The Best Synthetic Urine Kits For Drug Test | Fake Urine Brand Reviews

Urine drug testing is the most popular form of drug testing in the USA. This is particularly true for pre-employment and during employment drug testing. So people are looking for the best synthetic urine kit out there so that they can beat the system.

And it’s a system worth beating, it’s invasive, pointless, and really a money-spinning exercise for the testing industry. Does it do anything to improve the quality of employees? I very much doubt it.

Using fake urine for a drug test can be scary because you need some nerve to do it. But when I have explained to you exactly what the processes, I’m hoping that you will see it’s by far the best way to pass a urine drug test on short notice.

So what I want to do here, is to explain to you exactly what happens during a urine drug test, what the five ways are you can pass one, and then take a look in detail at the best synthetic urine kits out there.

Then you can make a buying decision on which one can help you to pass a drug test.

What Exactly Is A Urine Drug Test?

A urine sample drug test, also you knew as a urinalysis test, takes a sample of urine on the spot, and then tests it for validity.

When it’s tested for validity, the lab is looking for the following characteristics:

  • It contains natural chemical markers (things like urea, uric acid, plus others)
  • It doesn’t contain anything artificial that they look for
  • The specific gravity is correct for human urine
  • The pH is correct for human urine
  • The sample is fresh
  • It looks, froths and smells like the real thing
  • It is within the correct temperature range of human urine (96°F and 100°F)

If it passes these validity checks, then it is tested against a set of panels. The lowest number is five, which is why it’s known as the five-panel drug test. The five-panel drug test looks for the presence of the following five drug metabolites:

  • Amphetamines
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates
  • PCP

Then you get six-panel drug tests, all the way through to the 12-panel drug test, which all obviously look for an increasing number of substances.

Right at the top end of the scale, you can get advanced tests that consist of 12 panels, plus panels for alcohol, and unusual things like kratom and salvia, but these are incredibly rare.

If all the panels test negative, then you result comes back negative, and you have passed.

Unfortunately, when you know that you recently took drugs, for example, you’ve smoked marijuana in the past two days, then you know for a fact that those panels are going to light up like a Christmas tree.

So how can you pass a urine sample drug test, when you know you’ve got drug metabolites racing around your body? The answer is to submit a fake sample.

synthetic piss

The 5 Ways You Can Pass A Urine Drug Test

When it comes to learning how to pass a urine drug test, you’re actually spoilt for choice, as long as you know what to do.

There are actually five ways you can pass a urine drug test:

  • You can do a natural detox
  • You can try home remedies
  • You can use detox pills alongside a natural detox
  • A high-quality detox drink is used to flush out toxins
  • Submit a fake sample, using synthetic urine

Now let’s take a look at each of those five ways you can pass a urine sample drug test in detail, so you can understand the pros and cons of each method.

Natural detox is the absolute best way to pass a urine drug test. It’s completely foolproof. The problem is it will take even a light user at least a week to do, and if you take drugs more than weekly, or smoke marijuana a couple of times a week, then it’s going to take much longer.

In fact, a chronic marijuana user could take two months to fully detox.

You could use detox pills for drug test alongside a natural detox. And they could work in a week or so, sometimes less, but they are still a risk. You also have to do the full natural detox as well. So if there is an easier, safer and cheaper way, then surely that’s the first choice you should take?

You could try home remedies. They are plenty of them out there on the Internet that reports success. Things like the Certo Surejell drug test method, drinking baking powder mixed with water, ingesting goldenseal, there are tons of them.

And the thing all of these home remedies have in common is that they are all absolute rubbish. Not a single one will work. Sure, in the distant past, 20 years ago, when drug testing was in its infancy, some of them might have worked, and flushing out your system with water definitely would have.

But does anyone really think that in the modern digital age, with testing equipment, knowledge, and standards, that a drug testing company will not be light-years ahead of such infantile tactics?

You could also drink a high-quality detox drink. There are several out there, and I’ve used them myself.

But the problem is that there is still a small margin for error, and if you are a very chronic weed smoker, then even the strongest could fail you, although it’s rare. What I’m saying is that there is still a margin of error that is bigger than the using fake urine

Although THC detox drinks are superb, and as long as you use a high-quality one then you can certainly pass a drug test. Their big problem is the window of opportunity that you get.

The thing is with a detox drink, are you drink it in about half an hour, usually, then you urinate over the next hour. So you’re going to need a couple of hours before you leave to go and submit your sample.

Now unless it’s close, there’s going to be a delay in traveling. And on top of that, if there are things delayed at the clinic or any other problems, then you could have a problem.

Most people won’t, but if you’re a really heavy user or smoker, and you got a lot of metabolites in your body, they could be creeping in again within about three hours.

So if you miss that window of opportunity, then you’re going to struggle with a detox drink.

Using Fake Pee For Drug Test Success

So for me, the absolute number one way to pass a drug test is synthetic urine. I will talk a bit about the types of drug test it suitable for in a minute, but the main reason it’s the best way to pass is that there is literally only one way you can fail, as long as you use a top brand of fake pee.

The only way you can fail with synthetic urine is if the temperature is wrong.

Human urine exits the body in a surprisingly narrow temperature range, between 90°F and 100°F. More than a degree either side of that, and it’s going to be a huge red flag to the testing lab.

So they have to legally accept any sample that is 90°F or higher, up to 100°F.

So as long as you have a really good way of getting the synthetic urine at the right temperature, and keeping it there for several hours, then you are guaranteed to pass the test, as long as you use one of the few recommended brands of fake pee for drug tests that will pass lab validity testing.

Good synthetic urine will have the following characteristics:

  1. It will look the correct color, it will not be a horrible synthetic green or yellow color Human urine can sometimes look an odd color like it can go bright orange if you take a vitamin C supplement, but it’s usually pretty obvious if it’s real or not.
  1. It will smell like the real thing. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever smelt your own urine, but it does have a specific smell. Obviously, any lab technician can waft than those near it and instantly tell if it’s anything like the real thing or not.
  1. It has to have the correct specific gravity. Human urine exits the body at a specific gravity, and if it’s not within those parameters, then it can’t be human can it? That’s why synthetic urine is specially designed to mimic this specific gravity.
  1. It has to have the correct PH. Human urine can vary widely in terms of actual pH, from around 4.5, through to 8. So can range from alkaline, through to acidic. However, it still has to fall within those ranges to not fail a validity test.
  2. It has to froth. Go on, I dare you to try it. Pee into a container, and give it a shake. You will see it froths in a specific way. That’s how synthetic urine has to work if it’s to pass even the most cursory of checks.
  3. It has to have accurate levels of a chemical called creatinine in it.So for all those key reasons, synthetic urine needs to be very well manufactured. If it’s not, it won’t even pass a visual check.

That’s why there are so many synthetic brands out there that can actually work nowadays. If you going to use fake pee for a drug test, then you need the absolute best synthetic urine kit you can find, anything else will see you fail, for the reasons I’ve just stated.

Supervised & Unsupervised Drug Tests

There are two types of drug test you could face, supervised or unsupervised. The obvious difference between the two is that you will be observed while you are under a supervised test, and you won’t be for an unsupervised one.

A supervised drug test is only administered under certain conditions, usually when you are involved with the legal system. It’s actually illegal to observe a drug test for something civil, like a pre-employment drug screening.

You may not be directly supervised, as in you might not literally have somebody standing in front of you staring at your male, or female, bits and pieces, but you will have somebody in the room.

So unless you’ve got the nerves of steel to use a fake penis, like the “Monkey Dong or the Incognito Belt” or to somehow start and stop the flow using a bag and tap if you are female, then using fake urine for a supervised drug test is bordering on suicidal risk-taking.

But for unsupervised urine sample drug screening, synthetic piss is the absolute best choice you can make.

As long as you get a good quality fake urine brand, which means investing in the best synthetic urine kit you can, then the unobserved test is easy.

At the very least you go behind the screen, and sometimes into a cubicle, or another room. You are then meant to urinate into a sample container, which you then either leave in the room or you hand over to the technician.

So as you can see, crucially, this gives you the opportunity to get the flask of heated fake urine out, and simply pour it into the container. Yes, it takes some nerve, but as long as you practice in advance, even with water, you can do it incredibly discreetly.

You could go a step further, and strap it to you using a bag and tap setup, and then operate the tap in the same way as you would urinating naturally. It is slightly more involved, and you have to practice, but it does mean you don’t have to smuggle a flask of liquid into the lab itself.

synthetic urine for upervised drug test

Why Could Synthetic Urine Fail?

Now the thing is, there are tons of synthetic urine brands out there. What most have in common is that they are poor quality.

They were either never intended to pass drug tests in the first place, most were sold as fetish and novelty items, or they are now hopelessly outdated. Some of the urine brands I know have been around since about 2010, and they are literally exactly the same formula nine years later.

Also, the other problem is that most brands use something called biocides in them. It’s an artificial preservative, which keeps the product fresh. A lot of synthetic urine brands have that in it, and have not replaced it with something else.

Now I know for a fact, that LabCorp test for the presence of biocide. The companies who test have latched onto the fact that this preservative is used in most of the brands of fake pee out there, and so they can rule out most synthetic urine samples, simply by testing for the presence of biocide.

So if you’re looking at using fake pee for drug test purposes, then it’s got to be one that doesn’t have biocide in it.

So you’re looking at a small number of brands of synthetic urine, that can actually pass a high quality, the lab conducted urine sample drug test.

Why Should I Pay For Synthetic Piss? Couldn’t I Just Submit My Mates Sample?

A lot of people ask me the question about just submitting someone else’s urine sample. Rather than using synthetic urine for a drug test, why not just submit someone else’s? It’s free, and you know where it’s come from. You also know that it’s real.

But you are ignoring a huge amount of problems that you don’t get with synthetic urine.

For starters, how do you know that your friend’s urine is clean?

How do you know that they aren’t taking medications that can give false positives, or are not taking something illegal themselves, and just haven’t told you?

Plus, some foods can give false positives, like food with poppy seeds in them, which can give a false positive as opiates. Are you seriously going to ask your friend for a breakdown of the diet they’ve had over the past week?

On top of that, real urine can only last at room temperature for a short space of time before it starts to go off. Urine can go off in as little as eight hours at room temperature. It starts to cloud, the smell changes, and after 24 hours, it will have a stringy appearance.

So if you want to use real urine, you’ve either got to get it and go straight to the lab, or you’ve got to store it. If you put in the fridge, you have got to do it carefully, and you’ve got to let it warm up carefully. It’s the same if you freeze it.

Plus, there is still the problem of heating it back up to human body temperature, and keeping it there, without spoiling it.

For me, I have to ask the question seriously: why the hell would you take all that risk and all that trouble, just to save yourself a few dollars? Surely it’s better to just put your hand in your pocket and buy a recommended synthetic urine brand?

Best way to pass a drug test on short notice

Fake Urine For Drug Tests To Avoid

Before I go on to telling you about the three best synthetic urine for a drug test on the market right now, I just want to cover three popular brands that you might come across, which you should definitely steer well clear from.

None of these synthetic piss brands are any good. They used to be, but their formulas are now so hopelessly out of date, that you might as well go and hand the lab technician a glass of water.

But look, I’m not saying they are completely useless, and if you just haven’t got the money for anything else, then they will obviously be better than water. If you’re really lucky, and it’s a cheap pre-employment drug test, then there may be lucky enough to pass validity testing.

In fact, you have to remember, that a lot of people saying fake urine failed, is nothing to do with the formula. In a lot of cases, it’s down to them messing up with the sample temperature. But I’ve seen enough warnings online to find the following three brands suspect.

  • U Pass synthetic urine used to be well-regarded, and it has been updated, now being up to version 8.4. However, I’ve seen reports over the past year or so of lots of people failing with it. In fact, I saw somebody I know quite well online, report that they had actually been told by the lab that their sample had tested positive the heroin. How on earth it created a false positive for heroin is beyond me, but it’s a cause of concern. On top of that, it contains biocides as preservatives, which on its own is reason enough to steer clear.
  • Xstream is actually marketed as fetish urine. Sure, they have a heating pad, and they claim it contains all the chemicals that human urine does, so they are still trying to also tell you that is suitable to pass a drug test with. But, any product its main marketing message is nothing to do with the purpose we want to use it for should obviously be approached with extreme caution.
  • Magnum is another brand that used to actually have a good reputation. But as testing standards have moved on,  it’s formula hasn’t. I know for a fact, from people I trust, that it’s failing drug tests. On top of that, it’s more involved to mix up.

You have to mix in a separate container of uric acid on the day of the test. So it’s not just a case of heating it up and off you go, you have to actually add in the uric acid, and hope that you are adding in the right amount. For me, that all just seems crazily involved.

synthetic urine reviews

Synthetic Urine reviews: Best Fake Urine Kits Right Under $50

So now we have established that for an unsupervised drug test, a high-quality synthetic piss is definitely the easiest and safest way of passing, let’s look at the brands out there that genuinely will pass any drug test right now.

The problem is there are only three brands I found to work. When I say found to work, I mean through my own experiences and those of my friends. Plus people I talk to online, Facebook groups, my website, that sort of thing.

The feedback is consistent in that these three brands pass modern lab drug testing.

  1. Monkey Whizz

Monkey Whizz comes in three different flavors, a dehydrated version which is cheaper, a mixed version with an incognito belt, and a basic mixed version, called Monkey Whizz serious monkey flask urine.

I’m going to talk to you about the serious monkey flask urine because it’s the easiest to use.

For around $40, you get:

  • A 3.5 OZ flask of premixed Monkey Whizz urine
  • You get a heating pad which can last up to 8 hours
  • Full instructions

The flask bottle itself also has a high-quality temperature strip on the side, which I found to be very accurate. It’s also got a shelf life of two years, which means you can buy it now and have it in stock for a couple of years just in case.

Now I’m telling you that Monkey Whizz is around $40 because that’s not very expensive. But what it should tell you is that this is not the most advanced formula out there.

In fact, I would not really recommend Monkey Whizz for anything other than a basic pre-employment drug test. But rest assured, it’s more than capable of getting you through that.

However, once you’ve opened it up, you have to use it within 48 hours. I would recommend you don’t do it until you ready to warm it up and as soon as it’s warm, you should be heading off to submit your sample.

For a detailed review of Monkey Whizz click here.

You can buy Monkey Whizz synthetic urine here.

Monkey flask

  1. Quick fix 6.2

This is the second most complex formula of synthetic urine on the market today. The latest formula 6.2 is the most advanced bar one.

Now actually, Quick Fix 6.2 is about the same price as monkey whizz. But for me, from everything I’ve read and understand, it’s a more complex formula.

As you’ve seen, the more complex the formula, the more natural compounds it contains, and the fewer additives, the more likely it is to pass validity testing during a lab drug test.

With Quick Fix 6.2, you’re getting the following:

  • A 3oz container of premixed synthetic quick fix urine
  • High-quality temperature strip on the side of the container
  • A good quality heating pad with up to 8 hours life
  • Full instructions

Now the heating pad with Quick Fix is very good quality. If you microwave the sample so that the temperature strip is between 90°F and 100°F, then you can activate the heat pad and it will keep it within that range very quickly, and for several hours.

In view don’t have access to the microwave, you can activate the heat pad and attach it to the sample, and keep it close to your body. Within about 45 minutes it will be within the human urine temperature range. You can buy Quick Fix 6.2 here, it’s on sale now.

For a detailed review of quick fix 6.2, with full instructions click here.

  1. Test Clear Powdered Urine

There is a new product out there called the Test Clear powdered urine kit. It’s not even synthetic urine, it’s dehydrated human urine, so it’s going to be as complex as human urine is, which is brilliant considering it only costs $49.95.

The Test Clear powdered urine kit also contains a high-quality pair of heat pads. These are flexible and have a decent back. So they can be taped around the sample container, distributing and even heat into your sample to keep it at a more even temperature.

It’s definitely a great product for just $49.95, which is only $10 more than some of the very basic synthetic urine products out there. Add in the high-quality of the temperature strip, and the strong reputation of the Test Clear brand, and it’s definitely something to seriously consider for passing a urine sample drug test.

Click here for my detailed review.

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The Two Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Sub Solution And Quick Luck

So now I’ve told you everything that is involved in a urine sample drug test, how you can pass one, how you can fail one, and ruled out all but three brands of synthetic urine. I’m now going to tell you about the number one brand on the market. If you’re going to use fake pee for a drug test, the first choice as far as I’m concerned.

It’s the only brand I really use now because it’s simply the best. It’s the only brand I recommend, and I know from my network of friends, and my online network, that people using Sub Solution are passing drug tests every time.

Sub Solution reviews

So if they are getting those jobs, or keeping those jobs, with Sub Solution, why on earth would you take the risk on something rubbish like Magnum, just to save yourself a few dollars? So why Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine brand? Well, it’s because of its composition:

  • It contains 13 different chemicals found in real human urine
  • It contains the correct amount of uric acid
  • It has the right amount of urea in it
  • The look and smell is exactly like a real human the
  • Its specific gravity is spot-on
  • Sub Solution doesn’t contain biocides
  • Even froths up like the real thing

This means it’s the most complex formula on the market, and it looks, and smells, exactly like the real thing. That’s the primary reason why for me, it’s the best synthetic urine you can buy, and the best fake urine for drug test success you can get your hands on. For more info, check out my Sub Solution review.

You can buy Sub Solution from their official website.

There’s also now a new version of Sub Solution, called Quick Luck. Quick Luck is an even more improved version for 2019. Now six months ago, I passed a LabCorp test using Sub Solution, so the formula is definitely still top-notch, but Quick Luck, even though it’s a bit more expensive, is the gold standard now.

If you check out some synthetic urine reviews online, you will see these brands have positive reviews only. Sub Solution is also easy to use, with the instructions being simple enough for anybody to do.

best synthetic urine kit

Clear Choice Sub Solution Instructions:

  • Fill the supplied plastic bottle with warm water.
  • Gently pour in the synthetic urine, which is in powder form, then screw the cap on tightly. Gently agitate it until the powder is completely dissolved, leaving realistic-looking fake urine.
  • At this point, unless you’ve got lucky with the water temperature, it won’t register on the high-quality temperature strip supplied on the side of the bottle. If it does, then it’s above 88°F, if it’s not registering, then it’s below that.
  • If it’s below temperature, add up to one-third of the heat activator powder. Then agitate it gently, and sit and watch the temperature slowly rise. Add a little more if necessary.
  • Do this just before you leave for your appointment, and I would suggest if you don’t have a heating pad to strap it to keep it at that temperature, that you add a little more heat activator powder to get it up to about 105°F, so it can cool a bit and still be within the temperature range required.

So for me, it’s the quality of Sub Solution, and now Quick Luck that makes it superb. You can trust this stuff 100%.

Plus you also get heat activator powder, rather than a heating pad. Not only is the heat activator powder less likely to fail, but you don’t need a microwave, and you don’t have such a bulky pack to conceal on the way to the lab.

On top of that, literally outside the lab, you can check the temperature, and if it’s dropped close to 90°F, you can pour in a very small amount of the heat activator powder, and know it’s going to rise a few degrees into the right range again.

The company that makes Sub Solution and Quick Luck, Clear Choice, who is a very reputable drug detox product company, has also released a new product called the “Practice kit”.

Clear Choice Practice Kit

The practice kit is a simple but clever way to prepare for your drug test in advance, so you don’t waste the expensive synthetic urine product you bought.

You will hopefully have invested in Quick Luck or Sub Solution, as they are the most complex products. But Clear Choice also makes something called “the practice kit”, which allows you to get everything right before the day of your test.

The practice kit contains everything you get in the Quick Luck kit. You’ll get heat activator powder, heat pads, and the same bottles.

This means you can practice in advance using water. It may sound a small thing, but when the biggest reason why people fail drug tests fake samples is that the temperature is outside the correct range (90°F to 100°F), then you can see why it’s important to know how things are going to work in advance.

You will want to see how quickly a heating pad will raise the temperature, and how long it keeps it at the right temperature. It’s brilliant to see how the heat activator powder works. How much to add, how to shake it, how quickly it warms the sample.

Then on the day of your test, you are fully prepared. You can even do a full practice run by preparing the sample at home, using the heat pad, going to the venue for your test, and checking the temperature outside and adjusting using heat activator powder if necessary.

It’s not cheap on its own, costing $65. But if you buy it with Quick Luck or Sub Solution you get a combination deal where it only costs $30, which let’s be honest is peanuts for that reassurance.

You can purchase the Practice Kit + Quick Luck combo if you click here.

best way to keep urine warm

Conclusions: You Still Can Pass A Test With The Best Synthetic Urine Brands!

So there you go, now you know everything about passing a urine drug test in 2020, and if you’re looking for the best synthetic urine kit, then:

  1. Quick Luck Synthetic urine
  2. Sub Solution powdered urine kit
  3. Quick Fix 6.2
  4. Monkey Whizz
  5. TestClear Powdered Urine

Are all good choices. Using fake pee for a drug test is a slightly more risky strategy because you have to smuggle something physical into the testing facility. However, with some nerves, and the insurance in your mind that unsupervised drug tests mean you will get seen, then using fake urine for a drug test is simply the best way to beat the system.

Unless you have no money, Sub Solution and Quick Luck are streets ahead in terms of formulation, and the options they give you the warming up the sample without a microwave and keeping it within the right temperature range. That’s a massive reassurance and for the extra money are paying, it’s one I certainly wouldn’t want to be without.


How long can you keep pee for a drug test?

In terms of human urine, 24 hours is about the maximum. You can freeze it, but even in a fridge, as a liquid, it will start to spoil in 24 hours, often less.

The problem is, that exposure to air will start to change it quite rapidly. It will become cloudy, stringy, and will start to react to bacteria.

It’s the same for synthetic urine, you really only got 24 hours, but the sample can start to spoil in far less time than that on many occasions. Whether it’s real, or fake urine, I would suggest you never have a liquid sample, even in the fridge, for more than a dozen hours at most.

What temperature does synthetic urine need to be?

The temperature of your synthetic urine sample needs to be the same as it would be for a human urine sample. Human urine actually exits the body within a very small temperature range, between 96°F, and 100°F.

However, to allow for cooling, a sample between 90°F, and 100°F has to legally be accepted. That’s still only 10°F temperature range. So you need to make sure that you use a reliable heatpad, or use Sub Solution, which has heat activator powder that’s far more easy to control and keep it somewhere that the temperature is going to be constant.

If you’re unsure about the temperature you can keep synthetic urine at before you submit it, then it’s best to do a dummy run so that you understand how hot it will be, and how you can keep it within that narrow temperature range for an hour or longer.

Will hand warmers overheat urine?

That will depend on the hand warmer, and how it’s heated. Some require microwaving, which gives you less control, while others can be agitated to warm them. As with anything, the heat retention and how it radiates out will vary depending on circumstances, and quality.

So it depends a lot on the quality of the heat pad as well. Cheaper brands will have cheaper hand warmers. It will also depend on the temperature outside, and the clothes you’re wearing, all this will create variability.

I would always recommend you experiment with a hand warmer in advance where possible. You might even want to take a bottle of cold water with you, just in case, then you can pour it over the sample, to lower the temperature just before you went to the lab, should you need to.

How much fake pee is needed for a drug test?

For a standard drug test, something like a pre-employment drug test, you only need 30 ml of urine. That’s really not a lot when you consider that a pack of Sub Solution makes 89 ml (3 fluid ounces).

The only exception to this is the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). Their minimum sample size is 45 ml, but that still only around half of a bottle of mixed up Sub Solution.

So when people worry about smuggling huge amounts of fake pee into a drug test, that’s not the case. You only need a small amount, which can be smuggled in using a very small, flat container, you can strap close to your body.

Does synthetic urine go bad?

Everything has a shelf life, and synthetic urine is no different. Most have a one-year shelf life maximum, and I wouldn’t recommend keeping synthetic urine for more than a year.

Once you open it and mix it, synthetic urine can go bad in just a few hours at room temperature. It will start to cloud, and go stringy, just like real urine does. You can lengthen the time to stop it going bad by putting in the refrigerator, or even freeze it.

But yes, fake pee does go bad, and it’s best to simply mix it up, get it to the right temperature, and then head straight off to the testing lab to submit it so that you minimize the chances of the sample spoiling.

What’s the best way to hide synthetic urine?

The best way to hide synthetic urine is to get yourself a proper incognito belt. Yes, you can just wrap it around your leg, but if you use something like tape, that will be noisy, and potentially cause problems.

You could also use some bandages, or just tuck it into large, close-fitting underwear. But the problem is that things could slip at the wrong time, or you could have an unsightly bulge that is spotted. It shouldn’t really be a problem as you only need a small container for the sample, but it’s best to stay safe.

So the ultimate solution for me would be an incognito belt. This has a soft polythene bag, that molds the shape of your body, a tap to let the urine out, and it securely straps around your crotch, and will fit under underpants.

Does synthetic urine smell?

Yes, synthetic urine does smell. It should smell like real urine, otherwise, it could get found out. If it doesn’t smell like the real thing, then you are adding another way to be found out into the mix.

There is even a YouTube video out there, where the lab technicians say how they spot fake samples, and passing the “sniff test” is one of those ways. Is not rocket science, urine smells a very particular way, and if it smells off, then they are going to give it more scrutiny.

The best synthetic urine brands, Quick Luck, Sub Solution smell like the real thing, look like the real thing, and froth like the real thing, meaning that they will pass a visual check. Not all brands of synthetic urine do this, and most smell unnatural or have no smell at all.

Can you just submit someone else’s urine?

Yes, you could just submit someone else’s urine sample to try and pass a drug test. However, you are creating more problems than you are solving, just by trying to save a bit of money.

Firstly, you don’t know what’s in that person’s urine. They might think that clean, but are they telling you the truth? They could also be ill, or something they have eaten could trigger a false positive. Some medication they haven’t told you about could also trigger a false positive.

Secondly, real urine spoils quickly, in a handful of hours at room temperature. So you have got to get it off them, and submit it within a few hours, or find a way to keep it cool or freeze it, and then get it back up to human urine temperature before you go off to the lab.

That’s all crazily complicated when a simple alternative is just to buy a high-quality synthetic urine brand and submit that instead. As long as you get a complex formula, something like Quick Luck, then all you’ve got to do is worry about keeping it at the right temperature.

Can labs tell the difference between real and synthetic urine?

That’s a really loaded question. Yes, they can tell, but only if you give them the opportunity to tell. So don’t give the opportunity, by following this basic advice.

If you submit a fake sample at the wrong temperature, then it will be rejected for that, and also come under closer scrutiny. Is vital that synthetic urine is submitted within the human temperature range, it has to be between 90°F and 100°F. That means using synthetic urine with a good quality heat pad or using Sub Solution, which uses heat activator powder.

You need complex synthetic urine as well, that has all the biological markers that a lab will look for to test for a valid sample. Things like Urea, Uric acid, Creatine, plus others. It also has to be within the correct pH range, and also within the correct specific gravity range. The more you pay, the more complex the formula will be, and the less chance there will be the lab seeing it as a fake sample.

Where to buy synthetic urine?

It is always best to buy synthetic urine online, because the only places you can buy it physically, tend to be poor quality retailers, places like smoke shops, which only sell the cheapest brands. Not only that but because stock turnover is low, you could get fake urine that is out of stock.

I would also recommend you don’t buy synthetic urine from a general marketplace like eBay, or Amazon. The reason for this is the only brands worth buying tend to have a problem with counterfeiting. Think about it, you just put colored water into bottles, get fake packaging printed, and for a couple of dollars, you can turn over a huge profit.

The two best synthetic urine brands out there, are Sub Solution and Quick Luck, both from Clear Choice. Any of these will pass a basic urine test, and are only available from specialist online retailers.

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