Is 1-Andro Better Than SARMs & What Results Can You Expect?

Today I want to talk to you about one of the new types of prohormone out there called 1-Andro.

Prohormones were completely outlawed along with anabolic steroids back in 2004 (in the USA), so how are prohormones like 1-Andro and 4-Andro on sale now?

In this quick review I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about them. Potential benefits, realistic results, how to cycle and stack 1-Andro, along with a discussion around its safety and side effects.

Plus, I’ll tell you about my own results, compare them to using SARMs, and offer you a couple of alternatives to consider.

What 1-Andro Is & How It Works

1-Andro is a prohormone. And that’s right, they were all banned in the USA and other countries years ago.

All the original prohormones were banned back in 2004, along with anabolic steroids in the USA, and since then in many other countries. You literally cannot find the original prohormones for sale.

However, this is a new type of prohormone, basically a derivative which technically isn’t covered by the 2004 act in the USA. However, legally, that’s a grey area.

1-Andro is therefore androgenic. Known by many other names, including 1-Androsterone, 1-DHEA, and several catchy variations of 3b-hydroxy-androst-1-ene-17-one, it’s converted in the body into 1-testosterone.

1-testosterone is a synthetic anabolic steroid, that mimics testosterone in the body. It is therefore to be looked at in a similar vein to anabolic steroids in terms of its effects and how it works, and the effects it technically can produce:

  • Significant Dry And Lean Muscle Gains
  • Increase In Energy Levels
  • Increase In Aggression And Strength
  • No Increase In Oestrogen Activity
  • Can Cut Fat
  • Increases Vascularity

1-Andro Vs 4-Andro

1-Andro converts to 1-testosterone, something which is chemically very similar to testosterone but still artificial, which provokes the same actions in the body.

However, 4-Andro converts directly to testosterone. So in terms of the hormones involved, 4-Andro is more natural in how it produces its results.

With 1-Andro, you will get lean and dry gains. With 4-Andro the gains will be more significant, but there will be water weight and the muscle will be softer.

Overall though, 4-Andro is generally considered to be slightly safer to use and it produces more natural results in the body because of the fact it converts to actual testosterone.

1-Andro Stack & Cycle Length

1-Andro cycle length will depend on a lot of things. For a start, the dosage is important, along with whether you are stacking it. Also, it will depend on how hard you work out, and how your body reacts.

For me, the cycle length should be no more than eight weeks. That’s double what people have tried in studies, and because it’s a prohormone that can have some pretty significant side effects, any longer could cause issues.

In terms of stacking 1-Andro, many people stack it with 4-Andro. However, I think that’s a bit pointless because you are doubling up on exactly the same thing. Not only that, 1-Andro create smaller, harder, and dry small muscle gains, while 4-Andro creates larger wet muscle gains. They are just going to work against each other.

I would stack 1-Andro with a non-androgenic SARM like SR-9009, or GW-501516 for increased energy, or a natural bodybuilding supplement that contains varying ingredients to support your overall progression.

How Should You Dose 1-Andro?

In studies conducted on bodybuilders, 1-Andro was administered in doses as high as 330 mg per day. However, that dose was only administered for four weeks.

Many people talk about a dose of around 75 mg as typical. However, for me, that’s very low. This is especially the case as many people talk about a brand of 1-Andro supplement called “Steel”. The problem with that is it’s not even proper 1-Andro.

Let me explain. Steel and many other supplements use a derivative called 1-Andro Decanoate. This has to be converted by the body into 1-Andro before then being converted into 1-testosterone. Not only is this two-stage metabolization slower and less efficient, but it means that the actual dose is going to be half or less of the dose consumed.

Assuming you get 1-Andro on its own, I wouldn’t suggest anything lower than 100-150 mg per day as the starting dose.

I would also say that you should dose 1-Andro twice daily, as it half life is very short. Do in the morning, and after your workout.

Do You Need A PCT Supplement?

1-Andro is a prohormone. Although it creates a synthetic derivative of testosterone in the body, that still has androgenic effects.

Which means, your body will start to produce less natural testosterone.

If you’re lucky, and you have control dosing and cycle length, you could get away with using Nolvadex. However, if your testosterone levels are significantly depleted, you could need Clomid which is far stronger.

I would also say that it’s claimed that this prohormone doesn’t increase estrogen action. That’s partially true but not the whole story.

Because you will produce less testosterone, there will be more estrogen in the body. As estrogen is converted from testosterone, it will become dominant, meaning you can get an increase in the overall proportion of estrogen versus testosterone.

My 1-Andro Results & Experience

So what did I think of 1-Andro? Well, in common with an awful lot of other people on Reddit I’ve seen, not an incredible amount.

Yes, I had the following benefits after an eight week cycle:

  • Lean muscle gains that will dry
  • Increased vascularity
  • More energy
  • Improved strength

Now although on the surface that sounds good, we are talking about the degrees of benefits.

Compared to a cycle of a SARM like RAD-140, which is strongly androgenic in a targeted way, 1-Andro simply wasn’t as potent, targeted, or side effect free.

And very tired towards the end of just an eight week cycle. I could definitely feel testosterone drop and it wasn’t good.

I have to say that compared to SARMs, 1-Andro isn’t that impressive. Of course, how you work with it, and the results you have, a very individual. You could try cycle to see if it works for you, but for me, it was not something I can recommend as much as SARMs.

Is 1-Andro Legal & Safe?

Let’s cover the first question. Is 1-Andro legal?

It actually isn’t, despite the claims that people will make to you on various websites.

Although it’s a derivative, it is still very much a prohormone, and although it’s not specifically named in any legislation, because of how it works in the body, it’s definitely covered by the 2004 US legislation, as well as other legislation around the world.

It’s unregulated, grey market, and you are simply being lied to if you are told it’s legal.

Is 1-Andro safe?

Prohormones can be safe if you take them intermittently at reasonable doses.

However, if you take 1-Andro at a high dose, over long cycle, and you repeat the cycle frequently, the problems can mount up.

It is basically an anabolic steroid in construction. Therefore the problems that anabolic steroids have will also apply to this to some degree. That could be problems with the prostate, vascular concerns, higher cholesterol and other known side effects.

Also, it has been linked, just as anabolic steroids have, to problems with liver toxicity. This usually only occurs at higher doses and long-term use, but if you are in any doubt, you should have blood work done before and after your first cycle.

Is 1-Andro Prohormone Better Than SARMs?

1-Andro definitely works and can produce androgenic results. You will make lean muscle gains, you will have increased vascularity and strength, and you will feel better.

However, with that comes the side effects an artificial steroid. Aggression, problems with the prostate, maybe problems with vascular health the long term, and potentially liver toxicity issues.

These issues do not occur anywhere near those levels with SARMs, even the strongly androgenic SARMs like Testolone.

Therefore, from a safety point of view I wouldn’t recommend it over SARMs or claim it’s better.

Also, SARMs are stronger. No discussion on that, at safe dosage levels, you will make more progress using SARMs than these new types of prohormone.

My Recommended Alternatives To 1-Andro

The conclusion of my review here is sure, give 1-Andro a go for a single cycle of around eight weeks. As long as you aren’t crazy, you won’t have any long-term side effects, and just see what sort of returns you get.

You could then build it into a long-term strategy by alternating it with other supplements.

However, SARMs can produce better results, and more targeted if you use the androgenic ones, and they can be stacked far more readily to create an individual benefit.

You could also look at natural steroids. There is debate about how effective sapogenins are, but there’s a lot of evidence that they could work, including the fact that one study recommends that the world athletics bodies ban them.

Sapogenix from Huge Supplements is one I’ve had experience and good results from. It’s a combo product, that combines several sapogenins to create a natural steroid alternative to prohormones and SARMs.


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