Phenibut Review: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects, Where To Buy

Phenibut was designed as an anti-anxiety medication, which has the incredible side benefit of being a nootropic, meaning it’s great for focus, calmness and better mental agility. That’s why people are looking for the best place to buy Phenibut that’s reliable, that doesn’t cost a fortune.

In this Phenibut review, we will take a look at its benefits and features, what the safe dose is, and why it’s so popular when used with kratom.

Plus, I’ll tell you all about using Phenibut for benzo withdrawal, and let you know about the recommended seller from which you can find really high-quality Phenibut for sale.

What Is Phenibut?

Phenibut was designed in the Soviet Union in the 1960s. It was meant for people undergoing psychiatric treatment and had a range of perceived benefits.

Its properties can help with insomnia, depression, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, stuttering, irregular heartbeat, focus, mental clarity, and calmness. In fact, it’s even been used by Soviet cosmonauts to stay calm on the way up into space.

Generally, people are looking to take advantage of its benefits in the following ways:

  • It’s a “nootropic” meaning it enhances thinking, focus, motivation, and memory
  • It can really chill you out, and keep you calm are tough times
  • Phenibut can help to deal with withdrawal symptoms

So it’s obviously popular with students, who are looking for increased cognitive function, increasing their attention and concentration levels dramatically.

It’s also really good for people who have social anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or some other antisocial disorder.  Phenibut can really help to calm you down and allow you to live life better.

Phenibut can also deal with some withdrawal symptoms, and is very good for recovering alcoholics, although it doesn’t mix well with alcohol at all.

It does all this because it mimics one of the brain’s natural inhibitory neurotransmitters, called GABA.

Interestingly, GABA has also been linked in sports science studies to improving the body’s recovery times, because it’s a muscle relaxant, so even athletes are interested in Phenibut and its GABA agonist ability.

Phenibut Dosage

Using Phenibut For Benzo Withdrawal

 Medications used for benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms tend to be quite aggressive and can cause a lot of side effects.

Some people have found that Phenibut gives relief for those symptoms. That’s because it can calm people down, helping with some of the main withdrawal symptoms.

However, it should be treated with some caution, as higher doses could create problems in themselves. There is anecdotal evidence that higher doses of Phenibut can cause issues when dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re going to try and use Phenibut for benzo withdrawal, it’s recommended to taper coming off benzo and use the smallest dose of Phenibut you possibly can.

Get Your Phenibut Dosage Right

 I just talked about taking a reasonable dose of Phenibut, but making sure you regulate it, it shouldn’t be too high for the purposes you need.

Because it’s not regulated, and poorly researched, it’s very difficult for anyone to state clearly what the “right” dose of Phenibut is.

But in terms of giving you average Phenibut dosage guides, the following are usually accepted as good brackets:

  • A light dose of up to 750 mg
  • A typical dose of up to 1500 mg
  • Strong dose above 1500 mg

Note that at high doses, Phenibut can be very sedating. But the point is that when it’s prescribed, which is still in old Soviet countries, it’s not about taking a large single dose.

The average prescribed dose is 500 mg, several times per day. So although people might be taking 2000 mg a day, they are not whacking that all down their throats in one go.

Please do not use Phenibut every day. It can create an emotional addiction. I would suggest you use it only a couple of times a week when you really need to calm down or focus.

Phenibut side effects

Should You Buy Phenibut At Walmart?

 A few years back, when I first heard about Phenibut, I was amazed to hear that you could buy it from Walmart. So I did buy Phenibut at Walmart and gave it a try.

I have to say it was really poor quality. I’ve used other similar drugs, including modafinil as a nootropic. So I knew what I was talking about. This stuff sucked.

But then I read that it had a really bad reputation from Walmart, and was poor quality. In the end, Walmart stopped selling Phenibut, mostly due to legality reasons I think.

So look, it’s not possible to find Phenibut for sale at Walmart, GNC, Amazon, anywhere like that. It’s all been changed, due to the big stores not wanting legal battles, and so you can only now get it from independent, online sellers.

Using Phenibut And Kratom

Some people use Phenibut with kratom. They suggest that the synergy in the mechanisms creates a very smooth high, and produces enhanced effects of both substances.

It’s the combination of kratom hitting the opioid receptors, producing calmness, pain relief, and mood enhancement, alongside Phenibut hitting the GABA-b receptors, producing additional calmness and focus, that creates the total experience.

On the flipside of that, both can cause sedation at high doses. So by combining both, you could run an increased risk of being overly sedated, or passing out. The dose is very important to watch and control.phenibut reviews

Phenibut Side effects

The side-effects of Phenibut are mostly mild, and as long as you don’t take it more than a couple of times a week, you should not really experience any. But if you start taking doses of 500 mg or more on a regular basis, then you could potentially suffer from some of the following side effects:

A feeling of agitation, negative excess energy, jitteriness, reduction in appetite, depression, depersonalization, heart palpitations, muscle tension, fatigue, dizziness, nausea.

With extreme use, regular doses of 1000 mg or more, it’s possible to develop tolerance and emotional addiction. Withdrawal symptoms in such circumstances can be significant, with Phenibut withdrawal being very challenging to deal with.

Best Place To Buy Phenibut

Which leaves people wanting to experiment with Phenibut asking the obvious question: Where to buy Phenibut?

Obviously, you don’t want to get ripped off, poisoned, or get into trouble, so it has to be pure, and from a reputable seller. One place I found that’s great to buy real Phenibut from, is Swisschems which carries genuine Phenibut.

It’s a powder, not capsules or pills. You also get a small plastic scoop that allows you to precisely measure the dose of powder you need, without a micro-scale. I’ve used this stuff quite a few times, and it really does help with relaxation, focus, and positivity. sells 50g of pure Phenibut powder for only $24.99, this is the lowest price you will find online.

Even if you’re not in the USA you can get free shipping on orders over $300, and they ship from the Far East as well as the USA, meaning that wherever you are in the world, you can get your order rapidly.

Phenibut for sale


How are phenibut and alcohol together?

As with most things in moderation, Phenibut and alcohol together can work well. Phenibut stimulates the GABA-b receptors, while alcohol stimulates the GABA-a receptors. So it works fine until you get to very high doses, in which case both substances start to stimulate both the a and b receptors, creating overload.

So at a high dose, the benefits disappear, you will start to get extreme drowsiness, lethargy, and inability to coordinate, vomiting, and with continued use, depression. So treat Phenibut and alcohol with respect, and use both together sparingly.

What is Phenibut High?

At higher doses, around 1000 mg or more, it is possible to experience a euphoric high with Phenibut. This is because Phenibut removes anxiety, increases sociability, and makes you feel much more positive.

Alongside this, you will also feel more focused, efficient in your thinking, and this will lead to a sense of clarity and direction. You’ll “feel” more than usual, you’ll feel in the rhythm, and every little detail will seem more succinct.

In chemical terms, it interacts with the GABA receptors, plus also it interacts with the dopamine receptors, both of which are crucial to elevated mood and regulation, and at high levels, this can lead to out-of-control happiness.

How long does phenibut last?

Phenibut is great value for money because the effects can last for quite some time. An average dose of around 500 mg can last up to 6 hours.

Phenibut kicks in after around 30 minutes, especially on an empty stomach. Those effects come on fast and are also long-lasting. So a single dose can get you through a lot of the day. Some people split it into two doses of around 3-500 mg, twice, or sometimes three times per day, to keep the effects going all day and through the evening.

Can you overdose on Phenibut?

Although the side-effects of Phenibut are not powerful unless you take a very high dose, it is possible to overdose on Phenibut with some negative consequences.

Because of how it interacts with the central nervous system, a very high dose of Phenibut can produce an increased heart rate, introduce shallow breathing, prompt a drop in blood pressure, as well as causing nausea and possibly vomiting.

Psychologically, it can also induce anxiety and uncertainty, and in some cases psychosis. Physically, it can create tremors and shakes, muscle spasms, and visual problems.

An overdose of Phenibut is usually only possible over 2000 mg, with most reported severe overdoses at 3000 mg or higher.

What’s the difference between phenibut and Xanax?

Xanax is a GABA-a agonist, whereas Phenibut is a GABA-b agonist.  Xanax, therefore, affects the nervous system in the same way as alcohol in many ways. Coordination, memory, reflexes, speech, can all be negatively affected by Xanax, in a way that they aren’t with Phenibut.

Phenibut keeps you more alert and happy, without feeling slightly drunk. So although both of them minimize anxiety, increased positivity and confidence, it’s Phenibut which does that without so many downsides.

On top of that, Xanax is linked to more side effects, both during taking it, and withdrawal symptoms afterward. Phenibut can also have strong withdrawal symptoms, but fewer people struggle with the problems that people coming off strong doses of Xanax do, with some experiencing life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

However, at higher doses Phenibut is believed to also be a partial GABA-a agonist, meaning that the higher the dose, the more the positive effects get canceled out, and you start to lose those beneficial feelings.

Can you use Phenibut and Weed together?

Many people use Phenibut and weed together for a very positive experience. The Phenibut cancels out some of the negative aspects of smoking cannabis, such as paranoia. It’s often said that it produces the best cannabis high because you still feel confident and relaxed, talkative, so it feels like you high on cannabis, but you have energy and clarity punching through it.

If you do use Phenibut and weed together, you should take the Phenibut well in advance of smoking cannabis. This is because Phenibut takes around half an hour to kick in, and the effects peak after around 1-2 hours. So taking Phenibut at least two hours before smoking a joint is a solid strategy.

So someone using Phenibut and weed together will be less wanting to drift away and sit in a chair and is more likely to want to get up, go and talk to people, and be more energized on that cannabis high.

What is the difference between GABA and phenibut?

Phenibut is a GABA agonist. It achieves this by crossing the blood-brain barrier. GABA introduced into the body cannot on its own cross the blood-brain barrier, unless you are an individual who has a leaky blood-brain barrier. In fact, doctors introduce high doses of GABA into people who they suspect might have problems with blood leaks in the brain, to see if GABA interaction increases.

So Phenibut has effects such as lowering of anxiety, improvement of energy levels and focus, and at higher doses euphoria. GABA, unless you use a prodrug to help it cross the blood-brain barrier, or you have a weak barrier, is almost useless to take on its own.

How long does Phenibut take to kick in?

How Long Phenibut takes to kick-in will depend on a couple of things. Firstly, who you are will matter. If you have a big body mass, or an underlying condition, or are on other medications that can interfere with it, then onset could be slower.

Secondly, it will depend on whether you have an empty stomach or not. Because it’s a powder that you ingest, it has to be absorbed by the stomach into the bloodstream and then crosses the blood-brain barrier to interact with the GABA-b receptors. If you have a full stomach, this can delay the process by as much as an hour.

The quality of the Phenibut will also matter. The higher the grade, then the quicker it will kick in.

But, in ideal conditions, a normal person, with pure Phenibut, and an empty stomach, will start to feel the effects within 30 minutes, with full effects felt within one hour, peaking in hours 2-3.

How is having sex on Phenibut?

Having sex on Phenibut can be a variable experience, depending on whether you are male or female, and what the situation is sexually, and personally.  Some people report an increased libido, better sex, that lasts longer and feels much more rewarding.

But this could be because Phenibut removes anxiety, and relaxes the body and brain. That extra confidence, removal of sexual anxiety problems, and just feeling good, can make sex feel better without it having any direct effect.

So if you have sex using Phenibut, it could feel better, simply because you are more confident and can let the feelings wash over you. Plus, you could experience a higher desire to have sex, which can be particularly useful for women.

Can you build a Phenibut tolerance?

Yes, you certainly can build a Phenibut tolerance, and quite rapidly if you take it irresponsibly. The reason you build tolerance is that the GABA receptors get used to that saturation, and therefore underperform. When it’s removed, they struggle to go back to normal for some time, which can lead to significant withdrawal symptoms.

Phenibut tolerance will therefore obviously grow the more you use it, and the higher the dose you take, because you will be saturating the receptors more frequently and to a higher level.

To avoid building a Phenibut tolerance, stick to using it as infrequently as possible, a couple of times a week. You can use it all day, or more than one on certain occasions, but it’s important to use it as little as possible, and have lots of breaks between using it. If you ever take the same dose as normal and don’t feel the same effects, and as long as it’s pure Phenibut, it’s a warning sign of tolerance, and you should take a break.

What does phenibut feel like?

Within about 30 minutes you will start to feel the effects of Phenibut, and after two hours you will be fully in the zone of its effects.

Phenibut effects are mainly around reducing anxiety, which increases confidence, and positivity. You will feel more lucid, in control, and some people on higher doses call it “god-like” in terms of how it makes them feel.

After the peak of around three hours, you will get another couple of hours where the effects will start to lessen. Total time on Phenibut is usually around 5-6 hours, during which time you feel more productive, more positive, more energized, more perceptive, and with an increased ability to focus.

Can you take phenibut 2 days in a row?

You can take Phenibut every day if you want, but you’ll suffer side effects and rapid building up of tolerance.

It is perfectly possible to take Phenibut two days in a row, as long as you have a few days break after that. It’s recommended not to take Phenibut more than a couple of times a week, especially at higher doses of 500 mg or more.

So you won’t do any damage or build tolerance just taking Phenibut two days in a row, as long as that’s not frequent. Once per week should be fine, unless you are particularly susceptible to building tolerance in your GABA receptors.

Can you take Phenibut daily?

Yes, you can take Phenibut daily, but it’s strongly advised not to. Over a short space of time, you could cope with taking it daily, say a week. Some people take it for longer than this, sometimes several weeks, with a few weeks break in between.

However, taking Phenibut daily is the easiest way to build up a tolerance. The more tolerant your GABA receptors become, the more they rely on the Phenibut, which means you will need an increased dose to get the same results.

So if you come off Phenibut after taking it daily for some time, the side-effects and withdrawal symptoms can be horrendous. You can take Phenibut daily, but it’s strongly recommended to limit it to a couple of days per week, and make sure that you have complete weeks break every now and again.

Can you snort phenibut?

Some people do snort Phenibut, and it can produce a more instant effect in the body. However, a lot of the powder is not absorbed, and it does not lead to such a complete and satisfying experience as digesting Phenibut in the stomach does.

On top of that, Phenibut is a caustic powder. This means it irritates the nasal passage, which will cause significant problems in some people. Over time, this caustic effect can lead to damage of the nasal passages. You will experience a burning sensation which is unpleasant, and you will need a higher dose to get the same effect.

Phenibut dose for euphoria

If you want to try and use Phenibut for euphoria, then you are going to need a high dose. An average dose of Phenibut is usually 500 mg or less, once, or twice per day to produce ongoing cognitive benefits.

But a euphoric dose of Phenibut will be a much higher one, taken at once. Most people report needing a dose of around 1000 mg to experience euphoria, sometimes even higher. But it is recommended never to take more than 2000 mg of Phenibut at any one time, as this can lead to an overdose.

Where to buy phenibut locally?

Some places locally like Walmart do sell Phenibut. However this is not always the case, and Walgreens and CVS definitely do not sell Phenibut locally. This is because of its unpredictable nature, and the fact it’s unlicensed, meaning it could result in lawsuits.

Some headshops and other independent retailers do also sell Phenibut. However, in all of these cases were Phenibut is sold locally, it’s mostly low quality, and not to be trusted.

It’s far better to buy Phenibut online, where you can see user reviews, search online to see the reliability of the company selling it, and stand a far higher chance of actually obtaining pure Phenibut, at a cheaper price than you ever could in a physical store.

Does phenibut show up on drug test?

The short answer is no, Phenibut does not show up on any standard drug test. It doesn’t matter how many panels it has, even the maximum 12-panel drug test in the USA does not check for the presence of Phenibut.

Should you take phenibut on empty stomach?

You will get a much more unified and clean Phenibut experience if you take it on an empty stomach. If you take it on a full stomach it takes longer to digest, and that interaction with the GABA receptors will be over a long time before full effects kick in, lowering the effectiveness of the dose. You should always take Phenibut on an empty stomach to get the maximum effects, that will kick in within around 30 minutes under those circumstances.


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