Are Super HD Extreme Reviews Right? Is This A Potent Fat Burning Supplement?

Let’s talk about super HD extreme. Reviews say it’s a potent pre-workout fat burning supplement.

However, a closer look tells me that it’s not all quite as good as the marketing suggests.

So in this super HD extreme review I’m going to tell you exactly what’s in it, and how it works. You’ll learn if the claims stack up, and whether it’s a fat burning supplement you should be considering using.

More than that, I’ll compare extreme to the original Super HD formula, and the newest product called Super HD ultimate. All billed as pre-workout fat burning and appetite suppression supplements.

Plus, I’m going to finish this guide/review by telling you about three other potent natural ingredients fat burners which could be better alternatives.

What Exactly Is Super HD Extreme?

Super HD extreme is an upgraded version of the original formula from a company called Cellucor. The original formula supplement was called super HD.

So what you’re getting, by implication in the name, is an extreme version. That would obviously make you think it was more potent in terms of its ability to burn fat.

The claims made about super HD extreme are as follows:

  • Proprietary blend of powerful ingredients
  • Uses a pre-workout supplement
  • Boost cognitive power
  • Boost determination
  • Improves endurance
  • Burns more fat
  • Suppresses appetite

That’s a lot of claims to pack into one pill. How do those claims stack up against ingredients actually in them?

Super HD Extreme Ingredients: Do They Stack Up To A Potent Formula?

So the best thing anyone doing a Super HD extreme review can do is to look at the ingredients, cross-reference with online published research, and see if they can possibly match the claims made about the product.

That’s exactly what I did, I won’t bore you with all the details here, and I’ll keep things brief so you can just get an understanding.

The problem with all Cellucor products is that they have “proprietary blend”. This is a way for companies to disguise the proportions of the ingredients in their products.

Super HD extreme has three proprietary blends:

  • Thermosculpting blend 250 mg (three ingredients)
  • Sensory impact blend 250 mg (eight ingredients)
  • Xtreme blend 435 mg (six ingredients)

We know what’s in each blend because they have to legally list ingredients. However we don’t know what proportion of each of those milligram doses they make up.

These are the active ingredients in super HD extreme:

  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Tetramethlyuric acid
  • Capismax cayenne
  • Fruit extracts
  • Caffeine cocrystal
  • Sceltium tortuosum
  • Aerial parts extract
  • Rauwolfia vomitoria

I’m not going to bother going through all of the 17 ingredients because a lot of them are very minor in nature, or the milligrams dosage is going to be so low that it would make no difference in your body.

It’s basically based around caffeine and cayenne as a supplement. Those are the two dominant ingredients.

Capismax cayenne is a proprietary formulation of cayenne pepper. I have no idea how it’s structurally different, it could mean virtually nothing. Caffeine generally is thermogenic, which accelerates fat loss, and reduces appetite.

So let’s turn to the caffeine. If you like caffeine, this supplement is stuffed with it. I’ll be honest, these are basically glorified caffeine pills.

The company did reveal how much caffeine is in each pill a while back. It was 300 mg. That’s not even the full story on caffeine though, because Tetramethlyuric acid is actually structurally similar to caffeine and acts in almost an identical way apart from being slightly more quick release in the body.

Which means more than half of what you are buying is caffeine. Sure, caffeine is great for energy and focus. It’s good for burning more fat than you can naturally as well.

However, it’s also dirt cheap. You can buy 200 mg caffeine pills in bottles of 100 or more for about $10 on Amazon. So why the hell would you pay $50 for these instead?

It really is that simple, and it comes down to that. Ingredients do not match the claims.

Super HD Extreme Vs Super HD

Let’s now turn to how the super HD extreme formula compares the original SuperHD one.

If the Super HD extreme formula is so bad, and focused almost entirely on caffeine, then what about the original product?

Well, strangely, the ingredients are almost totally different. There are far more in the original SuperHD, and the focus is not completely on caffeine in the way it is in the extreme product.

Considering that it costs one third the price, that’s really surprising to me.

Both do have caffeine in them. They do also both have the cayenne extract, and the bizarrely named Rauwolfia Vomitoria. Although it sounds awful, and it is in fact from a poisonous plant, it is known as a decent nootropic (it focuses you).

So overall, the original Super HD gave you energy, burned more fat, and gave you focus. All that for the very reasonable price of $30.

Super HD extreme was twice the price. You were paying twice as much money for product that had a lot of the original ingredients stripped out and replaced with two different forms of caffeine.

Super HD Extreme Vs Super HD Ultimate

Now let’s turn to comparing Super HD extreme against the latest product from the company called super HD ultimate.

Basically, the thing I have to point out you here is that Super HD extreme doesn’t exist any more. So this is actually a review of a product that is discontinued. I felt it was right to do a proper review/guide for you just in case you get your hands on some, or you’re thinking of trying Super HD, or ultimate.

Super HD ultimate is basically Super HD extreme rebranded. Sure, it’s got a few different ingredients, but the overwhelming focus is still on caffeine.

Even worse, it’s more expensive, coming in at an eye watering $80 for a month supply.

Let’s look at that progression. $30 for the original super HD with a decent formula. Then $60 for the “ultimate” version which was actually stripped down and stuffed full of caffeine.

Now the company is charging you $80 for a variant of extreme that still stuffed full of caffeine. Basically, in my eyes, it was rebranded and changed a little because there were so many poor reviews of Super HD extreme. So they discontinued it and relabeled it.

My Take On Super HD Extreme Cellucor Caffeine-Based Supplements

I don’t want you to get the idea that caffeine is useless. Far from it, it’s one of the most potent bodybuilding supplements out there for energy and fat burning.

Easily available, safe, and very effective. It will help you to burn more fat, gives you focus, and gives you physical energy.

However, it has to be in a format where the jitteriness and edginess is controlled by something else. A lot of supplements add L-Theanine, because that’s renowned and proven for smoothing the jitteriness and actually enhancing the cognitive and physical effects of the caffeine.

There’s nothing like that in any of these products, meaning that you’re getting significant dose of caffeine but without the smoothing.

There are plenty of other fat burning supplements out there which can give you focus, and energy boost, increase fat burning, and suppressed appetite without leaning so heavily on unrestrained caffeine.

Review Conclusion & Alternatives To Super HD Extreme

So as you’ve probably guessed, my verdict, the conclusion of this is to steer away from Super HD extreme if you can find it, and definitely stay away from Super HD ultimate, which is basically the same thing rebranded.

There are several really good pre-workout fat burning supplements out there. I use them, and they definitely work. There are thousands of reviews online from people using them as well.

Don’t look for the caffeine and then run away, if supplements have caffeine in them then that’s good, but it has to be in balance, otherwise you’re just paying for cheap caffeine.

The best alternatives to Super HD extreme that I’ve found are:

Hunter Burn contains natural stimulants, but not large amounts of caffeine. It contains ingredients which suppress appetite, and that induce focus and energy. Overall, it’s a brilliant pre-workout supplement.

PhenQ contains no caffeine at all. If you are susceptible to problems with caffeine, then this could be for you. It contains a-Lacys Reset as its main fat burning ingredient, which is definitely been proven to improve the body’s ability to burn fat.

And finally, Leanbean is another caffeine free fat burner and appetite suppressant. Its main ingredient is Glucomannan which is a strong appetite suppressant. It’s not quite so good on the fat burning though.

So overall, you could use one, or combine more than one, of the above 3 to get a good quality pre-workout supplement, and a strong appetite suppressant effect.

But whatever supplement you choose, check that caffeine dose. Check for its similar form, Tetramethlyuric acid, which is basically caffeine in disguise, and that it has something to smooth that jitteriness.

Also, it has to contain something which genuinely suppresses your appetite as well is producing fat burning effects.

No supplement is going to be perfect, but a little research can really help you to find one that’s close to matching your needs.


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