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HealthCare Consumerism Solutions 3rd Quarter Issue 2015

HealthCare Consumerism Solutions is the industry’s only business magazine focused 100% on innovative health and benefits management solutions. HealthCare Consumerism Solutions magazine is an active advocate for health care consumerism. Their “Collective Voice of Health Care Consumerism” helps Human Resource, Benefits and Financial Management teams in employer group—plus the Health Plans, TPAs, Benefit Brokers and Consultants working with them—to better manage their health benefit and wellness programs.
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HealthCare Exchange Solutions 3rd Quarter Issue 2015

The emergence of health insurance benefits exchanges represents perhaps the most significant shift in how Americans purchase health insurance in many years. We’ve already witnessed a number of innovations by the industry recently, and more are sure to come. The exchanges, simply put, represent an important opportunity for advancing consumerism in health care. HealthCare Exchange Solutions, a magazine supplement to HealthCare Consumerism Solutions will cover this momentous shift, focusing exclusively on exchanges and defined contributions.
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HealthCare Consumerism Outlook 2015

The annual OUTLOOK magazine features thought leaders sharing insight on health care, benefits and compensation trends. The annual issue will help employers, TPAs, brokers and benefits consultants learn and navigate the challenges the upcoming year will present. It will provide a venue for CEOs, senior executives and thought leaders to share their own takes on what they consider to be the most pressing challenges and greatest opportunities during the coming year.
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HealthCare Consumerism Superstars 2014

The Annual HealthCare Consumerism Awards issue is designed to recognize those who go above and beyond in executing Innovative Health and Benefit Management Programs or providing those solutions to organizations. Published by ‘HealthCare Consumerism  Solutions’, the official publication of ‘The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism’.
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