A Guide On Cannabis Consumption In 2022

Have you recently discovered that you really enjoy marijuana and want to know what different products are out there for you to use? Do you want to change up for consumption methods a little but have no idea what to go for?

2021 has been a crazy year for everyone, and this is not all bad. The cannabis industry seems to have moved forward quite a lot and it has been years in the making. With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana slowly making its way around the world, the cannabis industry continues to grow at a rapid pace to keep up with new technology and customer demands.

Cannabis consumption habits are slowly changing and adapting to what is available and it just so happens that there is a lot to choose from. If you want to try something new, here is a list of different ways in which you can consume cannabis.


One way that marijuana has been used for centuries now, is for medicinal purposes. In most places around the world, marijuana is actually legal for the use of medicinal purposes, even if it is not yet legal recreationally. This is because of just how good it can be for you.

Marijuana is commonly used to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation and, oftentimes, these are external issues. This is why topical consumption has become so popular. Topicals can be in so many different varieties from gels and ointment to even moisturizers and creams that can be applied directly to the affected area for a much faster reaction time.

Marijuana has also made its way into the world of skincare and is being used in a lot of products that treat acne-prone skin as a way to reduce swelling and redness on the face.


Another incredibly popular addition to the marijuana industry is Dab rigs. These are very similar to bongs in both the way they look and even the way they function, however, instead of using the plant itself, dab rigs make use of various forms of concentrates such as waxes or oils.

Dab rigs are great for those who want to have a much higher dosage by using a much smaller amount and are easily available at places like Smoke Cartel, which has electronic dab rigs here. The great thing about them is that there is no combustion involved, which means that there are no harmful carcinogens inhaled into the lungs, risking lung damage.


Next up are beverages. While this falls into the category of edibles which people typically think of as baked goods like cookies and brownies, it is actually quite a new addition to the world of marijuana.

Everyone knows about edibles and how they generally have much stronger effects than smoking or vaping, but not too many people know about just how big the variety of edibles is these days.

Nowadays you can find edibles in the form of just about any food you enjoy from the standard baked goods to newer additions like candies and even whole meals. By far the most innovative addition is beverages though. It is important to remember that edibles typically take a lot longer to take effect and you should go overboard if you aren’t feeling anything after a few minutes. This is a great option for those who don’t want to smoke or inhale anything.


Another one for those who are using marijuana for medicinal purposes is through capsules. This works similarly to how edibles work, however, instead of it being in food form, it is in capsule form.

This is great for those who are taking it for medicinal purposes as it lets them feel like it is more of a medication than a fun pastime. This is incredibly beneficial because it offers much stronger effects in a very controlled dosage, meaning it is difficult to have too much.


Last but not least, we have yet another product that is great for medicinal use. Tinctures are small concentrated marijuana drops that are placed under the tongue. This is because it is the fastest way for marijuana to gain access to your bloodstream, meaning you will feel the effects much quicker.

There is nothing social about tincture which makes it great for medicinal use. It is fast and easy to use, especially for those who want to feel something immediately.


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