My Experience With Absorb Health

If you are looking for a good company to buy supplements from, whether they are for your general wellbeing, nutrition, or for specific cognitive and mood enhancements, then Absorb Health reviews are definitely ones you will have read.

So what’s the deal with it? Are they legit, are the products any good, and should you buy from them? Well I can’t really answer the last question, but I’ll hopefully answer the rest, so you can make a good decision of your own.

One confusion I want to clear up at the start is that although the company is officially called “Absorb Your Health”, and the website is, their products are labeled with “Absorb Health” branding, which is why I think some people get confused as to whether it’s the same company.

Absorb Health Products

Absorb Health sell a really wide range of products in the following areas:

  • Nootropics (smart drugs)
  • Weight management
  • General health
  • Immune and digestive supplements
  • Sports supplements
  • Body and skincare
  • Mood enhancing supplements

My interest has always been with smart drugs and mood-enhancing pills and supplements. The reason for that is that personally, I find smart drugs really good for getting more done, and boosting my performance generally. Plus, I have struggled with anxiety and other things at times, and mood improvement supplements have really help me in the past.

So look, it’s basically a “one-stop-shop” for all sorts of supplements. If you are looking to buy products like Adrafinil, Noopept, or Aniracetam to boost your cognitive performance, then they are all available, alongside about 20 other types, at a really good price.

And I have also found mood-boosting products like Phenibut for sale there, again, for a very good price. Definitely a price comparable to other cheaper retail website, but with good quality.

My Experiences With Them

When I made my first order to Absorb Health, just over a year ago, I ordered their combo deal packs:

I was a bit nervous, but I had researched the company well. The order was just over $200, but I was getting 15 full-size packages of each type of product that I ordered.

They lasted me months, and I got to learn a lot about what worked for me, and what didn’t work so well.

What really swung it for me was the fact you get free shipping, and they offer a full money-back guarantee. So it seemed to be a good deal and a reassurance.

I wasn’t disappointed, fast delivery, and the products are really good quality. I was a bit disappointed with a couple of the products in terms of performance, but I’m not sure that was about the product quality or the fact it just didn’t really enhance me in the way I expected.

Absorb health reviewsWorking Coupon Code

As you probably know it’s hard to find working coupon codes for nootropics. I have tried a few from coupon sites, but only one worked.

The code is: Pal7.5thx

This coupon code is for 7.5% off. No restrictions or expiration.

What People Say About it?

So look, for me all those positive Absorb Health reviews are legit. Obviously, I’m sure that some people have had problems ordering from them, every company struggles at some stage.

On top of that, because of supplements they sell, people might find they don’t have the effect they were hoping for, basically, their expectations were too high. So it may not be the quality is not good, it could just be that they were expecting far too much.

Overall, I would recommend them, because you can buy such a wide range of products in one place. You don’t have to shop around, because the prices are low. When you can buy Adrafinil for as little as $33 for 30 capsules, then for me, that’s brilliant value, and why I keep going back.

I think what I’m really saying is, that you although you might find some of the individual smart drugs, or mood enhancer products available more cheaply elsewhere, when you put together the combo deals, and the free shipping, you’ll struggle to find it all cheaper, and you get the convenience of ordering it all in one go.

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