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About The IHC

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism is the only multi-platform, collaborative environment focused exclusively on innovative health and benefit management. It’s a place for employers (including HR and benefits managers, wellness executives, C-suite executives, financial management decision makers and executives), TPAs, solution providers, brokers, advisors, consultants and administrators of regional health plan providers to LEARN, CONNECT and SHARE through The Institute’s publication, HealthCare Consumerism Solutions, its bi-annual live conference the IHC FORUM, and its online community at www.TheIHCC.com. As a catalyst for the growth of the health care consumerism movement, The Institute deepens the conversation and collaboration between its invested stakeholders.

Our Mission Statement

To enable all stakeholders to collaborate in effective ways that promote the growth of health care consumerism.

The IHC Community

The online experience within The Institute provides a place for its Community of Participants to LEARN, CONNECT and SHARE in a 24/7, global environment as they continue their journey toward health care consumerism. Joining the IHC Community is free and allows participants to access select content and networking capabilities within the website. IHC INSIDERS gain access to the full website, which allows them admission to all the latest articles, case studies, white papers, press releases, podcasts, videos and blogs focused on innovative health benefit management. Sign up to Become an IHC INSIDER today!

HealthCare Consumerism University

In April 2013, the doors of the HealthCare Consumerism University virtual campus opened offering members of The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism multi-media courses developed and conducted by some of the nation’s most prominent thought leaders in the health care consumerism community. The IHC University’s first course offering later that year provides IHC INSIDERS with the opportunity to receive their Certified in Healthcare Consumerism (CHCC) designation. To learn more about this course, go to CHCC.

The University will further the mission of The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism as a place where the industry will LEARN about the ever-changing health care consumerism landscape including trends and best practices, CONNECT with faculty and classmates and SHARE what they learn with others as an avenue for progression and innovation within the health care and benefits industry. Look for new offerings here soon.

HealthCare Consumerism Radio

The goal of The Institute’s radio show is to help listeners LEARN about the latest trends and best practices in health care consumerism and CONNECT them with health care industry thought leaders, brokers, advisors, third party administrators, HR and benefit managers and regional health plan providers. Listeners can also SHARE by contacting the hosts of the show and suggesting archives to industry associates.

The IHC FORUM Conference Series

IHC’s FORUM East and FORUM West conferences are the only national events 100% dedicated to health and benefits management. In addition to receiving timely insights and legislative advice from top industry thought leaders, FORUM-goers get an unprecedented opportunity to hear from peers who have successfully adopted healthcare consumerism programs. Attendees can network with stakeholders across the entire health care consumerism spectrum, exchange innovative ideas on navigating the shifting health and benefits management landscape, and arrive at real, implementable solutions.

The Institute’s Media Center

HealthCare Consumerism Solutions - As the official publication of The Institute, each issue of focused 100% on innovative health and benefit management solutions as an advocate for health care consumerism. The collective voice heard within the articles, company profiles and suggestions for solutions helps stakeholders make better decisions about health care programs. Available in digital and print.

HealthCare Exchange Solutions - The emergence of health insurance benefits exchanges represents perhaps the most significant shift in how Americans purchase health insurance in many years. We’ve already witnessed a number of innovations by the industry recently, and more are sure to come. The exchanges, simply put, represent an important opportunity for advancing consumerism in health care. HealthCare Exchange Solutions, a magazine supplement to HealthCare Consumerism Solutions will cover this momentous shift, focusing exclusively on exchanges and defined contributions.

HealthCare Consumerism Superstars - The Annual HealthCare Consumerism Awards is designed to recognize those who go above and beyond in executing innovative health and benefit management programs or providing related solutions to organizations. Available in digital and print.

HealthCare Consumerism Outlook – This annual issue highlights important insights from industry thought leaders, CEOs and senior executives on health care, benefits and compensation trends in order to help the collective of industry stakeholders learn about and navigate the challenges the upcoming year will present. Available in digital and print.

HealthCare Consumerism Newsletters – With our email newsletters, subscribers and those that Join the IHC’s Online Community can expect a collection of fresh content including recent blogs posts delivered right into their inbox.

About FieldMedia

FieldMedia is the parent company of the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, the IHC FORUM conference series, HealthCare Consumerism Solutions magazine, and EmployersWeb.com. We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our readers and providing our advertisers with targeted media and marketing support to serve their needs within the health care, benefits and compensation market. FieldMedia is committed as a leader in the health care, benefits, compensation, recognition, work-life and career development marketplace through the properties above as well as with our marketing solutions.

Management Team

Leading the management team is proven entrepreneurial operator Doug Field, who represents years of experience in building, managing, growing and selling publishing companies.

Strategy for Winning

In addition, Mr. Field has developed a strategy that directs the company's organizational structure and team to focus on key results areas. This strategy enables a business to scale and, more importantly, to run efficiently during the early stages of its growth. To keep corporate overhead to a minimum, all senior managers have direct line responsibility in addition to their strategic and core focus areas such as sales, marketing, audience development, production/ manufacturing, technology, and strategic product development. A team is often formed from a combination of talent within acquired properties, 'best of breed' contractors and former members of Mr. Field's previous teams. Detailed resumes that outline specific accomplishments are available from Mr. Field on request.

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What is HealthCare Consumerism?

Health care Consumerism is about transforming an employer’s health benefit plan into one that puts economic purchasing power – and decision-making – into the hands of participants. This is best achieved by supplying employees with the decision-making information and support tools they need, along with financial incentives, rewards and other benefits that encourage personal involvement in altering health and health care purchasing behaviors.

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