Adrafinil Effects, Dosage, Where To Buy It Online

Any Adrafinil review will tell you that it’s a smart drug, that is sold under several brand names, as well as being available as a generic drug. But it won’t necessarily tell you about its side effects.

It’s a nootropic that was created in France in the 1970s. It was created initially to help people with sleeping problems. But it quickly became obvious that Adrafinil can enhance cognitive abilities.

So it’s coveted by students, business people, and people who just want to get more done. But you do need to get your hands on good quality Adrafinil, as there are so many generic products out there, many of them of which are very poor quality.

In this review, I’m going to tell you about the Adrafinil method, dosage, and conclude by telling you the best place to buy proper Adrafinil.

How Adrafinil Works

Adrafinil was developed for people with narcolepsy primarily, but also to help try and enhance cognitive abilities in the elderly.

Its chemical makes up is diphenylmethyl sulfinyl-2 acetohydroxamic acid, a compound that was found to really aid alertness and mental function.

Adrafinil is actually a prodrug of modafinil. What that means is that Adrafinil is converted in the body into modafinil by the liver. This was not known for some time until it was realized through research. A prodrug is a substance that gets broken down by the body, and during that process is metabolized into something else.

At lower doses, it increases the production of a neurotransmitter called hypocretin. This can help promote alertness and wakefulness.

Its the whole chemical process in the body involves the following:

  • Increases dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, histamine, glutamate
  • Decreases GABA

But at a higher dose, it can significantly reduce fatigue. Further, at higher doses, it has been found to significantly improve mental clarity and retention, speed of thinking, and productivity.

So in terms of how Adrafinil works, the dose is critical. The higher the dose, the better the effects, although they plateau and eventually provide no further benefits. In addition, higher doses can lead to more side effects.

what is Adrafinil

The Effects Of Adrafinil

 So the bottom line here is that Adrafinil is perfect for people looking for a mental boost, a real improvement in their cognitive function for a short period time. It ideal for students, business people, and those who need a lift.

It allows you to think more clearly, faster, and retain information better. You’ll feel more enthusiastic, full of ideas, and more perceptive. In addition, your reaction times may become faster.

Basically, you’ll feel awake. More alive.

Having said all that, there haven’t been any studies that have really covered the nootropic effects of Adrafinil in any depth. However, the wealth of social responses online over the past decade would suggest that there would have to be an awful lot of people not telling the truth, for its effects to not be real.

Correct Adrafinil Dosage

Because there hasn’t been much research, and because it’s used for things like narcolepsy, where it’s dosed for that, we can’t really talk much about Adrafinil dosage for nootropic benefits.

However, in terms of the correct Adrafinil dosage for nootropic effects, it’s often in the lower range, but will depend on the individual, with 1000 mg often cited as a good dose to take.

I would say if you’re thinking of trying Adrafinil, to start with a dose as low as 300 mg, which is the standard single tablet dose in many cases. If that doesn’t do much, double the dose, and then add another to get to 900 mg. By that point, you should definitely be feeling the benefits.

Adrafinil Side Effects

Adrafinil has shown through research to have a very low potential for addiction. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get addicted to it, but as it’s been prescribed for a range of purposes for a few decades around the world, so we would know if there was a strong addictive potential.

Any decent Adrafinil review has to mention that there could be side-effects, especially if  your Adrafinil dosage is too high, and to frequent:

  • Adrafinil is converted in the liver, which opens up a small potential for liver damage with prolonged, heavy use
  • It could potentially elevate blood pressure
  • Raised stress and aggression levels
  • Nausea
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Dry mouth
  • Stomach pain
  • Skin irritation

Adrafinil Vs Modafinil

In terms of the results, Adrafinil Vs modafinil has little to choose between it.

On both, you will feel you are in a deep focus zone, you will feel more in tune, more energized, able to think more clearly, better motivated, and with improved memory retention, for around six hours on a dose of around 600 mg, but sometimes as low as a single 300 mg pill.

The reason for this is that, as you now know, Adrafinil is metabolized into modafinil in the liver. So the chemical action that produces the nootropic effects is identical, it’s just that Adrafinil has to be metabolized before it will work.

Some people suggest that they don’t sweat as much using Adrafinil, as they do modafinil. I’ve never experienced that, but a lot of people say it. So if you have sweat problems anyway, hyperhidrosis, and you’re dripping buckets on modafinil, then you could try Adrafinil.

best place to buy Adrafinil

Best Place To Buy Adrafinil

So look, I know you’re obviously curious about Adrafinil, and through this Adrafinil review, you now realize that it has the potential to dramatically improve your alertness and cognitive abilities, with low side-effects.

But where can you buy this stuff, that’s reliable, safe and affordable?

best place to buy adrafinil

Well, the place I found is is a reputable website where you can buy 100%Adrafinil completely risk-free, and for a great price.

In terms of being risk-free, you get a 100% moneyback guarantee on your order. In terms of a quality guarantee, every batch is lab tested by an independent professional lab, and those purity reports are published on the product pages of the website.

So let’s look at the price. will sell you 5 g of Adrafinil for the incredibly low price of $15.49.

I’ve bought Adrafinil from both and Absorb Health, and the quality is exactly the same, you’ll get a brilliant experience, and the pricing is fantastic.

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