Total Eclipse Assure Detox Drink [My Experience]

Just like all the brands out there, you’ll read Assure Detox reviews and think it could be the answer to your prayers. Total Eclipse detox, in common with most brands out there, claims to be able to detox your urine so you can pass a drug test.

But what’s the truth about Assure Detox maximum strength? How you take it, what ingredients does it have that make it special, and is it worth the money? Basically, does Assure Detox work?

Well, I’ve got the answer for you right here. I purchased Assure Detox maximum strength, and I’ve tested it. The results are here, plus, I’ll give you some alternative solutions for passing a urine sample drug test, should you reach the end of this Assure Detox review, and conclude that it’s not to be trusted.

What Is Total Eclipse Assure Detox?

The first bit of confusion you might get around what Total Eclipse detox actually is is by visiting the GNC website. On there, it’s listed as 32 fluid ounces. But bizarrely, when you look at the instructions on GNC for Total Eclipse Assure Detox, it tells you to take all four capsules with water.

So somehow, GNC has got the instructions mixed up. For clarity, Total Eclipse Assure Detox maximum strength is a drink, not a course of tablets.

I think the confusion comes because although Total Eclipse Assure is just a detox drink, they do a product called Affirm Detox, which is a drink +5 capsules, and one called Definite Detox, which comes with four capsules.

But for the purposes of contrasting Assure Detox reviews with my reality in this review, I’m testing and reviewing the Assure Detox one step cleansing system, which is 32 fluid ounces and does not contain additional capsules.

assure detox maximum strength

Assure Detox Instructions

Instructions for drinking Assure Detox are pretty straightforward, although not that clear when you first read them.

I could not work out how many times you were meant to refill the bottle with water, or how many times you should urinate, or how long it would be before you would be clear for a drug test. I think they specifically avoid those questions because they don’t want to be associated legally with drug testing, but also I think they’re covering their own backsides.

But the truth is that Total Eclipse Assure Detox instructions are very simple:

  1. Do not eat a large meal before drinking Assure Detox, and avoid unwanted toxins for as long as possible.
  2. Shake the bottle, then drink the contents at a steady pace.
  3. In the hour after drinking it, urinate as frequently as possible.

Total Eclipse Detox Review: My Experience

 So the instructions are pretty straightforward. It does say to drink plenty of water daily, whatever that actually means. So what I did was to drink the bottle of Total Eclipse Assure Detox maximum strength, then refilled the bottle, and about 30 minutes later drank that as well.

total eclipse assure detoxThen I urinated three times during that hour as well. I also hadn’t smoked for a couple of days before the test. I’m a large guy, and a regular smoker, but that would have dragged the toxin levels down considerably.

I tested using a home drug test kit, and it was positive. I waited another 30 minutes, and did a second one, and failed that as well.  A couple of weeks before I had tested another reputable brand of detox drink (I won’t say here which one), under almost identical circumstances, and both the tests I did were negative. For me, that’s pretty good proof that it’s not a good detox drink.

So for me, Total Eclipse Assure Detox doesn’t appear to work very well. The ingredients list looks impressive, but there are a few key ingredients missing when you compare them against the detox drinks that have a strong, and consistent, reputation. The devil is always in the detail.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work, and if you can only get your hands on Total Eclipse Assure Detox, then any in their range might work for you, but it’s far from certain. Better than water, better than nothing, but not something to rely on.

The only caveat is that they do say that if you are serious about your cleanse, then you should use their “Insurance capsules” prior to drinking Assure Detox. For me, that seems to be saying unless you have incredibly light toxin levels, then are detox drinks aren’t good enough on their own, so you’ll have to buy more stuff from us, to make sure they do.

Their insurance capsules appear to be the ones called Affirm capsules, which add $26 to the price, making your total outlay close to $75.

Does that sound like the sort of brand of detox drink, and price, that you would trust? Nope, me neither.

Recommended Detox Drinks

I’m going to end this Assure Detox review, by actually telling you that the best way to pass a drug test is not using a detox drink at all.

Fake urine is a safer choice. Clear Choice urine is the most complex fake pee on the market, and it will pass validity testing. On top of that, it uses heat activator powder, which gives you granular control over the temperature right up to the moment you submit it. In my experience, it’s almost foolproof and far less of a risk than any detox drink, there’s just less to go wrong because you are not relying on your body at all.

But if you don’t want to smuggle synthetic urine into the drug testing lab, then I would recommend Mega Clean and Rescue Cleanse.

I’ve used both of those brands of detox drink for real-life drug tests, so have my friends, and their track record online is very good as well. For me, any of those solutions are a better choice than relying on Total Eclipse Assure Detox, and I certainly wouldn’t believe any Assure Detox reviews that tell you it works to pass a drug test.


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