Where To Buy Kratom Online | List Of Legit Kratom Vendors

Buying kratom online can be an absolute nightmare. Kratom vendor reviews are often poor quality, and trying to figure out who sells the best kratom can be virtually impossible.

I know. I’ve been on that journey over the past three years. It started off with buying it locally, and it was a disaster. I gave up, but then after having my eyes opened once again, I started searching online for the best kratom vendors.

Through trial and error, I eventually nailed down a handful of the places to buy kratom online, who always provided pure kratom, and have never let me down.

So I’m going to tell you exactly what to look for when you’re trying to find high quality kratom online, and what to avoid. I’ll tell you about what to look for in the sellers, and how to spot kratom vendors to avoid.

Plus, I’m going to conclude this kratom vendor review, by giving you my five best kratom sellers, based on my own trial and error experiences, so at least you have somewhere to start your journey with high-quality kratom.

The Quality Of Kratom Is Vital

The experiences you can achieve with kratom are incredible if I’m honest. I’ve had a really good journey and enjoyed lots of benefits from sensibly using kratom over the past two years.

Great kratom, whether it’s red, white, green or yellow, can help in the following ways:

For me, that’s a long and impressive list of positive benefits from using kratom. But if you don’t find the best places to buy kratom online, then you could be stuck with bad kratom that doesn’t deliver those benefits.

Even worse, if you buy kratom locally, then the problems you face around sourcing good quality kratom can be even more challenging, and it’s the reason most people give up on the journey of discovering the benefits of kratom.

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Quality Standards The Top Kratom Sellers Have

If you want the best kratom experience possible, using the minimum dose, and spending the least amount of money you can to get good quality kratom, then it’s essential that you source from the best kratom vendors, who have rigorous standards, that are easy to define, spot, and get evidence of.

I learned this the hard way. I tried kratom from a local seller, and it was awful. I gave up until a friend gave me some kratom a year or so later, but he got from a high-quality online seller. The kratom blew my mind eased my pain and anxiety, and I’ve never looked back.

But that wasn’t the end of my journey, because I quickly realized a lot of the online sellers, including some on the first page of Google, aren’t very good. And I went on a bit of a mission to learn about kratom quality so that I could spot the signs that I was going to be buying pure, guaranteed kratom.

So let me outline the quality standards that the best kratom sellers follow so that you can benchmark reading kratom vendor reviews, and make a better decision about the best place to buy kratom online.

  1. Kratom has to be harvested and dried correctly. It’s the harvesting of the right leaves, and how they are dried, which makes the kratom good quality.

The traits of kratom mostly come from the drying process, it’s not just about the color of the veins which determines it’s alkaloid profile. So the kratom has to be harvested and dried by Southeast Asian experts, using traditional techniques, and care.

  1. The kratom has to be fresh. That means it has to be harvested and dried in a timely fashion and then exported quickly. When it arrives, it has to be packaged quickly, and expertly.

On top of that, it can’t sit around for months, because kratom loses its potency pretty quickly. This means you’re looking for a company with high turnover so that the stock is always fresh.

  1. Good kratom vendors import directly, they don’t source from third-party importers. That means they know exactly who they are dealing with, where the kratom has come from, it’s quality, how long ago it was made, and they have control over their own supply.
  2. The companies that sell the best quality kratom will offer a money back guarantee because they are confident about the source and quality of their kratom stocks.

On top of that, good vendors independently lab test each batch of kratom, to make sure it’s alkaloid profile and quality is good. They will either publish those lab test reports on their website or make them available to people should they wish.

trusted kratom vendors

Reasons Kratom Will Be Poor Quality

Just as there are ways you can spot kratom that should be good quality, so you can raise the chances of finding someone who sells the best kratom they can possibly source and package, you can then use the same criteria to spot kratom retailers who are poor quality.

But there are several additional ways you can spot kratom that could potentially be poor quality:

  • The kratom vendor is constantly pushed online using dodgy kratom vendor reviews. You’ll spot lots of fake reviews on things like Reddit, posing as real people, and YouTube videos, where someone has obviously been paid on a site like Fiverr to produce a video saying how brilliant the kratom from the vendor is.
  • They won’t offer quality guarantees either through a money back guarantee or have any verification of the sourcing and quality of the kratom available.
  • If you send an email, they won’t be able to tell you where the kratom has come from, they won’t tell you how fresh it is, and they won’t be able to offer any expertise.
  • They will constantly offer deals, or the kratom will be suspiciously low in price when compared to some of the high quality recommended kratom vendors I will list at the end of this kratom vendor review.

Where Not To Buy Kratom

Please don’t make the mistake I made right back at the start of my journey with kratom, by thinking you can buy high-quality kratom locally.

I’m telling you from bitter experience, the even in the big cities, the best kratom vendors don’t exist there.

Sure, you can buy kratom at smoke shops, gas stations, and little corner convenience stores. But the quality is awful. It’s stored badly. Kratom stored in heat, under lights, not in good condition, will lose its potency in a few months.

Plus you don’t get any expertise. The person selling it doesn’t care, they don’t even know what kratom is half the time.

My classic mistake was to buy it from a smoke shop locally. I thought “kratom is kratom”. But it’s not. Now I realize there are so many nuances to it, and a lot of the experiences you have with the effects of kratom are about the quality of the kratom, just as much as whether it’s red, green or white kratom.

I think the first kratom I ever bought was meant to be a White Borneo. Within 30 minutes of taking it, I felt a bit warm, and I think I had a bit more energy for a while. But that was it, and it was $20 down the drain.

It wasn’t until about a year later that a friend offered me some kratom that he bought from a company called The Evergreen Tree, an online vendor, and someone I now recognize as one of the best kratom vendors, who always come out top in genuine kratom vendor reviews.

The experience with that kratom blew my mind. I had energy, focus, enthusiasm, and my depression was absolutely destroyed for several hours. I knew at that point, that I’d been seriously misled by buying kratom locally, rather than taking the time to work out the best place to buy kratom online instead.

Be Wary Of Vendor Reviews

As I said earlier, you do have to be careful about reading kratom seller reviews online. You’ll be told who sells the best quality kratom, but there’s never any evidence to back it up.

A classic way you can tell is spotting fake reviews on places like YouTube and Reddit. They will always tell you its excellent kratom, and they will then always drop in the name of the place they got it from.

The other way the fake reviews happen, is people write to them. But not like this informal review. You’ll spot what I mean when you see them. The English is poor, often not a native English writer. That means they haven’t paid much money for the fake review.

Plus, the kratom will always be described in weird ways. You’ll be told it’s rare. You’ll be told it’s one of the most popular strains of kratom, except those reviews say every type is.

You will also be told it’s one of the most “useful” strains, whatever the hell that means, and there will be a generic list of effects. Plus you will also usually get a rambling monologue about the kratom tree. They are easy to spot, once you know the signs.

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List Of Kratom Vendors That I Trust

So look, on my journey to find high-quality kratom, I went through the horror of buying local kratom that was virtually useless.

I then went on a two-year journey to find reputable kratom sellers, and it took me months to work out who sells the best kratom. But hopefully, with the advice I’ve given you here, you’ll be able to spot the best vendors, and now you’ll hopefully spot fake kratom vendor reviews as well.

These are my top five favorite kratom companies. I’ve used all of them several times over the past couple of years, and each one of them ticks all the boxes I’ve mentioned in this review.

  1. TheEvergreenTree

These guys are the first ones I experimented with buying kratom from after a friend gave me some to try. It was White Borneo, and it was a fantastic first experience. So The Evergreen Tree the first place that I ordered kratom from.

They only sell loose powder, which is why I also looked for other vendors right at the start, because for me, the best place to buy kratom online at the time, was one the capsules as well as loose powder. But after one order, I was back to Evergreen Tree.

So, if you just want the very best loose kratom powder you can find on the Internet, that’s 100% pure, fresh, and imported directly from organic farmers who traditionally produce their kratom, then The Evergreen Tree is the people to go for.

Of particular note to me was their Super Green kratom powder, plus I also tried red kratom from them for the first time also. It was Red Thai, which is not the most potent for an opiate-like experience, but it’s very good for relaxation and pain relief, which was what I was suffering from at the time. That red Thai from Evergreen Tree knocks the pain right out.

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  1. Coastline Kratom

Coastline kratom with the second place I found when I was looking to find who sells the best kratom online. There were tons about them on kratom vendor reviews, and a lot of it felt genuine. I wasn’t disappointed, my first order was quickly delivered, and the quality of the kratom was just as good as that does my friend had given me.

I’m always partial to White Vein Bali, because it’s so uplifting and energizing, and you can get a real euphoric high from it as well. Plus Green Malay. I really love that for euphoria and generating relaxed enthusiasm for whatever I’m going to do.

Coastline sells awesome White Bali and Green Malay. Better than that, they sold both of those in capsule form. Because I was new, I went for capsules for the first couple of times, because they are convenient. You know the exact dose you’re getting, and you don’t have to taste kratom, which I found was quite bitter (although the more bitter is, the better I found that is because it means it’s fresh).

So if you’re a beginner, I really would recommend kratom capsules as the place to start. Coastlinesells amazing capsules, and loose kratom and they do variety packs of both capsules and loose powder, which is perfect for experimenting with. UPDATE: Coastline Kratom has ceased operation!

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  1. Tropichealthclub

Tropic Health has created the “caviar” of Kratom. Their 3rd party tested strains are considered some of the finest quality on the market. they sell the top shelf varietals their Red Maeng Da and Green Bali.

This is the only Kratom company endorsed by a medical doctor, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee because they know their Kratom could relieve your pain, benefit your mood & increase your energy.

Tropic Health takes credit and debit cards, no more old-school e-checks or costly bitcoin transactions to shady vendors. Your shipping is FREE, they give awesome money back guarantee, and the highest quality Kratom.

UPDATE: Coastline Kratom has ceased operation!


  1. BuyKratom.us

The third of my “go-to” trusted kratom vendors, is another company that sells the great quality kratom I’ve ever experienced, with very little to choose between any of these five experienced kratom sellers I’m highlighting if I’m honest.

I’ll talk about a couple of differencaqes here though so that you can see why I choose different kratom retailers at different times.

BuyKratom sells very good quality kratom, almost as good as coastline kratom. But what really sets them apart for me, is their variety packs. They sell white, red, and green variety packs, which have 4-6 different strains of kratom in each. That is brilliant, because it allows you to experiment with several types of the same vein color, so you can decide what the best kratom is for your needs.

Of particular note for me, was my discovery of Red Sumatra kratom. It’s gentle, peaceful, pain-relieving, and simply blissful at a moderate dose of around four grams. You really don’t need a large dose of good quality kratom.

In addition to variety packs, they also sell extracts. Kratom extracts are very powerful strains of kratom, and if you’re looking for an incredible kratom experience, then I’d recommend you give their 50x kratom extract a try, it’s like rocket fuel, and you will only need 2-3 grams.

On top of that, these guys also sell CBD oil, plus some other interesting herbal highs like Akuma seeds and Blue Lotus. That’s why I find these guys great because they have good prices, good guarantees, high-quality kratom, plus the option to top-up your order with other good stuff like CBD oil at the same time.

best place to buy kratom online

  1. Kratomcapsules.com

You will not be surprised to learn that this company sells fantastic quality kratom capsules. I’ve already talked to you about how good kratom capsules are for beginners, because of the regulated dose, and convenience. You can literally take them anywhere.

I would particularly recommend their super Bali capsules. Super kratom is made from the strongest leaves of the tree and is often just a little bit stronger than standard kratom powder. So it’s well worth trying, alongside standard kratom, to see if it’s for you. I love green Malay, and although I don’t get kratom from these guys as often as a couple of the other places, I always make sure I’m getting Green Malay here because it’s awesome quality.

Kratomcapsules.com also sells the same high-quality kratom as loose powder. They aren’t as well-known as some of the other companies I’ve mentioned here, but if you’re looking for who sells the best kratom, then these are definitely my unsung heroes.

Plus, they also sell several other herbal highs, things you could really find interesting alongside kratom, namely Akuamma, Kava and Chuchuhuasi. But I would say, that if you are going to experiment with any of those, that you read up about them online because they can cause problems for some people.


  1. Originalharvestkratom.com

The last of my top five Best kratom vendors, based on my own two years of experience with buying kratom regularly, is originalharvestkratom.com. They aren’t as well-known as some other vendors, and you won’t find them on the front page of Google as much, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great company. They don’t just chuck money at search engines the same way other companies do.

They sell a wide range of kratom, leaf, which is a less ground down version of powder, plus good quality kratom powder, and kratom capsules. But I should also point out, that they do kratom capsules in extract versions, 10x strength to be precise.

So it’s another way of trying extracts, that are easy, safe and convenient in terms of the dose. I tried, and recommend the 10x Bali kratom extract capsules, like a really nice way to get into extracts. Not too overpowering, and Bali can be quite mild, with plenty of energy, pain relief, and feeling really chilled out. You’ll only need 3-5 capsules your first time to get the full kratom experience.

A rarity, I’ve never found anywhere else is yellow Hulu Kapuas kratom. These guys sell it as a powder, and I tried it out of curiosity about six months ago. Yellow is a bit like green, but usually slightly more aggressive. That was certainly the case, and I had tons of energy and enthusiasm, but it still had a nice balance to it, so it’s certainly worth trying.


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Kratom Vendor Reviews: Conclusion

Now look, kratom is a very individual thing. Two people taking exactly the same batch of powder together could have slightly different experiences. This means you will need to experiment, and that’s why I recommend kratom pills and variety packs for beginners. That’s where I fell down to start off with, and I ended up with tons of loose powder laying around.

The best kratom vendors are definitely out there but don’t be attracted to page one of Google results alone. The people who advertise and shout the loudest, or the names you read about most in dodgy reviews all over the Internet, aren’t always the best.

Look for those tell-tale signs of quality, because the best kratom sellers don’t need to resort to marketing gimmicks the way that people selling it cheap and in bulk do.

So if you’re looking to find where to buy kratom online from a reliable seller, any one of those five will be a good starting point.

I’m not trying to get you to use a specific kratom vendor in this review, I’m just telling you my experiences based on 2+ years of benefiting from the effects of pure, directly imported from Southeast Asia kratom. But ultimately, you have to find your own way, based on what you want to experience with kratom.

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