to the lab, standing outside, or even in the toilet, before you actually go in and register. So you can be 100% sure that you are submitting a sample at the correct temperature.

That’s why I always pass my urine tests. I don’t have to worry about how to keep urine warm for a drug test.

Just buy Sub Solution, use the heat activator powder, and right up until the moment you submit your sample, you can be confident it’s the correct temperature.

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