My Go-To Kratom Strains For Opiate High&Withdrawal

The opiate crisis globally is massive, and especially here in the USA. That’s why a lot of people are looking for the best kratom for opiate high feelings so that they can get off dangerous narcotic opiates.

Using kratom for opiate withdrawal, therefore, is big business, which is why so much misinformation and poor quality kratom is out there.

Which makes me really angry, because using kratom to get off opiates can really help people to get off kratom, so the negativity and the attempt by the government to ban kratom is insane.

So let’s look at the best kratom for an opiate high, let’s look at how you can deal with the pain and problems of opiate withdrawal with kratom, plus point you towards the types of kratom that can work best.

Kratom High Or Opiate Withdrawal?

I think here at the outset of this piece, I need to explain the difference between looking for a kratom high, and dealing with opiate withdrawal. Although the two are linked, meaning people who are using opiates will switch to kratom and may want to get high, that’s not everyone.

Some people may want to stay in control now and use the minimum possible dose of kratom to mimic the minor effects of opiates, but mainly to use it for analgesia, relaxation, and energy, to help them get past the brick wall of opiate addiction.

Which means that although people could be using kratom to get off opiates, they might have two different strategies, one which involves getting high to mimic the feeling they get from opiates, the other using lower doses to help them go “cold turkey” better.

So what I’m saying, is that the dose and type of kratom may not be the same for getting an opiate high, as it is for helping with opiate withdrawal symptoms, and I will cover both of those topics now.

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Using Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

The reason that using kratom for opiate withdrawal is such a good strategy, is because the alkaloids in it mimic the actions of opiates like heroin, morphine, and opium. In fact, kratom has a lot in common with morphine, which is why it so awesome for relieving pain.

However, what makes it good, is that it doesn’t directly attach to the opioid receptors in the body in the same way as things like heroin do. Kratom is only a partial agonist of the opioid receptors. But it still interacts with them, producing similar feelings, but without such intensity, or addictive potential.

In terms of using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms, it has the following characteristics which are beneficial:

  • Because it is similar to morphine, it has strong pain relieving abilities
  • It has the ability to sedate you, chilling you out
  • It can make you feel very calm and in control
  • Kratom can clear your mind and give you optimism
  • It can make your worries melt away
  • kratom has anti-inflammatory abilities
  • It can mimic the feelings of opiates, helping you to keep away from them
  • It can boost your energy levels, helping you to deal with life and depression
  • Kratom at lower doses can actually improve your mental clarity

So as you can see, there is a hell of a lot of positive reasons to use kratom to get off opiates. The key thing is the dosage for opiate withdrawal that you use.

You have to use the minimum possible, and for the minimum amount of time, until you are clear of the danger going back onto heroin, or whatever opiate you are struggling with.

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Best Kratom Strains For Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

 So let’s talk specifically about the strains that are best for opiate withdrawal symptoms. We are talking about red kratom.

White strains are too energizing, and won’t calm you down, nor take away the pain symptoms. It can also make people more anxious if they are already struggling with anxiety.

That’s the same with most types of green kratom. However, Green Malay is strongly associated with an opiate-like high feeling, a real euphoric high, and it can be used successfully to deal with opiate withdrawal symptoms.

However, the problem with most green kratom is that it still packs too much of energy and focus punch, which people looking for an opiate-like experience, and relieve symptoms, don’t like.

So we are talking mostly about red kratom, and I would suggest starting with Red Bali, one of the mildest reds, but also a classic red.

That means it has the ability, even at a moderate dose, to produce strong pain relief, chill you right out, make you feel very happy, plus retain energy and focus. At higher doses, it will definitely really allow you to drop out and wash the worries away.

Other classic red kratom strains that are good for opiate withdrawal include Red Borneo and Red Thai.

Dosage For Opiate Withdrawal

When it comes to the correct kratom dosage for opiate withdrawal, it’s going to be a very personal thing, based on your own tolerance levels of kratom, the effect you want to achieve, any physical, or mental problems you have, plus the quality and type of kratom.

That’s a lot of things to factor in, which is why the correct dose for opiate withdrawal will mean experimenting with different types of kratom, and different doses, until you get to the level you need.

If you get your hands on pure kratom, then generally, a low dose will be a couple of grams, and that should be your starting point. If it’s pure, you should start to feel calm, less in pain, less inclined to reach for opiates, but still fully in control. You may even feel slight energy and focus boost.

A moderate dose will be up to five grams. At this level, you should still feel the energy and focus boost, but pain, relaxation, and a feeling of a slight opiate high should happen. This 2-5 gram bracket is where most people find the best relief when using kratom for opiate withdrawal.

Best Kratom Strains For Opiate High

So linked to using kratom for opiate withdrawal, is using kratom for an opiate high. The two are linked, because a lot of people trying to get off opiates will substitute the blissful high of heroin for the less intense high of kratom, especially initially while they work their way off it.

The types of kratom you will use to achieve an opiate high will tend to be red kratom strains. Pretty much any will deliver an opiate-like high, as long as the dose is strong.

Another strain linked very strongly with an opiate high is Green Malay. Other green kratom strains can achieve this, but they tend to have a different balance of alkaloids, and are not as powerful in that respect, tending instead to deliver more energy and focus, too much for someone wanting to get off opiates.

So I would focus on Green Malay if you want an opiate high that also has quite a boost of energy. It’s very important to buy high-quality pure Green Malay kratom, I recommend this seller for powder and this vendor for Super Green Malay capsules.

But if you don’t want much energy and focus, you really want to feel no pain, to bliss-out, to drift, and experience that opiate euphoria, then a strong dose of red kratom is going to be best.

Red Malay, Red Thai, Red Bali, pretty much any red kratom strain can deliver a kratom high. But I would steer clear of Red Maeng Da, as this is often mixed with white kratom, making it very energizing.

However, if you are looking for the most opiate-like kratom, in terms of the high it can produce, then I would recommend Red Borneo.

In my experience, and with users on Facebook, and specialist groups on Reddit, the consensus is pure Red Borneo at higher dose can really deliver a truly opiate-like high, that strongly mimics that of something like heroin, but without the inherent dangers. If you are looking for the best red Borneo, I highly recommend this vendor.

Perfect Dosage For An Opiate High Experience

So when it comes to the correct kratom dose for an opiate high, not only will you have to use the best kratom for opiate high feelings, but it’s going to have to be a high dose.

A high dose of kratom can be problematic because it can build tolerance, and be overwhelming to some people. So I would strongly advise that you work up to that level, rather than just taking several grams of pure kratom, and finding it too much for you.

Most people, using pure kratom, something like Red Borneo, or Green Malay, find they hit a euphoric, opiate-like high, around 6-8 grams.

So in terms of achieving an opiate high using kratom, I would say start with 5 grams, and see if that’s enough. If you using Green Malay, you may find it’s too energizing, and you can’t get that chilled out feeling enough, but you will definitely feel euphoric.

With a classic red, like Red Borneo, at 5-6 grams, you should definitely start to feel the major effects of a kratom opiate-like high.

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How To Experiment With Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

If you are wanting to deal with opiate withdrawal, or you’d like to get off opiates by replacing the high you achieve using kratom, then you now know the sort of strains of kratom that are best for opiate high feelings.

You also know that the same types are good for relieving the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, it’s red kratom that can numb the pain, chill you out, but still give you energy and focus, at lower doses.

I would recommend you get a variety pack. These contain enough kratom for a dose or two, and each variety pack usually contains 3-6 different red strains. That way, you can experiment for a couple of weeks, to find the strain, and dose, that will work best for you, before investing more money.

A great alternative, it will give you a far more controlled approach to this, is to use red kratom capsules. You can buy all the main types of kratom in capsule form, from reputable sellers who market pure kratom.

The best kratom for opiate high feelings will be red, and if you want to control that feeling exactly, then you can dose precisely using kratom capsules.

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