Bluesky Peptides Review: Are They Legitimate?

I have a lot to say about Bluesky Peptides, so I thought that putting it all together in a quick review would be the best way of going about it.

It’s not all negative, but there are some warning flags you need to be aware of, if you are thinking of placing an order with them.

So I urge you to read everything I’ve got to say here, based on my own experiences and research, and make a good decision on whether you should choose Bluesky Peptides for your SARMs and steroids purchases, or go with someone else.

So Who Are Bluesky Peptides?

Bluesky Peptides have been around for quite a few years. I know a lot of guys who swear by them.

Unfortunately, their authority in the market has diminished in the past couple of years. If you look on Reddit, there are a lot more frequent reports of poor quality results, or not feeling anything at all, or having adverse reactions.

Some people have good results, but for others, the accusations fly about whether they are watered-down, bulked out with other things, or simply liquid with nothing in them.

As I used them a few years back, but then moved on to a competitor because of a better cost and risk profile, I thought I would do some research to see what the basis is for this downturn in consumer confidence.

What Do Bluesky Peptides Sell?

Bluesky Peptides sell SARMs, other related supplements, and some newer supplements that are very close to anabolic steroids. That’s right, you heard it here, they do sell the supplements you’ll find online that are closest to anabolic steroids. You can buy things like Clenbuterol from Bluesky.

“Now how are they doing that?” I hear you scream, as these are the sort of substances that are chased down by the FDA, and the companies are shut down pretty smartish. How do they do that especially when they are claiming to have American-made supplements, and be based in the USA?

On a more clear-cut track, Bluesky also sells generic Nolvadex and Clomid (Clomiphene). So your PCT supplements are covered by them as well. This is quite rare, and there are only a couple of places I know who sell SARMs and other supplements that are androgenic, and also sell high-quality Nolvadex and Clomid as well.

All around, you can get pretty much everything from these guys, but there’s definitely an issue around this company I want to drill down into a bit further.

What’s The Quality Like?

I’ll address the concerns around Bluesky quality first, as that seems to be the thing that is escalating in online discussion and reporting.

When I researched about a month ago, I have never seen so many threads on Reddit appear, saying that they felt it was a scam, or at least poor quality.

Now I know that a lot of those are competitors, it’s just what happens on sites like Reddit and places like Twitter. They try and knock each other down to sell more peptides.

However, there was a consistency to it. These were experienced people saying they had bought from Bluesky before, but in the past couple of years, they just felt they weren’t getting the same kick from what they were buying. Anecdotally, when they moved on elsewhere, they were getting that full effect again.

So something is going on here, and tearing away the layers of misinformation, it does feel like there is an undercurrent of Bluesky having quality issues. Doesn’t mean they are a scam, but there could be something else going on.

low quality peptides

My Experience With Bluesky Peptides

Now I want to say here that I used to be a customer of these guys, and for a couple of years I never had a problem. Fast delivery, good quality SARMs, and I got great results.

So from my point of view personally, I haven’t had a negative experience. But I have found another supplier who offers higher purity for a lower price, hence why I switched.  But to give you a review of Bluesky SARMs here, I never had any problems. I stack them for bulking and cutting, and I made great progress.

The results I got were similar to SARMs that had before that, so there was no red flag for me. This means, my Bluesky experience has been fine, and I can’t be negative about them personally.

I Checked If I Was The Only One Who Had A Negative Experience

I have become concerned by the level of negative reviews I’m seeing on sites like Reddit though.

One of the key claims was that they are heavily underdosed. Obviously, I can’t verify that, but there are enough people claiming it to make me wonder if there’s an element of truth in it, because they simply can’t all be lying.

The more concerning thing for me is the lack of customer service. I’ve seen an increasing amount of people complaining direct to the company and then reporting online that they haven’t received replies at all, or have been fobbed off if they have received one.

If it’s a quality complaint, rather than getting any sort of refund, they are told that the purity reports show that their products are good quality, and so they won’t give them a refund.

Now let me just explain about those purity reports, because unless you use a legitimate company, they can easily be misleading.

Firstly, they can just be faked. It’s easy enough to do with Photoshop. As long as you know what data to enter, and you pick a lab that can be searched online, or you even make a fake lab website that can be checked out and can even respond to questions about the legitimacy, who’s to know?

Secondly, it’s little known, but when SARMs are exported from China, they come with export purity reports as standard. Some companies just publish those reports and then claim they are independently third-party verified lab reports.

Thirdly, they can be done in-house. You won’t see any external details at all, they will be generic or have a header with the name and logo of the company. They use cheap (and inaccurate) analysis kits that you can buy online and do it themselves.

So as you can see, although the purity reports thing is vital, it’s very easy for a company to completely fake this, and then use it as a shield to get around any sort of personal responsibility.

The Million Dollar Question: Is Bluesky Peptides Legit?

For me, Bluesky Peptides are legit. They do deliver SARMs and other peptides, and I’ve used them myself. Also, for me, the quality was fine, so they are legitimate. They are still selling SARMs and other peptides, and a lot of people are getting good results, so they definitely are working for most people.

However, that legitimacy has to be questioned slightly because of the fact that they are getting an increasing volume of people asking for their money back, and claiming that they are underdosing what they are selling.

The thing I want to shine a light on here as well as the claim that they are American-made peptides. Go ahead and look at their website, it’s at the bottom of the page. The truth is that that’s rubbish. They are imported from China, and you can see that simply by looking at some of the purity reports.

Also, there aren’t purity reports for every batch, only some types of supplements, and only for some batches. So the tracking and testing is simply incomplete, even if it was accurate and real.

Bluesky Peptides are legitimate, but they are not selling American-made supplements. They are importing them from China, and they are not being 100% clear on where those purity reports are coming from, or who is doing them.

Places I’d Recommend That You Buy Peptides & SARMs From

The conclusion of my review is that they are legit, but Bluesky Peptides are not the best place to buy SARMs and supplements from. They may work for you, but there’s more risk involved for all the reasons I’ve gone through right here.

If you’re looking to buy consistently good quality SARMs and other supplements, I would recommend Chemyo and Swiss Chems instead.

bluesky peptides alternatives

Prices are actually lower. To give you an example, from Chemyo, Cardarine costs $54.99 for 500 mg of suspended liquid. From Bluesky, you’ll get 300 mg dropper bottle for $20 more. So hardly great value.

You’ll pay a little more at Swiss Chems than at  Science, but that’s because they are selling SARMs powder in capsule form. Because capsules are harder to manufacture, and far more convenient, you’re paying more to achieve that. But for beginners especially, the precise dosing is the way I’d recommend you go until you get experience.

So go with Bluesky if you want, but for me, there are two better options out there that are not only cheaper, but offer you far more peptides, in different formats, which allow you to not only spend your money more effectively and wisely but will give you a better set of results at the end of your SARMs cycle.

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